For Ontario’s Sandra Lamb:

“We’ll be celebrating on the beach on the shores of Lake Huron. It will involve my immediate family and we plan to prepare a firepit, lay a grill overtop and bbq some salmon and steaks and invite any passersby to enjoy. Nothing too elaborate, very rustic but yummy. We will watch the sunset (Lake Huron boasts some of the most gorgeous, breathtaking sunsets in Canada!) and raise our flag in tribute to our great country. Also, play a game of badminton. We will BBQ a whole salmon and also steaks.We will wrap up our potatoes and place on the coals and also will BBQ some corn.I will prepare a few salads mainly whole grains i.e. tabouleh.We’ll sip a chilled chardonnay and some imported beers.For dessert will be a simple berry salad and cream (local berries in season) and homemade shortbread cookies. The ingredients come from local fish market and the local market for the berries in the Grand Bend area. Cheers and Happy Canada Day 2!

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Author: Anita

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