From magnificent Temagami, Ontario Caryn Colman of Smoothwater Lodge shares her ultimately local menu:

Being in the tourism business, our guest list is always serendipitous. This year on August 5 we have a lively combination of vegetarians and meat eaters. All are united though by their love for the Temagami wilderness and organic, regional, and wild foods.

We shop at local farmers, fishers, gardeners; forage the forests, meadows and my own backyard.

The menu? Homemade pine beer; Baked dumplings with wild ginger, stinging nettle and peaches. Wild flower challa made with Temiskaming milled flours. Wild Lake Temiskaming whitefish grilled and glazed with Lorrain Valley maple syrup and homemade beer Wild mushroom risotto Slow-grilled lamb ribs (to die for) brushed with garlic and salt Grilled corn and carrots Garden salad with arugula, daisy leaf, french sorrel, and oak leaf lettuce and tarragon baby beets Dessert is homemade raspberry ripple ice cream stacked on a chocolate fudge brownie

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Author: Anita

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