Food Day Canada: The First Postings

Food Day Canada 2003 was a momentous year, bringing Canadians from all three coasts together in solidarity with farmers. The idea was simple: at 6:00 PM “Your Time”, fire up the BBQ, invite some friends and celebrate Canadian Food. People from all over the country did so and emailed their BBQ stories to Food Day Canada founder, Anita Stewart. The following contains over 65 pages of emails, received on that momentous day. There was no doubt in farmers’ minds that Canada was a nation very proud of its food industry.

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The following are some of the responses received for The World’s Longest Barbecue on Saturday, August 2, 2003. Take a long look at this massive list. These patriots partied hard when it mattered, bringing Canadians closer together while starting a historic tradition.

Michael Smith, a.k.a. “The Inn Chef” and “Chef at Large”, writes: “Count me in! I will be in Fortune, P.E.I., at our new summer house, just a short 3 minute walk down the road from the Inn at Bay Fortune. I’ve already built my outdoor fire pit and will be grilling porterhouse steaks – my favorite – over live wood (Is there any other way?).” Update – Chef Smith will be back at the Inn at Bay Fortune with Executive Chef Gordon Bailey…this is great news for the lucky people of eastern P.E.I.

Mark Mitchell, Ex-Torontonian/Entrepreneur now in Vancouver has had him menu planned for several weeks : “…likely teriyaki beef with baked potatoes sparked with roasted garlic and mint, a large salad of some sort and local blueberries…and of course, my home brew.”

Senator Donald Oliver of Nova Scotia is on board. As Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry which produced a report Canadian Farmers at Risk, he is following through. “I am having an event at the farm and so are many other Senators who are members of the Agriculture committee.”

Klaus Tribes, VP Okanagan Branch of the BC Restaurant and Food Association and owner of KT’s Family Restaurant is “planning on closing off Vernon’s main street on August 2 and having 200- 300 folks attend a Country Hoedown and Barbecue. They’ll be eating Canadian New York steaks, salad and bun for $10. There will be entertainment – will be a blast!”

Doug Powell, creator of the University of Guelph’s highly successful FSNET and AGNET, is having one of the most creative events, complete with a webcam in his back yard. To watch Doug’s party, complete with beef, beer, students and some very distinguished guests, log on to The party begins at 6 p.m. – Ontario time.

Marlane Oliver, 680 News / Toronto, will be having a family barbecue. “My husband is Italian so usually we served sausage to 60 of his closest cousins, but this year we decided to buy a huge roast of beef and do that instead at our cottage at Wasaga Beach (on Georgian Bay).”

Manitoba Canola Growers “is joining the fun….Each of the directors and staff will be hosting their own BBQ in their town, at the cottage or at the lake to celebrate.”

Lane Nordell is having a “family reunion (35 family members who live in Western Alberta) beside the McLeod River in western Canada about 80 km east of Edson at a campsite BBQ-ing Canadian beef in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. We are spending the weekend the weekend with 35 or so relatives who live in Western Alberta, playing ball, swimming, talking (we are known for this) and collectively consuming cows. Have a great time yourself and to all the other people who are fortunate enough to live and breath in Canada…HAVE A GREAT BEEF DAY!”

Murray and Brenda Calder, poultry growers and deeply-involved agriculturalists, from Holstein, Ontario are “Having a street party at Sauble Beach. It is a potluck and we will be going with Canadian flags and Canadian beef in hand. I will likely marinate a pot roast in beer with herbs and spices.” Murray is also the Member of Parliament for Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister for International Trade.

Hazel Cail, Manager, Intergovernmental Relations, Alberta Economic Development in Edmonton will be with us all. “My sister and her husband from Ottawa will be on my deck in Camrose (about 8 people) and will be barbecuing Alberta rib-eyes.”

Jo Marie and Tom Powers, from Guelph and the Moon River Basin, are in the midst of a hectic grandkid-filled summer have decided to go out to a barbecue restaurant on their back to their cottage. They have already had a pre-bbq barbecue on July 19 with their entire, very large family.

Lynda George McGowan; Kay and Jim Fettes, my fabulous in-laws are partying at their waterfront home near Owen Sound before embarking on cruising trip of Lake Huron on their 35 foot yacht, ForePlay. They’re getting their beef from Meat the Butcher and likely drinking far too much great red wine (I know this crew well – for over 30 years!)

Wendy Finan, another serious activist writes: “ I will be at the Maxville Highland Games but will ask every hamburger vendor whether they are using Canadian beef and make an issue of it. Thank you for your support of our beef industry in this very difficult time.”

Paula Werk of Kanata wrote, almost apologetically that she would “be only a party of one but I do want you to know that in spite of my vegetarian leanings, I will be barbecuing an all beef hamburger on August 2.” I assured her that a party of one was just magnificent. And it is!

Eric Peterson, who for decades manned the Saturday night grill at April Point Lodge on Quadra Island, British Columbia writes (and makes my mouth water): “We are going to poach some oysters in white wine and butter…just to get things started and then we are barbecuing strip loins stuffed with blue cheese and minced garlic. Preference is rare to medium-rare. Slit a pocket in the side of the strip and stuff the ingredients and secure with toothpicks. HAPPY BARBECUE BEEF DAY CANADA! “

Helen Hatton, food and travel journalist from Toronto, was ecstatic…”Perfect timing! Our kitchen reno starts on July 30…and while our tiny gas barbecue is pretty pathetic, we’ll do something tasty on it…with Canadian beef.”

Pamela Steel, Food Writer & Author, writes: “Will be barbequing at 6 on the second – in fact, I’ll have a little party – Muskoka style.”

Susan Evans of the Beef Information Centre’s Vancouver office will be in Vernon…”over-looking beautiful Kalamalka Lake, having a party…lots of kids, swimming and sunning and wonderful Canadian beef….a bbq roast on the rotisserie and burgers for the kids.”

Eric Snyder from Barrhaven, near Ottawa will be firing up his grill with a soon to be determined menu.
Steven Thorne, Stratford-based tourism consultant admits to “not being a meat eater but am planning to tie into a hearty Alberta beef burger” to show his support.

Michael Noble and his team are going “to smoke up Calgary’s downtown Stephen Avenue with prime cuts of beef grilled on a barbeque in front of Catch Restaurant. Served up just like on the patio at home with traditional fixings. It will be the place to be on Saturday night. At Catch we always use the best beef we can: Sterling Silver (taking up the top 6% of the prime AAA beef classification) This beef is always tender, well marbled and seasoned with Catch’s own blend of special seasoning”.

Tony Marcantonio of Ottawa is throwing a “Burnt Offerings” party and celebrating the opening of a friends pool in Hammond, Ontario.

Shirley and Barry Priddell from the Qu’Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan about 50 k east of Regina are beef farmers…”We enjoy our beef.”

Travel writer, Steve Veale states: “Add beef and bbq and you’ve got me!”

Randy MacEachern from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia…”As far as opening a frosty beverage and BBQ’ing Canadian beef (nothing news) – it will just seem like another beautiful summer Saturday here in N.S.”
Jeff Gunn, Stonehame Lodge & Chalets, Scotsburn, N.S. Jeff is a tourism operator and a farmer and president of the local Federation of Agriculture. He writes: “ I have contacted our local Federation of Agriculture, tourist association, Chamber of Commerce and other businesses and we are looking to coordinate a large barbecue to be held in conjunction with New Glasgow’s Riverfront Jubilee which attracts thousands of people. We are planning to hold it from 6 – 8 p.m. on August 2 and hope to have literature to hand out describing the safety of Canadian beef industry here in Canada. ….it may quickly become a provincial effort.” UPDATE!!!! Both Sobey’s and Scotsburn Dairy have come on line as major sponsors. They are donating all the meat and beverages.

Evelyn Schuett, OMAFRA is enroute to PEI but “in honour of the beef industry we will light up the BBQ and burn some beef!”

Joanne Larose in Ottawa …”Count me in!”

From Serge Simard, Executive Director, Food & Beverage, Fairmont Hotels / Director, CFRA: “We at Fairmont are ongoing supporters of Canadian products and Canadian beef…last year alone we purchased 500,000 kilos of AA/AAA Canadian beef to serve to our many millions of guests. Our mission is to continue to serve the BEST! In Seattle, opening a new hotel, at 6 p.m. I will raise a drink or two to you and all Canadians.”

Mary Buhr, Assistant Dean, Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph, is having “hamburgers with my mother-in-law, who is arguably the world’s sweetest lady. She just loves having ‘flat patties’ on the barbecue….They need to be all-beef, and really flat, so I just the lean ground beef from the Guelph Market (which is where I buy all my meat) and make the world’s simplest meal for the world’s sweetest Mom and Nana.”

Judy Larson of Alberta…”At 6 pm we will be throwing some beef on the grill.”

Carolyn Reid and The Rosedale Lane Association, on the shores of Lake Erie in Port Dover, are having a party, too. “On August 2 at 6 pm most or all of our neighbours have a huge party planned with 80 people plus coming. We do eye rounds in slow cookers in beer. The meat is perfect every time. This is a gathering we have had for over 30 years ..we have a door prize table, entertainment for three hours in the afternoon and we dance the night away under the stars on a paved lane that runs from one end of the cottages to the other.

Joy Shinn of P.E.I. has “recruited my neighbour, Wes Harrison who works at ACOA and we’ll be doing a big neighbourhood barbecue in the park…”

Lee Arden Lewis of Prince Edward County’s Taste of the County writes that it seems like the entire region is “preparing for this great Canada Day #2 celebration….Waring House Restaurant, Inn and Cooking School is hosting a BBQ in conjunction with the Cattlemen’s Association of P.E.C.; beef producers working with our museums to have BBQ’s, individuals throwing parties (beef if on the menu), restaurants featuring beef, etc. etc. all with the Canadian flag raised high in support of the beef producers of Canada!”

From the Devonshire Inn on the Lake in Wellington, Ontario, Kathy Kennedy and David Littman write that they “proudly serve Canadian beef everyday and we are happy to participate in celebrating/supporting the Beef Producers of Canada! Dining by the shore of Great Lake Ontario!”

Rob McLaughlin, VP Alumni Affairs and former Dean of Agriculture, University of Guelph says simply “Count us in!!!”

Linda Crapley of St. Paul, Alberta dropped a line. “We own a butcher supply shop and have all the spices that can be used with any type of Canadian beef and proudly support the farmers. My family will be planning to cook some Alberta beef steaks marinated in my own souvlaki marinade.

From Bermuda, Executive Chef (and passionate Canadian foodie) David Garcelon writes that he “happened to be in Amarillo, Texas last week as a guest of the Texas Beef Producers and they absolutely support the Canadian ranchers…On August 2 I will be in New Brunswick, too and will definitely add some beef to what was to be an all seafood dinner.”

Rick and Deb Caruso, B&B owners who also hail from Picton, Prince Edward County, are in sync with this initiative and they personally will be dining on “marinated steak with caramelized onions with a bottle of good local red wine from one of our many fine wineries. Any day is a good day for beef and a bottle of red wine!!!!”

C J Katz, Saskatchewan-based food writer that she’s having “burgers with thick slices of white onion, wasabi mayo, roasted red peppers and a great glass of red wine.”

Judie Steeves, Kelowna-based Food Writer has “just written my weekend food column on your barbecue with a couple of recipes including your kebab one, which I rushed out to buy some beef for…Whew! It was good! My BBQ will be held overlooking Lake Okanagan and the City of Kelowna, Big White Mountain and the Okanagan floating bridge, surrounded by tall pines and firs on my very own deck” For her recipes log on to on July 28.

Gillian Marx, Market Development Officer, Tourism Newfoundland and Labrador writes “Hats off to you. We will BBQ in Traytown, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador. Myself and my Ya-Ya sisterhood and respective families…I’ll be sure to bring my Canada flag.”

Frank Holub, gastronomer writes from Alexandria, VA…”YOU GO GUYS!”

