In Lethbridge, Alberta Maxine Richards

is hosting “Mostly family with a few close friends. Have a niece visiting from Halifax with her year old daughter, so will be using the barbeque as a welcome to her.” Her eclectic menu includes ” steaks (bought wholesale), Italian sausage (from Columbus Meat Market, an Italian meat shop on Renfrew in Vancouver–my son delivers fresh beef to them on a weekly basis), potatoes, carrots, onions, (home-grown) that will be grilled together with French-onion soup mix and a bit of olive oil. Sliced tomatoes, a green salad. Probably some marinated artichoke hearts and sweetgreen, red, and yellow peppers with dip for appetizers. Whatever peppers are left will end up grilled on the barbeque. Watermelon for dessert, and maybe some ice cream.”

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Author: Anita

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