From the Yukon, Barb Hood and Pat Arey are two nurse colleagues who often work summers together in Old Crow. This year they have been reunited for a brief two week assignment in their favourite northern outpost First Nation community.

We will use wood fire barbeque behind nursing station in Old Crow, fabulous village of 300 Vuntut Gwitchin (people of the Caribou)located on north slope of Yukon cheese from Vineland bought last week end at Brampton, Ont. farmer’s market bannock barbequed King salmon from Porcupine River with fresh wild blueberries, picked locally roasted Caribou baby carrots and new potatoes served on a bed of warmed radish and Swiss chard wild cranberry cheesecake with cranberry moss berry coulis served with tea mesquite(Labrador tea)or moss berry juice no alcohol allowed

Old Crow VGFN members often provide fish and game for the nurses. Nursing station and RCMP wood frame plastic hot houses grow vegetables in 24 hour daylight. Cheese was imported from Vineland Ontario to Yukon via Brampton farmer’s market, local berries; bannock made by us.

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Author: Anita

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