Paul Stewart, Executive Chef at Arc the Hotel in Ottawa is on side with “Grilled beef tenderloin, a tomato-tarragon compote and wild chanterelles.”

Micheline Mongrain-Dontigny, Author / Les Éditions La Bonne Recette; writes from her stunningly beautiful Charlevoix, Quebec home: “I am joining the barbecue with family and friends. I will hang a Canada flag from my clothesline and we will celebrate and support Canadian beef producers while enjoying the bucolic countryside.” With her beef she’s serving “vegetables from my garden, wild mushrooms picked in the forest surrounding our neighborhood and wild blueberries that grow around the garden.”

Marg Thibeault of the Beef Information Centre is at the cottage in Muskoka. ”Every year we celebrate the August 2 weekend with a beef barbecue. Our Cottagers Association Regatta and Fun Day is on and all day Saturday is spent flipping burgers then feasting on steak with immediate family….It is the tradition to serve marinated round steak – cut 1 to 1 ¼ inches thick. I use a garlicky Thai style mixture as a marinade – soy sauce, rice wine, garlic and hot peppers. The grilled steak is sliced thickly into thin strips and fan out on a platter for everyone to help themselves, rather than cooking one steak person and having my son mooch off my plate.”

Cheryl Pidgeon writes: “We’ll be in Waterloo right in our own neighbourhood sending up smoke signals! Our Canadian flag is flying out front already – it’s there year round. Growing up as a butcher’s daughter, you can bet we’ll be doing up some giant steaks and sipping some cold ones right by the pool with a few friends.”
Margo Embury, Publishing Director, Centax Books, Regina, Sask., writes: “I’ll have an extended-family backyard barbeque with children, grandchildren and friends on August 2 in Regina. We’ll raise a glass of beer to you.”

Connie Trotter in Seaforth, Ontario is “having a family reunion near South River. There will be approximately 70 people there with the main course being a huge barbecued roast beef!!!!! We wouldn’t think of cooking anything else but great Canadian beef.”

Jean Hall writes from Nova Scotia that she’s ‘barbecuing in her back yard” as is Barb Racher from Petrolia, Ontario and the Reigh (Alison and Craig and their four sons) out in Penticton, British Columbia while in Ontario somewhere, Deneys and Maureen are doing steaks on their “South African braai to go along with the beer and the good red.”

Pat Wieland from Cannington, Ontario is traveling “to PEI and plan to celebrate GCB there…lots of fresh local vegetables, seafood…and CANADIAN BEEF. Life doesn’t get much better than that.”

Dr. Alan McKeown, Department of Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph is barbecuing but has to wait to see what accompaniments are ready in his perfect climate near Simcoe (Norfolk County) Ontario.
Laura Buckley, Chef/Cooking School Coordinator, writes: “I will be entertaining guests from England that weekend (first visit) and I will definitely do a good Canadian beef bbq…”
Penny Witteman, Comptroller, Faye Clack Marketing & Communications Inc. writes: “Not only am I the daughter of a retired beef farmer, but I’m also known as a bbq-aholic…I shall contact everyone I know in Canada to participate…”

Cory Clack-Streef, President, Faye Clack Marketing & Communications Inc. writes: “My husband, Albert and our three children (Sadie, Fallon and Jillian) will also be participating. Albert and his four brothers farm over 3,000 acres just outside of Woodstock, Ontario – our star commodity is potatoes, followed by green beans, baby carrots and pickling cukes. So, along with some mouthwatering rib-eyes – simply bbq’d medium rare – we will be enjoying fresh Ontario potatoes, green beans, carrots and salad! And of course, a good bottle of Ontario wine!”

Tonya Lailey, Lailey Vineyards, Niagara writes: “…we are planning on being in Stratford that day. We will be eating out – at Bijou Restaurant – and we will all order beef.”

Malcolm Andrews, Public Affairs, VIA Rail Canada in Montreal writes: “Personally, will be happy to fire up my barbeque that day…”

Vanessa Currie, Potato Researcher, University of Guelph, writes: “My husband’s favourite meal is steak…he claims to need this therapeutically at least once a week to ward off stress from the busy week. So, every Saturday, I visit Joe the butcher and get a couple of his very, very old steaks.”

Sheila Brogen, Toronto Artist, writes: “will be barbequing in our backyard.”

June Weber, Documentary Film Maker, BlueMoon Productions, writes: “I will be putting my feet up on a rock, at sunset…near Dorset, hoisting a cold one and waiting for my barbequed beef to call me to dinner.”
Cathy Bingham of Oxford County writes: “We’ll be at Island Lake in remote northern Ontario (catching fish); but I’ll pack some beef for the barbee when we come ashore…I’ll get the word out to local restaurants to feature barbequed beef on the second.”

Mary O’Connor, Waterloo, Ontario will be working but writes: “Yesterday, Burger King announced that all of its Canadian outlets will now feature Canadian beef…I will order in from Burger King on behalf of the staff…”
Linda Ganderton, Project Assistant, ICE (International Culinary Exposition) 2005 writes: “I will be cooking for my friends and family on Aug. 2 while in Vancouver on holidays…90% of my guests will be Edmontonians who now live in Vancouver; but there will be a few Brits and Vancouverites so that we can brag about our home grown beef…”

Grace of Beetroot Delights in Fonthill, Ontario is having a gang over. “We’re doing Alberta ribs, Ontario potatoes, and carrots, field tomatoes (virtually everything out of the ground and onto our plates – I’ll make sure of that!). Naturally there will be Ontario beets and I’m doing a beet tartare. For dessert, a lemon polenta cake with fresh Niagara fruit. Have a wonderful Canada Day II.”

Gwen Docherty writes: “I will be in Cadomin, Alberta at the reunion of the Coal Branch, a mining area in the Rockie Mountains…a large part of our family will be there so we will have a steak BBQ that evening.”
Nancy Sunderland writes: “holding a family bbq that day (in North Augusta), featuring Alberta beef on a bun and corn on the cob…people attending from Vancouver, Calgary, Denver Colorado, Manitoba and all parts of Ontario. We will equip people with flags and join in your salute to Canada.”

Jud Simpson, Chef, House of Commons, writes: “this call to participate means a lot to me as a Canadian Chef…so here we are getting ready for a family pool/BBQ party in support of Canadian beef and in celebration of our vast agriculture…I plan to put them (2 Weber barbecues) to the test on August 2nd by whipping up the following for 28 people – Beer Marinated Skirt Steak, Dry Spice & Coffee Rubbed Beef Striploin, Charcoal Charred Corn and Zucchini Salad, BBQ Roasted Organic Potato Salad, Field Tomatoes with Bocconcinni Cheese and fresh fruit to finish off.”

Deanna Maniquet, Administrative Support, AgTech Centre, Lethbridge, Alberta writes: “I will definitely be participating in the BBQ. We will be at Mount Fernie BC on holiday and will be having a BBQ that day at 6 p.m.”

Maxwell Lawrence, Chef/Instructor, S.A.I.T. in Calgary writes: “…add me to the list of the longest BBQ in the world. It shall be beef…”

Linda and Duncan Jewell, Viewpoint Bed & Breakfast, Goderich write: “…we have invited 50 friends to a BBQ on August 2 and we are barbequing about 30 lbs. of rolled Prime Rib Roast with all the trimmings…”
David Wong, Managing Director, Alberta China Office, Canadian Embassy in BEIJING, CHINA writes: “…BBQ will be held Aug. 2 at 6 p.m. at the Canadian Embassy. Rob Hand, our Agricultural Manager, has confirmed that Alberta Beef will be served and we have invited representatives from Beijing Chefs Association.” (Could be that these folks will be the first to celebrate)

Marg Weeks of PEI has been hot on the bandwagon from the first email. She writes “the BBQ idea just keeps getting hotter with the PEI Cattlemen’s Association who met the other night and they are ALL going to have barbecues – they love the support that beef is getting across the country. “

Roxane Priddell of Regina, Sask., writes: “My husband and daughter will join me in celebrating with my sister and her family at Emma Lake, Sask. with Peppered Rib Eye Steaks, a few salads, toasted garlic bread, and Great West Light. We will finish off with Saskatoon and raspberry tarts. We are supporting the pride of our province: our cattlemen, our brew masters and our berries!”

Rhys Harnish from Hubbards, Nova Scotia, writes: “We would like to take part in the World’s longest BBQ. We operate the ‘Original Nova Scotia Lobster Supper’, but we also offer quality strip loin steaks, and we will be firing up our BBQ on August 2nd.”

Bob Arniel, Chef to Go!!! St. John’s. Nfld. writes: “I will put on BBQ beef brisket slowly cooked over a real charcoal bbq…It will cook for 8-10 hours, soaking up the smoky BBQ flavour, and find its way onto large kaiser buns with slaw and Canadian Maple BBQ sauce!!”

Craig Flinn, Chef, Chives Canadian Bistro, Halifax, N.S. writes: “Count me in!…I am still serving Alberta AAA beef here in Halifax as well as numerous beef specials on weekends.”

Nancy and William Pratt (Chief Cook, Canadian Forces Cooking School, CFB Borden) of Angus, Ontario, one of the first to respond, write: “On 2 Aug. 03 we will be on holidays at my parents’ place in Riviere-du-Loup, Que. No one knows yet but we will be having a BBQ with family members…grill tournedos, my parents’ favourite, fresh veggies like spaghetti squash and portebello mushrooms. A nice bottle of red wine will complement our meal as well as a fresh baguette with herb butter.”

Jean and Dr. Dave Hume, with deep roots in Canadian agriculture, write: “Yes, we will have a BBQ Beef Party here on the ‘shores’ of Farnham Pool…all accompanying dishes are to be make of strictly Ontario grown produce…décor being red and white along with flags…Dave will think up some clever game or write a piece of poetry that will use all the breed names of beef cattle raised in Canada along with terms used in the industry…”

Chris Aerni from Rossmount Inn, near St. Andrews, N.B. writes: “we will definitely have a BBQ that evening probably featuring a grilled “Entre cote double with NB potatoes stuffed with locally picked boletus mushrooms and chive butter, some organic mixed leafs. We hope to promote it with the gallery who is featuring local artists and other local stores downtown.”

Barbara Barnes, Supervisor, ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen in Edmonton, Alberta writes: “my beef BBQ will be somewhere in Desolation Sound, BC. My husband and our guests will be on board Dancing Bear (a 33 foot sailboat). Whitehawk and Emodicon, along with their crews, will be rafted up with us for this event. Both the BBQ and a large Canadian flag are located on the stern. I will grill a beef recipe from our ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen grilling cookbook, “Let the Flames Begin”.”

Nancy Walther from Norwich, Ontario writes: “I did have an opportunity to speak to Ron Heleniak about the BBQ and he said they are serving New York Striploin and would love to be a part of your nationwide event…we will be glad to fly the flag or spread the word or whatever to let people know how good Canada Beef is!”
Ineke of Mapletons Organic Dairy, Teviotdale, Ontario writes: “we will have a beef barbeque at Mapleton’s Organic Farm on August 2, for friends and family.”

Don “Busch” Dubay writes: “…I am a member of the Nova Scotia Assoc. of Chefs and Cooks and on Aug. 2, I am having a bbq for my daughter’s anniversary…using Canadian beef.”

Nora Prokop of Company’s Coming writes: “We’ll do our part to get the message out there.”
Super star chefs Michael and Anna Olsen, write: “Silver Bay Road on the sunny shore of Lake Erie will be filled with the charcoal fueled heady aromas of BEEF ON THE BBQ and we’ll be enjoying and celebrating many other excellent examples of outstanding Canadian product.” Niagara College hospitality professor Jeff Stewart and his wife Jackie, will be basting the roasts.

Dorothy Long, Executive Director of Cuisine Canada, in Lloydminister, Sask., writes: “My cattle friends and I are having a big BBQ in our backyard.”

