From here BandB in Victoria, Joyce Kline writes:

Because we run a small two room BandB and will have a full house, we’ll be too busy to do anything elaborate. Our barbeque will be very simple: wild sockeye salmon with either sundried tomatoes, garlic, parsley (from our garden) and coase salt, or my other favorite salmon seasoning combination: garlic, black bean sauce, fresh ginger and sesame oil. We’ll eat corn on the cob, and local organic green salad dressed with a vinagrette sweetened with my wild Oregon grape jelly. Dinner will be just for the two of us. Thrifty’s sells fabulous wild salmon and is excellent in supporting local farmers and fishers. I pick the Oregon grape at the base of our big stone retaining wall, mix it half and half with grapes from a friend’s greenhouse on Saltspring Island and make jelly from it. It’s like super intense grape jelly, but with a wild, vegetative note. Once you get used to it it’s utterly addictive. And it’s indigenous to this area.

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Author: Anita

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