From her home in Invermere, British Columbia, chef/instructor Alison Bell

I was on a hiking trip in the Purcell Mountain range in South-Eastern BC the night of the BBQ with my husband and two friends. Unfortunately, there was a fire ban on so we weren’t able to cook over an open fire.

My original plan was to do Cedar Plank Sockeye Salmon, but my husband was a little concerned about the aroma attracting grizzlies. He is not usually nervous about bears in the back country so I thought I better heed his advice. I did BBQ some turkey breast, marinated in maple syrup, tamari and ginger, the day before we left and froze it. Then, I carried it, wrapped carefully in my pack, straight up from the valley floor for 4 kilometres to Brewer Basin and reheated it over our tiny cook stove. We ate it with a pilaf of home-dehydrated Manitoba wild rice, dehydrated organic vegetables, dried cranberries, local toasted hazelnuts and re-hydrated organic chicken stock. So, I am not sure if this actually counts, since technically we didn’t BBQ the meal that night, but it was a wonderful meal at the base of Mount Brewer beside a pristine mountain tarn. Oh, and a very decadent treat was our Township 7 Chardonnay, from Naramata, BC which we cooled in the icy tarn. Did I mention the ptarmigan family who adopted us? A mother and three chicks who sat and watched the festivities. It was a true Canadian meal.

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Author: Anita

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