Guy Desaulniers from the Canadian Tourism Commission writes: “We’ll be on the Magdalen Islands on August 2, and we’ll order something from the pit.”

Broadcaster Bernadette Hardaker in Orangeville, Ontario writes: “If we don’t do that drunken roast (which sounds fabulous), it will be a nice fat sirloin marinated with lots of grilled veggies and new potatoes with butter and dill from the garden and a lovely salad or two.”

John Sigurjonsson, Canadian Trails Adventure Tours writes: “We’re on it!”

Sharon Rounds, Farmer and former O.F.A. Director, writes: “Will do! Menu will be t-bones, sweet corn…tossed salad, with fresh peaches for dessert (from the neighbours trees).”

Diane Stewart from the States writes: “Our family will be in Columbus, Ohio on August 2, and we will definitely be enjoying a beef barbeque!”

Dave Gamble, publisher of BC Wine Trails in the glorious Okanagan Valley, writes: “…we will adapt Karen Barnaby’s Birthday Ribs for a beef rib dinner.”

Susan Mikler of Liaison College, a chefs training institute, writes: “All Liaison College campuses have been advised and reports are that culinary students, faculty and staff will be BBQing up a storm in groups or on their own…That should add approximately 300 BBQers to your celebration.”

Melody Wren from Guelph writes: “I will be firing up the barbeque in Guelph with extended family and friends on August 2 in support of the Canadian Beef industry. …barbequed beef ribs …barbequed sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, and salads, with peach crisp from local peaches for dessert. We will raise a rib to Cuisine Canada and the Canadian Beef industry with flags flying!”

Ray Bear, Chef at the Prince George Hotel in Nova Scotia, writes: “I’ll be in the hotel’s patio, barbequing some T-bones for the staff of the hotel.”

Karen Cole, Marketing & Communication, Pork Nova Scotia, writes: “I’m in for the BBQ. Please note Pork Nova Scotia supports the beef industry.”

Joanne Jones, Alberta Agriculture, Food & Rural Development, Edmonton, Alberta, writes: “My family is planning a get together on August 2nd and will be BBQing steak and hamburgers…I plan to support the industry by eating beef as much as possible, especially during celebrations.”

Liz Inglis, Teddy Bear Bed & Breakfast, Bancroft, Ontario and Teressa Ough, The Critter Sitter, L’Amable, Ontario write: “We’re taking it a step further. We’re having a (fundraiser for Highland Animal Relief Team)…all the beef/buffalo burgers the crowd can eat! I have plenty of Canadian flags…We are anticipating 800-1000 people for our celebration.”

Lorena Patterson, Managing Director, Alberta Government Office in Mexico, writes: “We’ll be participating in Victoria!”

Marija Haluska, Community Services Director, District of Taylor writes: “Taylor is the host community to the 31st Annual World’s Invitational Gold Panning Championships Aug 2-3. One of our planned events is a huge steak BBQ on Aug 2 at 6:00 p.m., so this coincides nicely with yours.”

David Wong, Managing Director, Alberta China Office, Canadian Embassy writes: “Is your party only for Canada?”

Margaret Sherk & Elmer Wideman, farmers, Wellington County, write: “We will fire up the BBQ too on August 2nd. In fact, we have been eating a lot of that cheap beef in the crockpot.”

Gurth M. Pretty, the Adventurous Chef, Epicurean Expeditions Inc. writes: “On August 2, friends will be joining Joanne and I to experience the “Twilight in the Vineyard” amphitheater series at Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery. Our tailgate party menu includes grilled, marinated flank steak sandwiches with carmelized onions and roasted red peppers.”

Amber Daniels from Alberta writes: “This is a great idea not only to celebrate Canada and the beef industry but a chance to spend some much needed quality time with friends and family.”

Lynette Storoz, Director, Marketing & Traffic, Northern Transportation Company Limited, Hay River, NT writes: “Just to let you know that we in the Northwest Territories “LOVE” Canadian beef and we will be participating in the Barbeque.”

Tyler Whale, Medical Researcher/farmer in Saskatoon writes: “you can count me in!”

Mark Stewart, Salmon Fishing Guide / Chef on Quadra Island, is hanging up his pole for the evening and grilling some beef.

Reagan Sneddon writes: “…we are always up for a BBQ!”

Tommi Handley from Thompson/Lloyd Communcations in Vancouver, is heading to the Okanagan to celebrate “great Canadian beef.”

Gordon Ferguson, Chef, Sommelier writes: “we’ll be grilling steaks at my house in Nepean with visiting friends from Winnipeg…we’ll invite some Ottawa/Montreal friends to join us!”

Mark & Sally Nairn, Andrew, Meghan & Sheilah from Riske Creek, BC write: “We will be participating!”

Linda & Duncan Jewell, Viewpoint B&B in Goderich write: “…we have invited 50 friends to a BBQ on August 2 and we are barbecuing about 30 lbs. of rolled Prime Rib Roast with all the trimmings…”
Bruce Wood, Chef in Ottawa writes: “I will do a mixed grill with some marinated blade steak, liver & sausage or I might do a long slow brisket…”

Bruce & Deb Whale (Liberal political candidate), farmers, Drayton, ON write: “Actually, we are hosting two beef barbeques and one is tomorrow night for 40 people. Our barbeque on the 2nd will be much smaller but I intend to invite some of the wonderful people who have been helping me canvass for MONTHS!”

Paul Stewart, Chef (and my son) at Ottawa’s Arc the hotel writes: “It seems appropriate that in the nations capital, we should be having a party in the oldest home here.”

Ann Wallace, Editor, TravelScoop writes: “Our flag will be flying off the stern of our sailboat on 2 August and I’ll make sure beef is on the menu…whether we’re at our slip at the RCYC or anchored off Toronto Islands (as lovely as anywhere there’s water, trees and a beach).”

Brad Carberry, Agricorp writes: “We will be amongst friends at a cottage 1 hr north of Belleville (Mazinaw Lake) with the frosty beverages cracked (insert csssshuttt sound) long before 6 pm …rest assure some piece of the Canadian COW will be the centre of attention.”

Tim Read, B.C. Restaurant & Food Service Association – Okanagan Branch writes: “The BCRFA Okanagan Branch fully supports the barbeque promotion and all efforts to support Canadian beef….many member restaurants will be serving grilled Canadian beef that day…I will be having a family & friends BBQ at my house…in Kelowna.”

Lara Vaarre of Truffle Treasures writes: “We the staff of Truffle Treasures and all our extended family will be having our BBQ on Sturgeon Lake in Bobcageon, Ontario.” – dessert is “cowpie” sized truffles.

Sharon Mickla of Camrose, Alberta writes: “We will be having a family barbeque that day – featuring Canadian beef – both steaks and burgers (for the kids), with about 25 in attendance. This will be a backyard affair, and we will send pics of the party including the chow down and the pool antics prior to eating.”

Jo-Ann Gay writes: “We will be at Lac St. Anne, near Gunn Alberta that weekend, and will definitely be eating Alberta Beef.”

Carl Withler, P.Ag., Agrologist, Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries writes: “We and our family will be having ours in Osoyoos.”

C. William Ross, President, Canadian Vintners Association writes he will be celebrating “with family”!
Stephen Dow, Wesburne Ruddy Electric writes: “We will be having a beef BBQ on the shores of Lake Huron near Sauble Beach…several friends will also be participating…”

Jeff Crump of Slow Food Ontario is cooking at The Ancaster Old Mill and offering at 6 p.m. to “all our guests – Heirloom Tomato Salad with Woolwich Goat Cheese and Grilled Sweet Onions; Whole Beef Tenderloin, Grilled over Niagara Vines with Bearnaise and Frites; Grilled Peaches with Mint Sabayon and Mapleton’s Organic Ice Cream.”

Bill Jones, Chef from Vancouver Island is doing his feast in the forest and writes: “you can count on us…”
Lynn Ogryzlo in Queenston writes: “I’ve rallied 22 people for the World’s Longest Barbeque Party!…I’ll order a grand rolled prime rib roast (I’ll make sure it’s Canadian) and plug in my barbeque rotisserie!”

Jason Stewart, Executive Chef, Caramba! Restaurante, Banff, Alberta writes: “adding on to the longest BBQ…6 p.m. August 2nd…I’m using AAA Angus Alberta Beef and it tastes so much better on the barbeque.”

Anita Stewart – Am in New Brunswick on a Skiff Lake…Will have to be up early baking. Multiple beef roasts will be soaking –more people are continually being added to the guest list. On the side? New Brunswick spuds !!! A big salad with the poppyseed dressing that I found at Garrison House Inn over in Annapolis Royal way back in 1986…and finally dessert will be a fruit platz – a cake-y fruit topped pan that is perfect for all seasonal berries and goes really well with ice cream (and which I have to admit eating for breakfast!) My personal guests will be my second eldest son Brad, his wife Magda my Mom who has just turned 87 and enjoys riding an ATV and the entire McLean gang which may number into the dozens. A swim, a barbecue, a boat ride…and I’m praying for sunshine.

We’re happy to be part of your BBQ.
Burgers were on the menu for Sunday, but we’re glad to put beef on the grill Saturday too.
Let’s get over our political differences, and get the borders open, and our economy back on track, so everyone can enjoy our Canadian Beef.
I’m sure Canada will get heated up at 6PM on Saturday.
Jack and Joanne Fewster
Unity Saskatchewan

I will be up at my boyfriend’s cottage with his family celebrating his
Father’s 60th birthday, the long weekend, and Canada! As huge BBQ lovers,
we would love to join in on this Canadian BBQ party and help support
Canadian beef farmers and the industry!
Good luck with this! What a fabulous idea!
Charlotte Clay,
Toronto, ON.

This is to let you know that on Saturday August 2, 2003, my family and I will be participating in your cross Canada event.
The names of the people are as follows in case you are keeping track.
We are going to be doing this at a lake lot in Alberta on Hilda Lake, approximately 300 km northeast of Edmonton.
Participating: Ray and Millie Zacharko, Ed and Leona Zacharko,Lorie, Darryl, Bradley and Nicole Rogers, Rick, Brenda, Emily and Jennifer Massing, Dan and Sonja Zacharko
14 of us in total.
We support Alberta beef.
Regards, Dan Zacharko

I am president of British Columbia’s Women’s Institute and I have told all of
my members to participate in the cook-off with their families. Our family
is in the cattle ranching business and this has affected us. The upcoming
bbq has lifted our moral. We can’t wait.
Joan Holthe.

Tomorrow is my 50th birthday ( August 1) and to celebrate my family ( my husband and three grown children) have invited family and co workers and friends to our Backyard for a BBQ party.
We are BBQing pork and roast beef to be served with all the summer trimmings…corn on the cob, potato and macaroni salads with pickles rolls butter etc etc etc.
So yes…we too are participating in the giant Canada Wide BBQ …as we will be eating at 7 pm so our meat will still be on the grill at 6. We live in Chatham Ontario Canada
Sincerely, Donna Reaume and her entire family

Good day Madam, We will join in a barbecue on August 2, 2003 in support of our beef industry. We will have our new grand daughter, her parents, and friends attend our deck for the festivities. We generally go for the loin steaks, filet as well, but we are going to try the flank steak marinated. I didn’t think about other cuts, and that we should try some other than the norm. We will have a few steaks for the die hard t-bone fans too. I hope that everyone joins this barbecue, to show our farmers we couldn’t live without them. Thank you , and kudos to a wonderful idea. P.S. We live in Rossland , B.C. Regards, Ruth Postill.

