In Central Ontario Kyle Dearlove is having …

…a small, intimate affair with just my wife and I. By intimate I mean we will be cooking in the garage of our new home! I work very closely with the agricultural community and I think this is a wonderful idea to keep the producers of our nations food in our thoughts. We will start our day by purchasing our menu items at the local farmers market in St. Jacob’s Ontario. Today, my mind is leaning towards some grilled local sweet corn as a starter. Our main course will be BBQ’d chicken breasts with a maple syrup glaze. We love our potatoes sliced and mixed with onion and garlic and then grilled in a pan. For dessert I am thinking of some grilled peaches over some vanilla ice cream. Our Saturday morning tradition has been attending our local farmer’s market as we enjoy purchasing our products directly from Ontario producers.

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Author: Anita

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