Jackie Rowe/The GarlicBox of Ontario, Canada

Our family is celebrating Canada through our stomachs this weekend with a local menu that includes Ontario’s cold-climate “Music” garlic variety.
Whole garlic bulbs, skin on and wrapped in foil, will be grilled on the BBQ (45 min.). Once cooled the sweet nutty flesh will be squeezed from the skins and mixed with some butter for baguettes, spread across grilled steaks and mixed with sour cream to adorn baked and roughly mashed Ontario yellow potatoes. Local peaches & cream corn will be transformed into “Firecracker Corn” with our very own Garlicky Chili-Lime Chicken Splash from The Garlic Box.
Dessert is a heaping bowl of fresh peaches and blueberries laced with Ontario’s ice-wine and freshly minced Mojito mint from the garden. Whipped cream on the side.
“Cheers” Canada – you’re a country that fuels the body and feeds the heart!
Jackie Rowe

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Author: Anita

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