We are going to support you’re great idea of a beef bar-b-que on Aug. 2. We’re the Leigh family and we live in Brantford Ontario.
Please let us know how the response was……
Bill Leigh

I will have my BBQ party this Saturday, August 2, 2003 at around 6:00 p.m.
There will be around 12-15 persons attending the BBQ including my family,
sisters, and brother from Agazzi and friends from Seattle. We are going to
have beef sirloin steak, chicken and vegetable. After the BBQ, we will
enjoy the firework from downtown Vancouver in our deck.
We all support the Canada’s Beef industry and the people of Canadian
Regards, Rebecca Yung, Vancouver, BC

What a wonderful idea. At our Moncrieff Family Reunion at Cayley, Alberta (south of Calgary) we will be joining in as part of our pot luck supper. Hope you are deluged with replies.
Freda Stewart
Calgary, Alberta

Great idea – Please put us down as participants – going to try and get
the neighbours involved too!
Trish & Brian Carr
Medicine Hat, Alta.

We want to join the Big Beef BBQ on August 2nd!
We will be camping near Okatoks, Alberta. On August 2nd, at about 6pm, we
will be bbq-ing burgers over the campfire with family and friends. You can
bet it will be Alberta Beef! Kate

Count us in……rain or shine. Haven’t decided what yet, ALL the recipes
look great!
June Neske / Ottawa ON

We are having a BBQ beef party Saturday August 2nd. We are taking some eye of round roasts roasting them on the bbq, and slicing them up for beef on a bun.Barbecue sauce will be added while barbequing, and to help top them off, we will have onions and cheddar cheese.
Can’t wait to eat that Canadian beef!
Thanks Debbie—-Here in Brantford Ontario

It is fortunate that we were planning a BBQ on Saturday, August 2nd!!!!!
This is a great idea and we would love to join in. We will be doing shish-kabobs and of course, our favourites….. T-Bone steaks.
A great idea……. Thanks!!!! Fiona Malcolm, Nepean, Ontario

We will be having a BBQ of a minimum of 10 people at our cabin at Fishing Lake, Saskatchewan, 20 km north of Foam Lake, Saskatchewan. Very proud to be Canadian.
The Pankratz and Turner family

We are having an entree of steak tartar and BBQ’d spiced whole filet mignon for six of us. (one couple from France).
St. Charles-sur-Richelieu, QC

I’m planning a family BBQ with Steak (Bruce County Beef) & Lobster (PEI)
plus some beer & wine. Out of town family coming from Niagara, this will
make 8 family members.
Keith Stiles CHSC
Port Elgin, Ont.

Just to let you know that my wife and I will be inviting friends and family over for a Canadian Beef BBQ on Saturday, August 2nd at 6pm to participate in the World’s Longest BBQ.
Paul & Julie Anderson/ Mississauga, ON

BBQ a rump roast on low wrapped in tinfoil with garlic and onions.
Michael Abraniuk
Computer Support Technician
Information Technology Branch (Edmonton)

We will be having a beef BBQ on Saturday in a campground near Welland, ON. There will be 4 couples cooking some big ol’ steaks. Todd Sprague

My name is Angelos Kotzambasis and we plan to BBQ some part of Beef this
Saturday around at our friend’s house in Arthur Ontario.
Good Luck with the rest of CANADA

Hi Anita,
I will be more than glad to throw a bbq party this Saturday. You can bet we will be enjoying some of that good ol’ Alberta Beef.
Armando J Franco
Production Operations
Department of Energy
Government of Alberta

I don’t FULLY understand what is happening, but I would like to let you know that I have planned a BBQ on August 2nd.
Mississauga ON

We will be barbecuing at Meeting Lake Saskatchewan on Saturday
August 2. Hamburgers will be the order of the day, and new
potatoes out of some one’s garden. There will be 6 of us
celebrating our friend Dave’s 65th birthday all weekend – his
birthday is on the August 3rd.
Great idea – this huge bbq …
Irma Kittelson, Saskatoon, SK

By coincidence, my daughter had been bugging me to have a barbeque party.
Finally I gave in and planned it for this Saturday and we’ll be eating at 6
p.m. I read about your “longest barbeque” just now when I checked my email
at MSN. It was too funny to ignore. So, we’d love to join in if it’s ok that
we planned it without knowing about yours first. We’ll be inviting two
couples and their children for a total of 8 people. I’m a single mother with
a tiny charcoal barbeque so it should be challenging to see if I can get
everything cooked in time! Number 1 on our menu won’t be the meal though,
it’ll be the dessert = grilled bananas with chocolate!
Hope you’ve received lots of encouragement,
Susan (and Jaimie) Kramer, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Daniel Branston

Just taking the time to acknowledge solidarity with our fellow Canadian carnivores & beef farmers, we’ll be cookin’ this Saturday and we will purchase “backlog cuts”.
Thanks for the info.
Rosemary in Kitchener

I will be bbq-ing roast beef on Saturday in Parry Sound!
Jennifer Chen
FLOW Distribution at the Canadian Film Centre

We bought a huge filet that we will be taking up north to barbecue this week-end. Beef is our friend.
Sincerely yours, Susanna Punzo

Our neighbors, my husband and I are in for the ‘Longest BBQ’. This will be the second of the summer; we supported ‘Alberta’ beef at our annual Canada Day Celebration. We will be doing steaks and hamburgers in Sherwood Park, Alberta.
Great idea!

Jim & Anna
Heinz & Monika
Mike & Mary-Lynn
Bob & Michelle
Barb & Glen
Melanie & Scott
Great Idea! This Mad Cow fiasco has been blown way out of proportion. This weekend, some friends and I are going to Gull Lake, Alberta. You can bet we’ll be grilling a whack of steaks at 6pm! Matt Buch

Hello beef gals,
My family has planned our big beef party on our island just outside of Gimli Manitoba — it happens to be taking place during the same time as the Icelandic Festival. We may not qualify for the list but here is the name of our beef party: “Gimli’s Willow Island annual Fris-nok tournament”.
Please see the e-mail from my niece Katherine — we will be eating a ton-o-beef and I will love every minute of it.
Wishing you both a great beef weekend!
Best, Carol Taverner
Dear Carol,
We have, indeed, begun prep work for our beef party on August 2nd!!!! James and I went to Costco and bought the meat, a whole lotta meat! The check-out lady said “you’ll have a good BBQ” and the Check-out guy said “BBQ? I thought you were trying to build a cow!”. A whole lotta steaks! We are having around 30 people at our beef party at Willow Island on Saturday afternoon, complete with a fris-nok tournament.
Ttys — Love Kath

Hi Anita,
My name is LeeAnne and I am a cattle and grain farmer from Saskatchewan. We are going to Crimson Lake at Rocky Mountain House, AB this weekend for a Family Reunion. Our bar-b’s will be fired up Saturday night and will be enjoying some great home grown beef. Good Luck with your project. We need all the positive publicity we can get right now.
LeeAnne Harbin

I have friends invited over for Prime rib steak and my own world famous burgers made with only the finest Canadian beef. I hope the list of people joining this good cause is huge because we as Canadians need to promote ourselves more often!!
Fabian O’Toole
St. John’s, Newfoundland

I saw your web site and decided to drop you a line. I am from Truro, Nova Scotia. Every year on this weekend for the past 11 years our group of friends has been getting together at a friends cottage on a lake just outside of Bridgewater. We call it our “Cultural Weekend”. We do take in some events going on like The Folk Art Show and Sale and The Mahone Bay Wooden Boat Festival but the focus always seems to come back to food. Friday night we start with steamed mussels and move on to a BBQ with everyone contributing to the side dishes. Saturday we BBQ again at lunch (usually burgers) and again at dinner. There have been some years when we’ve had to have two BBQ’s going to accommodate all the steaks. Sunday we have a ham dinner with a big pot of hodge-podge (fresh new vegetables cooked together in one big pot, actually we have to have one pot just for the new potatoes because there can be as many as 25 for supper). Monday is a day for leftovers.
The weekend started with a group of 10 but has blossomed to include three generations with some coming home from Toronto and Ottawa. It was actually my daughter from Ottawa that saw the web site. Over the last 10 years we have had one real wedding, one mock wedding complete with shotgun and an Elvis impersonator, a variety show/dinner theatre with entertainment by our husbands including an appearance by Lime Green, Red Green’s brother, and The Noodle Olympics (some hilarious antics using pool noodles).
You can rest assured there will be a lot of good Canadian beef consumed as well as a variety of wines and beers (mostly Keith’s). We may even try some of the recipes on the web site.
Hope you have a great weekend, I know we will.

I saw your message in the computer. We live in Red Deer Alberta. Right in the middle of Beef Country. Although we live in the city. My Dad was a Farmer when my Brother & I grew up. So those values have always stuck with us.
My brother works in Brazil now and my husband in the oilfield for Proflo Production Separators. No matter where we live or what we do, we all need to support the cattle industry!
We are in on the Bar b cue and so should everyone else! Mind you we always eat Beef one way or another!! All I can say is those who don’t, really do not know what they are missing!!
6 pm Red Deer time we will be broiling up Alberta Beef !!

You can guarantee that my family will be barbequing at 6pm on August 2/03. We are proud to be Canadian and the world needs to know that we trust our beef and they need to open their eyes as well as their borders.
Robert in Calgary

cheers! from the Maritimes!
20 guests and neighbours grilling CANADIAN BEEF, in my back yard ; marinated beef kebab, stilton burgers, flank steak with shallots, and may be some other tasty beef recipes, and we will “cheers! “to all of you in Canada joining this world longest barbecue !
bon appetit !!!!!!
christophe luzeux
member of culinary team Canada

Hey there!
I’m participating in the BBQ in Toronto… thanks for doing this: my dad’s a
really small time beef farmer and man is he hurting right now… last I
heard prices were down at the stockyard from 1$/lb down to 15 cents… we’re
thinking of arranging a group of us to pay my dad a fair price for a side of
beef and have it butchered ourselves…
Thanks again,
Best, Denise Strong

Edmonton , Alberta!
Family and friends
Alberta Beef is on the menu 🙂
Burgers and steaks!
Michele Goguen

We will be BBQ’ing on Saturday August 2 in Calgary. We will have 6 people and are doing a marinated beef roast!
We are from beef country and look forward to other Canadians supporting this important industry!!
Laurie Goetting

hello anita,
my name is briana, and i live in sherwood park, alberta (its about 5 minutes
outside of edmonton). i would love to join your longest bbq session. this
sat. i am having a huge bbq party and about 15 of us will be bbqing
together. and we will be eating our great alberta beef. Briana McInnes

I’m up for BBQing in support of Canada’s beef industry!
Miranda Johnston / Guelph, Ontario

I would like to support the Canadian beef industry by hosting a BBQ party of my own this Saturday. I will have a few close friends over and have a blast! It won’t be big or anything, but it’s my little way of lending a hand.
Eric Lau
Surrey BC, Canada

Subject: My Kick Ass BBQ
This weekend my friends and I are going to have the most awesome BBQ ever!! Most of our friends are going to Little River Rock Fest in Minnedosa, MB this weekend, so we’re going to have a BBQ at the lake, with some big, juicy Canadian steaks and burgers. Diana Graham

My family and I are having a BBQ at home on Aug. 2nd There will be 16 people attending, and we are excited to be joining this BBQ ! The Harrison Family / Saskatchewan

Thanks for taking the initiative to host the worlds longest bbq!
Just wanted to let you know that the Virt-Shoe Cottage Association is
having a 300+ person BBQ this Saturday.
This is the 15th year that the Virt-Shoe Cottage Association social
committee has organized this BBQ for the Aug long weekend. On the menu for
this year is every person has choice of wood-fired bbq steak or prime-rib,
with stir-fry vegetables and potatoes. The BBQ is prepared by a team of chefs
(also cottagers) from George Brown College school of Hospitality along with
cottage volunteers. The event continues to grow in popularity each year.
Last year a 30 piece steel drum band provided entertainment along with canoe
races and kids games. I’ve attached a few pictures of the event and the
BBQ chefs in action! (Image Provided)
Enjoy! Thomas Lennartz

My name is Ali Yassine, I live in Ottawa and I and a few friends are interested in participating in this great idea. We will be in St-Pierre de Wakefield, Québec (45 minutes north of Ottawa). We absolutely love our steaks and burgers anytime anywhere. I’ve cc’d my friends on this e-mail, so if you want to send them the info as well, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.
Once again, Brilliant idea.
Ali Yassine

