From Kingston, Ontario, another culinary activist,Nancy James, writes:

Heard you on CBC. Inviting about 25 people, organic farmer friends included (they DO NOT bring anything). Making a sewer toss game to bring the east coast to eastern Ontario. All ages. LOVE the idea!! Suburbia goes country! Putting signs on my lawn “support canadian farmers and anglers…buy canadian” “shopping is a political statement” Should raise a few eyebrows and hopefully a few questions amongst my neighbours. have to try the bread recipe. Local organic chickens on the BBQ, local ribs and hopefully some seafood on the grill as well. Fresh produce from guests’ gardens as well as the local farmer’s market. Sonset Farms certified organic chickens (and spelt flour!) as well as many other items (Orrie, Andrea and Charlie Cumpson, Inverary). Fish probably from Mike Mundell’s Surf and Turf Store, ribs from Brian Quinn’s Meats in Yarker. As for that yummy sounding bread on the grill recipe…probably and Ace’s organic baguette.

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Author: Anita

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