Grace Lallemand of Fonthill, Ontario always throws a great party!

Not much to tell just yet but it will be here in Fonthill and a kitchen/patio/garden party.

All of the ingredients [except the Quebec cheeses] are locally grown – how great is that! The menu so far, – steamed heritage beets & greens with a blue cheese vinaigrette, heritage beans with shallots & hazelnuts -heritage tomatoes with a sprinkling of home-grown herbs -tossed greens -mini red potato & feta cheese salad -cold corn chowder -carrot salad on braised chard -Alsatian tarts [my heritage] with onions, bacon & cheese in puff pastry on the BBQ -peach & raspberry cobbler; -fresh blueberry tarts -baskets of fresh fruit & berries with an assortment of Quebec cheeses, homemade toasts and an assortment of Beetroot Delights condiments from – round of Quebec brie spread with Sassy Beet & Horseradish jelly topped with fresh blueberries -Niagara wines, Fair Trade coffee. WE THINK WE’LL KEEP IT VEGETARIAN [except for the bacon in the Alsatian tarts]

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Author: Anita

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