I’d love to participate in the Longest BBQ event. My plans are diminutive in comparison, but every little bit helps! Steaks on the BBQ, cold beer in the fridge.
Kevin McLaughlin. Calgary & Southern Alberta Area Fibre Co-ordinator
Shaw Cablesystems

I just read about your BBQ & am totally hearing what you’re saying. Guess I’ll try and invite our closest friends & enjoy some burgers here in Gladstone, MB. around 6pm., Saturday. Mrs. Teichrib

We will be cooking on an open campfire this day while camping in Goderich
Ont. The menu is: Porter-House, 1 1/2 inches thick!
Double stuffed potatoes (not double baked)
Bruschetta (with fresh herbs)
Pasta Salad / Some home made wine (Australian Shiraz)
Bon Apet – Charlie McLean
We have family visiting from out of town and are planning a steak BBQ for Saturday. Jeff, Grande Prairie, AB
I just finished reading an article in The Guardian (Charlottetown) about
the Longest BBQ in the World event and our family will definitely be
participating! I think it’s a great idea and I’m happy to help show our support and
patriotism by joining. And who wouldn’t like barbequed steaks?!
Appreciatively, Cindy

I plan to have a few friends over to “pig” out on beef products. hehe.
But I have been on the Atkins diet so I eat mostly meat anyways. I have not stopped eating beef. And I will have even more on Aug 2nd.
I will buy everyone that is coming over Canada shirts and we will eat with them on in support of the great Canadian “Beef Out!”
Rebekah Knight, British Columbia

With the long weekend approaching and the weather cooperating it’s a big bbq night with great friends!
The menu is planned….
Flank steak (marinated), yes that would be ALBERTA BEEF
baked potatoes with all the fixings
corn on the cob
garlic toast
pineapple torte for desert
Pat Worthington
Edmonton, Alberta

I understand you are collecting information on people who are planning a BBQ this Saturday. My family and I are travelling to my Cousin’s farm in Clarence, Nova Scotia this Saturday, where where the Stronach clan will gather for a small family reunion. Although I’m not the cook, I’m pretty sure there will be beef on the BBQ. There will be anywhere from 30-50 people in attendance.
Best of luck with your campaign,
Gina Brown

Count me in- there’s nothing like a big BBQ on a Saturday night! And I may
even cook a beef roast for sandwiches next week.
All the best, and I hope you get lots of responses to this initiative.
Shane Smith, Festival Director
Canadian Film Centre’s, Worldwide Short Film Festival (Toronto)

We are planning on picking up some nice Canadian steaks and hamburgers for Sat. Aug 2 to join in on the bbq!
I will be letting all my neighbours know, as some of them haven’t heard about it, and hopefully we will all be in our adjoining backyards bbq-ing away!
It will be a nice welcome home for my friend who is returning from the US after being there to visit her family for 2 weeks as well.
We are looking forward to this! Here’s hoping the smell of bbq’s will be in the air!
J & S Taylor and Family
Newmarket, Ontario.

I just received the email the Food Network about the World’s Longest Barbecue, and co-incidentally we are planning a large BBQ for this Saturday, with dinner scheduled to be served around 6pm.
We live in downtown Toronto and this is our 3rd annual BBQ party for some of my husband’s alumni group from the Drum & Bugle Corps they belonged to when they were in high school back in the 60’s and 70’s. We are expecting close to 30 people and are praying hard that it doesn’t rain, because our backyard is bigger than our house!
Because our guest list is so large we are doing the basic hamburgers and hotdogs. (I had considered doing a roast of beef, but having never barbecued a roast before, let alone for a crowd this size I decided to fall back to the old standbys…)
But we do want to participate. I am trying to find out who sells (in the Toronto area) frozen hamburgers made from Canadian Beef. I just don’t know if I have time to make that many hamburgers myself, so I need to rely on a pre-packaged product. I have sent inquiries to both M & M Meatshops and Loblaw’s asking them the source of their beef for their burgers.
I also hope the WORLD’S LONGEST BARBECUE is a resounding success!!!
Paul and Michele Paterson
Toronto, Ontario CANADA

Good morning. Just letting you know we plan to have a BBQ Saturday!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm, Alberta beef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lynette Hannon
Calgary, AB

Count me in…I will do my part in Port McNicoll Ontario to help support our industry. Thanks Pat Charlebois

We’ll be BBQing as part of the annual regatta weekend on Kosh Lake(Lake Kashabog) northeast of Peterborough. Menu will include: Shish kabobs, steaks, grilled veggies and all beef wieners for the kids!! Beef’s the best!
Matt and Karen Fretz and Heather Holmes.

At our house we will be bbqing for 6 and it will be steak of some kind I use my own secret sauces and spices and my steaks are great. Our menu will also include some very yummy Sambuca shrimp Garlic and Rosemary shrimp and a lot of salads and veggies( not food but what food eats) Also members of the staff here at the Red Deer Food Bank will be BBQing beef when they are camping.
We are located in Red Deer Alberta and all together Saturday at 6pm Alberta time there will be about 30 people enjoying BBQed CANADIAN BEEF.
Cheers Fred Scaife

Hi my name is Nigel and I will be holding a BBQ on August second @ 0r around
5:30 – 8:00 to promote the beef industry, I will only serve different
varieties of beef.
Nigel D. Nethersole
Accountant (Edmonton)

I had no idea this was going on when I planned my Island BBQ!! I’m house sitting and will be on Toronto Island having a great BBQ, with lots of ppl!! Cool idea!
Catharine McClelland, OMERS – One University Ave.
Branch Coordinator/ Investment Operations and Applications

The Pepperheads are in! The Chefs will be hosting a little festive gathering in prime Alberta ranching country…the foothills just south of Turner Valley. Feel free to join us. Call the Pepper Prez @ 403-680-7669. We’ll send in photos and also post them at . If you are enjoying bevvies at your event, Big Rock Beer is donating $1.00 from every case sold of Traditional Ale or Grasshopper Wheat Ale to Alberta Beef research. We will be raising proud glasses to our fellow Canadian and their efforts from coast to coast at six!! Cheers ~ The Chefs
I will join the festivities and BBQ some CANADIAN BEEF in celebration of the finest Beef Industry in the World.

August 2nd is the first day of our family holidays. We will be staying in a friend’s cabin at Whistler so we’ll definitely be bar-b-quing. We’ll make sure we’re cooking dinner at 6:00 p.m. Please include us on your list.
The Brooks Family of Port Moody, British Columbia

There will be 6 of us at our Huntsville cottage for the weekend .On my
birthday Sat for dinner we will be BBQing Burgers and enjoying a cool
beverage to Celebrate..
Ernie Pearce – Manager: Campden Mill, New Life Mills Limited
Vineland, Ontario

Just a note to let you know I am having a bbq on Sat Aug 2. there will be Canadian beef burgers, steaks and beef hotdogs all on the grill.
L. Carter, Abbotsford, BC

Hi what a great idea !! We are joining in at the Haunted Lake camp ground in
Alberta and going to try some Basil & Sage T-Bone courtesy of Backyard Cookin’.
Pat Genik, Scotia Bank

We will be hosting a small pool party and plan on serving lots of fabulous Canadian beef. We are serving Black Angus strip loins.
Milena Donovan (Toronto)

Anita: While we are not having a party Aug. 2, my family, 3 people + our dog will be having strip loin steaks BBQ’d as we do every Saturday night without fail, rain, snow, sleet, & sun shine. However, even though this doesn’t count for Aug 2, we did have a BBQ for my husband’s car club, Toronto Fbody Motor Sports last weekend & served beef burgers & all beef hot dogs! Mad Cow disease, no fear in our house or from our guests. Hope the World’s Largest BBQ is a great success! Keep eating beef!
Dianne Stevens, Mount Albert, Ontario

HI, we got your email and have set up a BBQ with people from Grenfell, SK. We
raise purebred Simmental and Red Angus cattle and have invited all our friends
to meet us at the lake for a BBQ. We appreciate the effort you are putting in
to help the beef industry. Sincerely, Julie Dimler Double Bar D Farms

Hello. I just wanted it to be known that my boyfriend and I are planning to
have a beefy Bar-B-Q on August 2nd while camping up in Northern Manitoba and
in support we will make sure that everything on our grill is strictly Canadian!
Charlene & Rockie :O) —-Manitoba

Rib steaks, cap on / 2 medium rare (wife and I) /2 well done (best friends)
with baked potatoes and grilled peppers, and mushrooms on the side burner
shish-kebabs,marinated blade steak, mushrooms, green/red peppers, cherry tomatoes, purple onion—great for all the kids (we expect six), pile a plate high and keep cooking until they can’t eat anymore
Bob Grewall
Brampton, Ontario

We will be joining in the world’s longest bbq on Sat Aug 2 from our campground.
We will be in Sandy Lake, Manitoba with myself, my husband Bill, my son Curtis and his wife, Heather.
We will be bbqing All Canadian Beef Hamburgers
Good Luck with the cross country initiative
Bye for now,
Bill & Brenda Hubbard

Just to let you know that we are having a family BBQ on August 2nd, 2003 at 6:00 p.m. We will be at Willow Island, Gimli, Manitoba. We will be barbecuing a lot of beef. There will be around 30 people celebrating Beef Day.
Have a nice day.
Katherine Taverner

I saw your webpage on MSN and wanted to show my (our) support for Canadian
beef. We are BBQing on Saturday some very tasty hamburgers and to die for
Roast beef!!! I hope everyone else supports Canadian beef and has beef-tacular BBQ
weekend!!! Stephanie and Chris Stacey. Ottawa, ON

I am taking part in the Saturday BBQ event. My name is Brad Nelson
from Toronto.

Going to que up some t-bones for a group of 15 family and friends to support Alberta and Canadian Beef on Saturday, August 2nd..
Thank you for organizing such a meaningful event.
Have a terrific long weekend.
Barry Booth / Edmonton, AB

On August 2, we’ll be at Lake St. Peter camping with two other couples. Our dinner menu that night is Caesar salad, BBQ steak (of course!), campfire baked potatoes, BBQ corn on the cob and fresh blue berry baskets. We take our camping food seriously!
Cheers! Bill MacKay
Good morning.
We have family visitors in Ottawa for Holiday weekend.
My wife will do her home hamburgers one day and beer can chicken the next.
Salad and desserts as required Roy G.Waterman

Daryl Wilkison
Fuel Enforcement Officer
Special Investigations
Manitoba Taxation

Just thought I’d let you know our plans for the BBQ on Saturday, August 2, 2003. We will be heading to the cabin, we’ll meet lots of friends up there along with their kids. After a day on the water, we are all getting together for supper…my husband likes the t-bones, the kids and I are not so particular. We’ll get some fresh lettuce from the garden to start our salad along with a few cold Molson Canadians and we’ll have a great time as always.
By the way, we’re in Newfoundland and the weather has been great for BBQing. Hope your event is a great success.
Karen Staubitzer
We are going camping this weekend. We are having hamburgers for lunch and steak for supper. Cooked over an open fire, MMMMM!
Jo and Judy / Whitehorse Yukon Territories

What a great idea! First, we rock and then we cook. I am having a wee “old gals hanging out “pot luck on Aug. 2nd. I’ve changed my mind, we’ll fire up the bbq and cook enough Canadian beef to get us all through more meals than just the one on Aug 2nd. I’ll, also, have to find some more “old gals” to join us for our gals night out BBQ.
Is there anything in the Guinness Book of Records that cattlemen can challenge that involves gigantic quantities of eating beef? There’s nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in most of us.
Brenda Mignardi, Pickering, Ontario
I want to get in on the fun! This Saturday, my boyfriend, my parents and I will be firing up a beef BBQ of very cheap, marinated steaks at our cottage on Sand Lake (in the Almaguin Highlands, north of Huntsville and south of North Bay).
Please add us to the list of Canadian BBQ’ers!
Kathleen Garrett

