From the Pacific coast, writer and broadcaster, Don Genova finally stayed close to home for a fabulous party in southern Vancouver Island

“It wasn’t my party,” he writes, “but an annual affair held at Deerholme Farm in Glenora in BC’s Cowichan Valley. Chef Bill Jones has this party every year, and since I’ve missed it the past three years in a row, I was dying to go.

This year Bill roasted a whole lamb on a motorized spit over a charcoal grill. He stuffed it with fresh rosemary and slathered the inside with a porcini mushroom concoction. Guests brought salads and desserts. Salads included my own Far Out Far East Asian Coleslaw, there was grilled asparagus topped with a bruschetta-like mixture and a classic potato salad. Urban Peasant James Barber manned a grill and pulled off naan-like hunks of grilled bread dough. My favourite dessert was a rhubarb-strawberry-blueberry-blackberry crumble! For some photos of the lamb and Bill and James at work, check out my blog at

The lamb was of course locally raised, there were lots of local berries, the bread came from dough made at True Grain Organic Bakery in Cowichan Bay. Most of the ingredients for my Asian coleslaw came from a couple of local farms.”

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Author: Anita

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