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Today August 4 @ 6 p.m. my whole family and some friends, approximately 60 of us will be at my brother Bob’s cabin near Winnfield, AB. It’s a lovely spot, 10 acres with a creek running through the place. Everyone comes and camps out for the whole weekend.

This year we are celebrating our baby sister’s and her husband’s 25th Wedding Anniversary (Per & Virginia) we are also celebrating our eldest sister and her husband 30th Wedding anniversary (Esther & Ralph) . Then if that is not enough we are having a Pantry Shower for my niece and nephew who are going away to B.C. for University. Everyone is to bring non perishable items to stock their panty in B.C.

The 6 p.m. meal will be two huge roasts of beef which brother Bob is bbqueing on his giant BBq, built especially for these weekend events. He got the roasts from his neighbour in Calgary who has a butcher shope. The rest of the food will be brought by everyone, pot luck style. My one sister is bringing cabbage rolls, home made from scratch. Someone else is bringing dilled onions and cucumbers in dilled sour cream. Salads are on the menu, a huge smoked ham and what ever else any one chooses to bring. It wil be a lovely spread. The fun part of this whole eveing is being with family and friends and celebrating family events. But the best part was trying to plan it and keep it a surprize from all those who we are celebrating for. Today is the day and it’s still a surprize, not sure how long the surprize will last, but it keeps things interesting. The front veranda of my brother’s cabin wil be decorated with wedding anniversary banners, displays and I even bought a broom and mop from my niece and nephew and put their pictures on the front of them and made clothes for them and dressed up the broom and mop to look like my niece and nephew. So much fun, so much to celebrate. Well I best hit the road as it’s a two hour drive to the event and it’s 9:30 a.m.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Best wishes to ALL concerned and thanks for taking the time to register for our BBQ! A.S.

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Author: Anita

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