I am pleased to hear about this initiative, that is the least we can do. I have made my plans for the Saturday Aug. 2, BBQ. I have invited three families to attend a BBQ in my house on Saturday. I am sure every one will have fun and pleasure all over Canada.
Thank you
Dr. Saad Y. Jasim, P.Eng.
Director, Water Quality & Production
Windsor Utilities Commission, Windsor, Ontario

Thanks for the invite :)). It sounds like a good plan. I will be barbecuing marinated flank steaks with some family on Saturday at 6 pm’ish.
Tom Fickling
London, Ontario

We will be participating in the World’s Longest BBQ on August 2nd, 2003!
We’ve picked up a pile of steaks, and are ready to grill!
What a wonderful way to show support to our beef farmers!
Thanks & All the best-
B. Unrau & Family
Jasper, Alberta

Good Afternoon Anita:
Just a short note to let you know the Smith Family will be participating in The World’s Largest Barbeque on Sunday August 3rd at 5:00 PM on our patio in Belleville ON. We will have 18 family members and friends joining us for a big beef barbeque including steaks and beef-ka-bobs.
We appreciate this opportunity to join with many other Canadians over the holiday weekend in support of our beef industry. What a great way to enjoy time with our family and show the beef industry farmers, and our local MP The Honourable Lyle Vanclief, Minster of Agriculture and Agra Food, how much we appreciate their ongoing efforts on our behalf.
Thank you for your efforts in setting up the website so we can share our small contribution to this very important cause with other Canadians. Well Done Eh!
Cheers and our best wishes to all the Beef Farmers and their families from the entire Smith family.
Brian, Eileen. Carey & Terri Smith

Yes! We will be barbecuing beef ribs for ten of our family and are privileged to be able to join “The Worlds Longest Barbecue” August 2nd @ 6 pm. The Graham family of Calgary, Alberta.
Great idea!

Great idea i’ll be cooking a 28 lb inside round roast of beef on a wood fired roaster at the Toronto island marina on Saturday. It will be sold at the upper deck bar right at the marina. We will have a great time hope you do. Rick Gray

We are having my husband’s fastball team over on Aug.2 for a bbq. We are expecting 25 plus people, we will make sure we bbq beef.
So at 6pm we will join the many others in the beef bbq!
Brenda Hamm
Steinbach, MB.

We’re having a b-b-q on Saturday now for sure – we thought about Sunday but now we’ve swapped our plans!! There’s only 3 of us so I hope we count!!
We live in Scarborough, Ontario and we’re doing one of the recipes from the bottom of the information page called “T-Bone Grilling Steak”.
Great idea!! Good Luck and let’s sizzle!!
Sandra McCarthy

Hello Anita: I think this is a great idea. We are having all the family over for a birthday dinner Sat Evening and we are B.B.Q-ing 3 beef roasts direct from our farmer friends in Alberta. I am sure you will see great support from all Canadians. Barb Hall

We love to BBQ and look forward with anticipation to the weekends when we
can really sit back and relax….look forward to BBQing with everyone else
on August 2nd……
Chesley and Michelle Gordon
Calgary, AB

As born and bred beef-loving Albertans, we will be proud to join the longest barbecue in Canada. Here are our plans: together with two other couples, we will be camping on the shores of huge and beautiful Lesser Slave Lake in northern Alberta. We will likely be doing strip loin with a green peppercorn sauce (or maybe red wine sauce, haven’t decided). Although the barbecue is slated for six pm, our merry little band will likely be just getting into the Margarita pail at that time, but rest assured, beef will be consumed and loved! (at whatever time) Don and Joan Swain, Al and Val Graham, Doug and Tannis Kother – Edmonton, Alberta.

What a great idea! I picked up some beef yesterday and put into smaller packages….. so will bring out some and have a bbq for myself and two of my kids, complete with baked spuds and some Chilliwack corn (yummy)… and we will enjoy…….. I have not stopped eating beef and I don’ t plan on it either….. We need to get our beef industry back on its feet and selling the best beef in the world!
Veronica McIlveen. Surrey, BC

Anita — “balls o’fire” – a good time will be (was) had by all who are participating. What a wonderful sense of national spirit over a good thing that resulted from a ?______? national thing on our part (the US.)
God Bless Y’All!!!
Frank Holub
Alexandria, VA
PS: I have passed this on to some Canadian friends.

On Saturday, 2 August, 2003, my son & I will be enjoying Cheese Burgers at home
C. Paul Noseworthy
Trace Energy Services Ltd.
Calgary, AB

We have a flag out now and we will have a bbq as we do quite often and its usually beef as its my favourite and we will have some friends over probably 8 or 10 or so as we usually do and we will be thinking of you as we will try one of your recipes
Yours truly
Murray from Saskatoon

I just discovered about the Aug 2, 2003 BBQ and I think it’s great. My
roommates and I will be having a BBQ on Saturday to support the cause.
Carla Duttenhoffer
Edmonton, Alberta

Just wanted to let you know that I will be supporting the Canadian Beef Industry on Saturday August 2, 2002 by having a small family get together and barbequing all Canadian, all beef, hamburgers. With the burgers will be the traditional fixings, plus fresh salads made from Ontario Produce and homemade lemonade.
What a great idea to support our beef industry!
Donna L. Evans
Clinton, Ontario

Hi, I have about 20 people coming over on the 2nd to help the beef industry with a BBQ. I also own a hot dog stand at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland called Mess Haul Kosher Hot Dogs (by the Top Gun Roller Coaster Ride) so the industry has a very personal connection for me. GO BEEF GO!
Len Libman
Vice-President/Pre-Lock Security Services Inc.


Yes our family will definitely be bbqing this Saturday. Hamburgers made the
way burgers should be made for the barbeque with regular ground beef, a
couple of blade steaks may find their way to the grill also. There will
also be a good old fashion stew made this weekend over the campfire.
I have ways preferred the end cuts of meat as opposed to the more fancier
cuts of beef.
Yours sincerely,
karen nichol,
London, Ontario, Canada

We are planning to do barbeque on August 2, 2003 @ Harrison Hot Springs, My
family, my brother-in-law’s family, my uncle’s family and my friend’s family
and we have some guest from back home, all together we are about 30-35
Thanks, Iqbal Goawala

I was just reading in the CTS new about your b-b-q on Aug. 2.
Count us in. We are a new retreat center called “Wild Horse Camp” based in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, west of a little town called Nordegg, Alberta. In amongt that magnificaent granduer of those powerful rocks we will be feeding 30 guests over this long weekend. Alberta Beef at it’s best will be served on Aug. 2 prepared by our trail chef extraordinaire! We are serving marinated steaks, with all the trimmings and home made fresh saskatoon pie for dessert. Our focus is using horses as a medium to help people recharge and reconnect. As we are in transition we don’t have info or pictures of the site up on the website but hope to have them posted in the next couple of weeks. You can find our other site at and email us at info@just-ride .
Thanks for supporting the beef industry, things are tough out west and its a tragedy to see hard working people losing farms that have been in the same family for generations.
Happy eating!
Bear and Diane Baker

Hi I am from Winnipeg, and defiantly will support our beef. On Aug 2nd I will have a few friends over and will eat BEEF, no problem there. GO CANADA . yours truly Elaine

Some Fine Ribs will be BBQ’d up at Ruby Lake BC with friends and family!! Count on us at 6:00pm Aug 2nd! Dennon Shockey
We want to help Canada! So we’ll make a BBQ for at least15 people (company BBQ) at Performance Medical Devices in Richmond BC. Best regards, Carlos Gonzalez R.

Dear Anita Stewart,
My boyfriend and I will be participating in the World’s Longest BBQ on
August 2 at 6pm. We live in Edmonton, Alberta, an area of this great nation
that has been deeply affected by this crisis. We will be buying less
popular cuts of beef, such as marinating or simmering steaks. This is such
a great idea, and we commend you for your love of Canada, and more
importantly, Canadian Beef! We hope that many people are touched by this
event, and that this will show the world that Canadian Beef is delicious,
nutritious, and SAFE!!!
Thank you so much,
Ashley Gaehring & Matt Rajala
Edmonton, Alberta

What a wonderful ideas. Well I wanted to report my grilling affair as I will
be cooking the good old beef over an open fire in the Eastern End of
Algonquin Park. My friends (6) and I will be canoeing the Baron River. We
will aim to have a fire setup for 6:00pm to join the multitudes as they
happily grill the Mooo. The recipe I will be using is a simple one. Beef
Sirloin with Swartz BBQ spices. Simple yet oh so good.
Fulton Lee

My name is Michael Lawless, and I’d be happy to participate in this event. My family (3 of us), my sister’s family (4), other sister, Mom & cousins (2) are going camping this weekend in East Coburg.
We hadn’t planned on having beef on Saturday, but the notice about this event changed my mind. The Menu will now include a marinated flank steak, new potatoes, & maybe some green beans or fresh peas. Sounds good!!
Best of luck with the promotion.
Michael P.S. I live right here in Guelph!

From a transplanted westerner!!!

—- u just gotta love it…..born and raised in Calgary now lining in T.O. I just gotta show these folks how to do the bbq thing…… is called “THE BLOCK PARTY” get the folks on your street to join in….every one pitches in and says ok ton the party. then every one says we will each pay say 25-30 $ per house hold and be allowed to bring two other couples/families to the party……refreshments are there responsibility. then a couple of lucky organizers (like me) gather up the funds and take a trip to the local butcher and tell him we would like to purchase a cut of “ALBERTA BEEF” to feed shall we say a small army usually about 75-100 people…..a hip or two will do.

after he picks himself off the floor he delivers at the appropriate time “6 am” to the bbq site the “prize cut” lovingly placed on the spit (which was prepared the nite before and now a glowing bed of charcoal) turned by an electrical motor it does so for hours…….at regular intervals the beast is lovingly brushed with olive oil infused with garlic and black pepper and the occasional can of beer (wine will do if you have to)……people gather through the day as the children play in the street which has been barricaded at both end to traffic and have a parade on there bicycles and tricycles…..of course all get little awards for there efforts like a toonie and a candy bar and a frozen treat…..the house hold members bring out the patio furniture to the middle of the road with there friends in tow…….the smell of roasting bbq beef and apple wood smoke wafts through the air…..the time is rite…., the music plays the cook (me and about 5 others who now smell like a smoke house) announce the time is here ….come and git it……with razor sharp utensils the hips are shaved and a scoop of brown baked beans and a slice of crusty bread…look out we are talkin’ gooood eats……..the party goes on and on till the wee hours… mommies take the little ones to bed and the daddies well what can I say….its a MOLSON GOLDEN MOMENT……don’t u just love it………..happy bbq western style….in good ole eastern Canada………Terry Pandiak

At 6:00 PM PDST, August 2, my husband Mickey and I will be barbecuing beef steaks on beautiful property on Quadra Island overlooking the Pacific Ocean while camping in our fifth wheel, as well we will be having a glass (or two) of our favourite red wine. It’s a long weekend, beautiful weather and we are going to relax and enjoy. Leone Bliss / Omega Salmon Group Ltd.

We are having a wedding this Saturday. My cousin is getting married. I think there will be approximately 200 people at this BBQ. In Saskatchewan, I cannot remember where exactly but it is in the northern part of the province.
If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
Janine Sali

What a great idea for a great cookout!
We are in. Come 6:00 pm we will be well on our way and smokin’ beef on the smoker/barbeque.
We live in Renfrew, Ontario.(50 miles north east of Ottawa)
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely, Stephen St. Michael

No idea what our EXACT plans are yet, but we WILL be feasting at 6pm on CANADIAN BEEF (wahoo!) enjoying the long weekend ☺ Lets hope Ottawa gives us some nice weather!
Enjoy your weekend,
Angela Miner
Ottawa, ON

my name is Raemond Lee Leibel, and we’ll on the deck barbecue ‘n on Saturday between 5 & 7. This will take place in Green Lake SK. and yes friends will be come ‘n over,,, steak and only steak will on the bbq. fireworks later on that evening

You can count on us in Calgary to chip in with the festivities!!!
We will invite our friends over for bbq roast and the fixin’s. In fact, I don’t believe that any of our friends gave up eating the delicious beef that our country produces.
Kudos to the fabulous idea!
Wishing you all well,
Bo Baillie

We are definitely going to be grilling up some prime Cdn beef on August 2nd.
Branson Kirsch / UWO

I will definitely participate! Our whole family will be travelling to Newfoundland on August 1st and I have just finished making arrangements for a family BBQ for about 40 people! Wonderful idea, I hope a lot of Canadians come out to support our beef industry…..
Moika Labrie
As a matter of fact, there’ll be 35 of us getting together with a very large standing rib roast, Saturday Aug 2nd in BC. Being BBQ’d of course! We’re bringing the meat from Calgary. Looking forward to having some good Alberta Beef!I hope everyone has a good time! Angela Simpson, Calgary, AB

Dear Ms. Stewart,
My husband and I and as many friends as we can round up would be proud to support the world’s longest BBQ on Saturday! We’ve been supporting the Alberta beef industry all summer and will not hesitate to do so again with other proud Canadians on August 2. We usually choose the less expensive cuts as we love to marinade and it is an economic choice for us. We will be having sirloin tip steak with a teriyaki marinade, grilled veggies and ceasar salad on Saturday, it’s our favorite!
We’ll not forget those truly “Canadian” frosty beverages as well!
Joy and Darren Tuck
Grande Cache, AB

We are going to be having a all Canadian Beef BBQ on Saturday Aug. 2/03 when we are camping at Kelvington Regional Park in Saskatchewan. We are beef farmers and are greatly appreciative of the support Canadians are showing our industry. Thank you.
Elaine Nadeau /Outlook, Saskatchewan

hi there!
we’ve read about the longest bbq idea and we’re probably going to be
participating. Hopefully if all goes well we’ll start around 5:30 -6 and
have our family come over and do the hot dogs and hamburgers.. you can count
us in for the longest bbq..
great idea
caterina Vaduva (Edmonton Alberta)

My name is Mary Sweeney and on Sat. Aug 2 between 6 & 6:30pm our family will be getting together to have a BBQ. There will be myself and husband, four sisters and one brother and 2 other spouses there and some of our children and grandchildren. This takes place in Fall River just outside the city of Halifax, NS. We anticipate about 30 people

Hello, we will be having a BBQ with approximately 10 people, all having nice juicy 100% Alberta beef steaks! Cooked over an open fire in the great outdoors.

Sandra Belanger
Red Deer AB

Subject: BBQ Plans Eh.
My family and I will be participating in the longest barbeque and will be
celebrating not only being Canadian, but also BC day long weekend.
We will be grilling some most excellent Alberta beef marinated in a pure
Canadian beer-based marinade. Our vegetable will be Canadian-grown
Chilliwack peaches and cream corn and Canadian-grown Fraser Valley baby
potatoes. For dessert, Okanagan watermelon of course! We will wash it all down with some glacier-fresh, ice-cold, BC-made Kokanee beer (the kids will have
Granville Island Soda). Later, we will play a rousing game of Canadian Monopoly while listening to Canadian music artists. When it is all done, we will sleep it off in our Canadian-made pine beds in our house in Canada!
Lorne Smith
A Proud Canadian Beef Eater
Surrey, BC, Canada

We will be having some bbq steak and beer @ 6 p.m. pacific time for Canada / The Crowhurst’s

I will be having a bbq with 3 friends at a campsite on Lake Erie… props to Canadian beef, I’ve never swayed from it!!!
Robin Cottrell
Good Afternoon Anita!
As a citizen of Canada, I take great pride in letting ALL people know how wonderful our beef is. Coming from Alberta and being an Employee of Health Canada, It would be an honour for myself to be a part of this great endeavour!
Friday August 1, will be my 24th birthday and I cannot think of a better way to spend the time than taking part in this activity on Saturday.
My plans for this event are to have my closest friends and family attend the BBQ, which will be at my place. I am expecting each of them to bring some sort of plate that will compliment the Alberta beef I have already purchased. Once they have arrived and are in the midst of eating the dinner, I am going to explain exactly what is going on in regards to the longest BBQ in the world and how special each of them are for taking part in this historic event.
I just wanted you to know that this is a wonderful idea. Myself and the people around me support our producers as much as possible by continuing to purchase the beef without the fear of BSE.
Congratulation on organizing such an event and best of luck to you and your organization, you did an awesome job!!
Ryan Oltrop
We have a major family BBQ happening out in Abbotsford at the family ranch!
Dave Morrish, Burnaby, BC

My name is John
From Windsor, Ontario
I am definitely in!! I want to support Canadian beef
I am going to invite some friends over, and Join in on this
Hopefully the weather is good

I am having about 20 people over on Saturday for a b-b-q. Playing games like beer bottle(cans) darts, horseshoe the cans, and other fun games. We are a bunch of 30 – 60 year olds that are having fun and enjoying our CANADIAN BEEF we are all from Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are all proud of our Canadian Beef. We’ll even trow on a few extra pieces of meat for the dogs, at this price they will love the b-b-q as well. Hope this B-B-Q is all that it should be. Luck to all and best wishes.
Diane / City Wide Water Heater Service, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hello there great idea about the biggest barbeque. We will be heading out for a day at Padahawk Island on Lake Erie if the weather gets any better by Saturday. we will head back and enjoy some great steaks or burgers with Purely Canadian beef – no fear here!!! So we will crack open a great Canadian beer, light up a great Canadian made barbeque and cook up some great Canadian beef, sweet corn and vegetables in one of the greatest countries on earth. Cheers to the barbeque and to you for supporting something as great as our farmers and their live stock. Why not make it and annual thing and seee if we can get more on board next year.
Jennifer Coward
Inner Bay Marina
St Williams, Ontario — Lake Erie

Good afternoon:
This is to let you know that Heritage Acres, Pincher Creek, Alberta will be joining you to show support for the Beef Industry and help celebrate the World’s Longest Barbecue! Canada Day 2!. They are hosting their 16th Annual Show, celebrating Year of International Harvester on Aug 1, 2, 3, 2003.Heritage Acres mandate is to keep our farming history alive by understanding its past. During the weekends activities there are tractor pull competitions, field demonstrations, steam power operated sawmill demonstrations, quilt displays and Parade of Power which sees the evolution of farming from horsepower to steam power to diesel power.They will be joining you at 6:00 p.m. MDT and will be serving up BBQ Beef on a Bun with beans and salad.Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful idea to once again show our support for the Beef Industry.
Elaine Appleby, Manager
Pincher Creek & District / Chamber of Economic Development

Yes! Great idea. We are going to join the world’s longest BBQ. Though our
party will be small due to incoming guests for the weekend, we will
definitely BBQ Canadian Steak for dinner at 6:00!
I have also passed the article around to all of our friends.
I can’t begin to tell you how proud it makes me to be a Canadian.
Denise and David / Iris Manor Bed and Breakfast

There will be eight people at our party and we will be camping at Rouche Lake, just past Merritt, British Columbia.
Angel Utu

Hi, just wanted to let you know, I am joining in the big BBQ bounty!!. I
live in Calgary, Alberta and will be having about twenty people in my
backyard, on Saturday for this supportive event. Together we will save our
Industry!. Thank you for coming up with this idea!! May God bless you
always!!. Zaman Ali, Calgary.

Hi Anita,
We live in Bonnyville Alberta and are having 100% pure Alberta beef burgers
Saturday night in support of the Canadian beef industry.
Connie & Paul Gondziola

I would love to participate in the longest BBQ. I live in Vancouver and I
am having a birthday BBQ and watching the celebration of light fireworks.
Of course we will be serving Canadian Beef.
Yasmin Kanani

Our family (4 of us) will have BBQ with one other family (3 of them) at the proposed time. Of course , with beef.
Thanks and Regards
Harry Chan
Calgary, Alberta

Our family is going to be BBQ’uen on Sat. Aug. 2nd at 6:00 pm. while we are camping on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. There will be quite a few of us going, so I would imagine we will have a couple of BBQ’s fired up. We can’t wait to participate in the World’s Longest BBQ.
Thanks for the invite.
Shannon Publicover
Nova Scotia

Hello, My name is Mark Buan. As a Calgarian and Canadian, I want to thank you for a great idea! It’s time we Canadians stood up and told the world that we are not going to be bullied in this Beef BS anymore. We are going to be munching on world class Alberta beef on Saturday. Thanks again.

Blade steak with a lemon-basil-rosemary baste will be grilling in the D’Eon household at 6 o’clock on saturday! We try to support the cattle industry by buying a half of steer every year from a Nova Scotia farmer; plus numerous trips to our butcher! Lermon d’Eon

Anita, We’ll be grilling honey & garlic marinated Beef Steak Tips with potatoes and
corn in the husk. We’ll be inviting friends from down in the hot City of
Vancouver up to the cool North Shore for chilled wine and BBQed beef with
Gail Waddell
We are having several people over this Aug 2 2003 for a good Alberta Steak BBQ we would like to be part of the Worlds Longest BBQ at 6pm hear the sizzle from Edmonton AB Karen Bowler
Hi Anita
My friends and I are intending to have a beautiful bar-b-q on our new stainless BBQ this weekend. I purchased some blade steaks from Bayfield (Ontario) Foodland (the butcher there is really good) he put them on sale for $1.68 a pound to help the farmers and can’t keep up with the demand! Anyhow I was going to marinate these for the weekend but low and behold they got eaten last night. I never knew they were such a tender cut of beef. I was going to purchase strip loins but I can’t afford them because of the new BBQ! Still paying for it. So I will have to resort back to the usual weekly roast on the spit marinated in balsamic vinegar and spices and let me tell you is it yummy. Happy long weekend and happier eating Jen Ure PS I think our beverages will be cracked long before 6pm though!

We will for sure be BBQing Saturday at 6! There are 11 of us who will be frying up steaks on the grill while we are camping this weekend! It doesn’t get any better than good steak, good friends and the great outdoors!
Hope it helps!
Lisa Crosbie
Calgary, AB

We are not planning anything big as I have to work most of the weekend.
Therefore, it will likely just be the three of us and some home grown beef
from my sisters farm.
Lisa Clement
Russell, MB

Out in Langley, BC — Myself and 25 of my closest friends will be BBQ’ing and
partying all night!!! M Mcorrigal

After enjoying 2 weeks of BBQs at the cottage outside of Ottawa I am now
back in Vancouver running my business.
Until I saw the article “The World’s Longest BBQ” I thought I had done
my share of cooking (at least for a few weeks). However, I will now be
inviting a few friends over for some T-bones on the barbie before going
off the watch the incredible fireworks display down the street.
I applaud every effort being made to support the beef industry in
Canada! Cheers.
Sincerely, John G. Stone

Just wanted to sign up for the BBQ. We have relatives coming in from out of town and will have an all-beef smokies BBQ on Saturday. In case you are keeping a head count that is 4 adults, 3 dogs! Jody Rempel, Saskatchewan

We are hosting a BBQ for about 30 of our friends on Saturday.
We will be having a 20lb Roast of pure Alberta Beef, and Pure Alberta Beef Burgers!
It is going to be a wild time!
I hope everyone in Canada helps support our Beef industry in this event!
Linda Wilbur
Calgary Alberta
Well be BBQing in Canora, SK on Saturday too.
Hurray for Canadian Beef! Curt Nordin, Canora Credit Union

Just wanted to let you know about our plans for a beef bbq on Saturday, August 2, at 6 pm.
We have invited as many friends as we could get hold of for our Special All-Night Barbeque to be held at our log cabin on Lac Desormeaux in the Outaouais area in Quebec, across the river from Ottawa where we live.
I am not aware of any Guinness Book records, but this All-Nighter could well set a new record in terms of the duration of a BBQ and the amount of Canadian beef consumed in one night.
Stay tuned, and happy BBQ !!
Jaap Schouten

hi my name is James Castilloux on Saturday,aug 2 we are having a family get-together and were having steaks and beef kabobs.Burlington ont Just to let you know when that mad cow disease was going on I still was buying and eating beef.

In response to an article I read regarding the world’s longest BBQ, we will
be participating in Vancouver, BC! I am originally from Alberta and fully
support the beef industry in this country. It is nice to see other people
with the same support especially in this troubled time.
Hello Anita! My name is Don Mills and I live in Port Alberni, B.C. on Vancouver Island. I saw the ad for the great Cdn BBQ on MSN home page and thought I would drop you a note. Yes we will be joining in the festivities on Aug 2, 2003. At approximately 6:00 pm PST time. My significant other Jen said that was a good idea. We haven’t picked up any beef, to do yet but suffice to say we will. I must say that the weather out here is great for year round Bbq’ing, this from a guy that lived in Winnipeg until a few years ago. Anyways, if there is anything else you need to know feel free to send me an email and let me know. Till we chat again, it is great to be a Canadian and long live the Bbq.
Take care and have a great day! Don Mills
Hi Anita, I just received the information about the World’s Longest BBQ. On
behalf of the New Generation Broadcasting Radio, a division of FM102.7
CFRO Vancouver Co-op Radio Station, I would like to let you know that we
are planning to have our BBQ party on August 2 @ 6:00pm in Richmond.
Please let us know if there are any interesting ideas. Furthermore, we
are going to promote this event on air at around 3:00pm @ FM102.7 in
Vancouver, B.C.
Regards, Jackie Lee, B.Eng. (Hons), student of Executive MBA program
Senior Account Executive – LCF Advanced Technology Ltd. (an ISO9002
Computer Hardware Company)
Chief Executive Officer – New Generation Broadcasting Radio (a division
of CFRO Vancouver Co-op Radio Station)

We will be at a slow pitch tournament this weekend but plan to be a part of
the big BBQ along with the rest of our team. We raise beef cattle in B.C.
and want to do anything we can to promote our industry.
Heather O’Brien
Salmon Arm, B.C.

From Don and Linda MacDonald and family BBQ
Ninette, Manitoba:
My father is a livestock order buyer so beef is a daily meal for us and we realize all too well the effects the borders being closed is having on the cattle industry. In support of all involved in the cattle industry we are going to participate in the “World’s Longest BBQ” on Saturday at 6:00 p.m.. Our immediate family which consists of 13(parents, children, and grandchildren) will attend the BBQ at my mother and father’s home.
We will be having barbequed roast, marinated steaks and hamburgers as well as salads and vegetables.
Hope everyone realizes the need for the support as it is definitely needed–great idea! Hopefully the government realizes that the beef industry needs a boost like the boost provided to the city of Toronto last night.
We will be Bar-B-Queing at Cosy Cove at Sturgeon Lake at Grande Prairie ,Alberta On August 2,2003. There will be 12 of us!
Colin O’Reilly

Good idea.
Just to let you know that we will participate on Sat. 2 Aug. We will probably be only 4 people, but We think that every
barbeque counts.
Gladys MacIntyre and Armand Gaudet
Cardigan P.E.I Canada.

We will be at Fawcett Lake, Alberta on Saturday, August 2, 2003 and will be barbecuing steaks for supper. Roman Kuzbik

Anita darling!
I’m so glad you are organizing this huge BBQ in support of the beef industry in Canada!! I WILL be BBQing with my friends at Sue’s house Saturday August 2. In fact, there will likely be at least a dozen people at Sue’s doing the exact same thing 
I’ll be thinking of you as we open with frozen Margueritas and then move on to Corona’s, Brava’s and then our succulent 1.2 Kg Porterhouse steaks…yes, they are a tradition!! 
Cheers, hope you get a huge following and high participation. I know I will doing my best to prove MAD COW disease is strictly something done overseas!! Our cows are quite sane I believe!! Yo Alberta beef!! 
Rob Pravato
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada! Land of the TRULY brave!!

We at Willow Manor would like to participate in supporting our Canadian beef industry. We have some former guests who immigrated from Scotland 2 years ago who have just twin babies. So we will celebrate this occasion with them
using of course some Canadian beef. Please include us on your list. thank
you. Donna Cooper & Jean Hill (owners of Willow Manor)

Dear Anita,
We are having a family reunion in Macoun, Saskatchewan. The “Kulach”
Family is expecting to feed about 30 people. We are going to barbecue
4 large roasts as well as hamburgers for the kids. The town is also
having a Pit Beef Barbecue and will feed over 800 to 1000 people.
Everyone needs to support our beef industry.
Lois Kulach

Just want to support our yummy cows with some burgers for the kids.
Jennifer Lindsey
Kingston, ON

Hello Anita!
I’m constructing my infamous(amongst my friends) 1 lbs. Burgers. I’m also going to be stuffing these sensationally seasoned burgers with fried mushrooms and feta cheese. Of coarse whole french bread loaves for buns and a mountain of salads and pretty much anything that’s synonymous with BBQ. 15 or so persons will be attending. There will be ping-pong, foosball and a pool table set up in case anyone wishes to wander away from stimulating conversation as well as a hot tub for later on in the evening.(or early morning if everyone can power through) It should be a blast!
I hope that you have a Great Time with yours!
Wishing Today Was Tomorrow, John Thauberger, Regina, SK>

Our family will be joining the world’s longest barbeque. We will be enjoying ground beef hamburgers and sirloin tip steak. (Canadian, of course!)
Bill Rafuse
Trenton, NS

I’m writing to tell you our beef plans for August 2nd. We will be at the lake, and are going to bbq top sirloin steaks at 6:00 p.m. MST. We’ll also be eating beef on August 3rd. We’re putting a cheap cut of roast in the crock pot to cook all day. On the 1st we will be bbqing hamburgers.
Sandy Burry
Legal, Alberta

hey anita from Galahad Alta on aug 2 we will be bbqing Alberta beef and drinking Canadian beer with our neighbours HAVE FUN. B&T Roby

From Cheralee…

You bet! I will be sparking up the ‘ol Bar-B. Probably some nice juicy ALBERTA steaks.
We will be camping for the week in the Drumheller area, just to get away from the hustle and bustle of Calgary. The beef will be going down almost every night I’M SURE!
Took part in the Concert event as well. Great turn out at the Saddledome.



Subject: did you say barbecue?
Hi Anita,
I was planning to fire up the barbecue this Saturday and then I saw your
story headline on, so here I am. I had made some wonderful caribou
tonight and decided it was time to get some nice steaks and treat my parents
this weekend and break in the new picnic table on the patio. We live way up
in northern Quebec, in a town called Chisasibi. It’s on the east coast of
James Bay, so it might not make the World’s Longest Barbecue any longer but
maybe a little higher somewhere around the middle, like a hand stretched out
in friendship. 🙂 It’s a great idea. I hope you get a lot of response!
Good luck,
Alice Rondeau

We’ll be joining in on the BBQ on Star Lake, just north of Lake Rosseau, in Muskoka. We live up here and BBQ all year round.
My best, Michael

It’s just me here. But I’ll be pleased to participate. I’ll pass the word
along to my colleagues at Dalhousie.
Bernard Firanski

Count us in!
Saturday is our regular BBQ Steak night – we usually have a rib eye steak done to perfection by Peter. Connie brings up the sides of sautéed mushrooms, baked potato packets with fresh herbs from our garden and fresh seasonal Tomato & Cucumber Salad (with our own special dressing) YUM!
It’s our favourite meal of the week and we believe it equals the BEST steak houses in Canada!!!
Happy BBQ everyone and Eat Canadian Beef! (no we don’t work in the food or farm industry). We just love to cook.
Peter Collins & Connie Fowler

We’re barbequing steaks for a family get together on August 2 to celebrate a visit by my husband’s Mother from England. The entire family will be here and we’re proud to be serving Canadian beef. By the way, Grandma is almost 92. We’re in Oshawa, Ontario. Carol White

I was already planning a bbq with some friends before I found out about the “Biggest BBQ” on SO , i guess we’ll have to steaks and burgers instead of chicken. BBQ attendees will be Harald, Ryan, Liam, Katia, Sergie, Mat & myself.
This is a great idea,
Helena Kreutzberg
Toronto ON

Were going to bbq some steak in Cambridge ON
Iain Davidson

Dear Friend,
I will join you in your crusade for our meat. This August 02, 2003 at 18.00 hrs I will make a BBQ and I will invite some friend. But, Why just do it one day? I am from Argentina, where the meat is our principal dish in any house. Therefore, I will meet you Aug 02, 03, 04, 05,…………
Keep the good work!!!!!!!
Jorge V.
Toronto, Canada

on aug 2 at 6 o’clock my husband and i will be having a barbecue.i bought 6 big rig rib steaks today. of course we will be eating only 2 steaks. when my son and his wife come with my two grandchildren we will have a lot of barbecues.i hope everyone has a great barbecue on aug wishes from Quebec. joy kitching (joy of cooking)

Hi, thanks for the invite. We will be there, all my brothers and sisters from Sask. & Alberta are queing up something, don’t know yet at our home in Medicine Hat, Alberta. We are fortunate to be living in a pure ranching area such as the Hat. So for all my friends in the cattle business, this beef’s for you.
Randy and Lorraine Stotz

Hi There
I’ll be attending a BBQ of about 30 people to be held in Brossard, Quebec, Canada on Saturday August 2nd……
Let the fun begin!

Plan on joining in the BBQ session to support Canada. Being a displaced
Canadian from the Ottawa Valley area working in Albany New York, I will throw some steaks on the BBQ at 6:00 P.M. call our son Scott in Cornwall
Ontario and ourfamily will make a toast to the World’s Longest BBQ.
The Dellaire Family – Bill,Sharon,Scott, Dale

Our BBQ plans will include myself, my son and a mutt
we are babysitting for the week. We’ll all enjoy the
beef – especially the canine! If I’m lucky my chef son
will come up with some great marinade or sauce for the
meat. Looking forward to being part of the record!
Cheers from Calgary!
Dan, Trevor and ‘Molly’ Hoch

Going to have a great time Saturday enjoying BBQ ribs at Rib fest in London,Ontario!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, they have beef ribs as well. Fun Fact: Just ordered a 1/2 a cow and going to share with a friend!! Love Canadian Beef. Had an awesome T-bone steak last weekend from Denview meats in Mt.Elgin,Ontario! ( Hence the 1/4 cow) Have absolutely NO problem with Canadian Beef. ( I heard the” mad cow” actually came from somewhere else….. not truly a Canadian cow) Good Luck to all beef farmers!!!!
Nikki Van Den Brock

My name is Greg Lochli. I hail from Calgary, Alberta Canada. Just to let you know, my brother (Mark), roommate (Shamir) and myself are going to our cabin in Fairmont B.C. this August Long Weekend and we plan on having a huge barbeque every night. We have a bunch of friends coming up with us as well. We would feel honoured to be included in the World’s Longest Barbeque. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to ask.
Thank you very much.
Sincerely, Greg Lochli and Friends

Dear Ms. Stewart,
Greetings from Tokyo. Originally hailing from Lethbridge, let point out
that one of the often neglected victim groups in Japanese-led beef blockade
are Canadian expats trapped behind enemy lines, forced to watch their stock
of fine Alberta beef steadily dwindle as the rainy season here ends and BBQ
season really kicks off. My last stash is (luckily) frozen sirloin cuts
from the slowly evaporating stockpile at our local Costco.
As for the World’s Longest BBQ, since I have about a 12 hour head start on
even the earliest Maritimers, I’m hoping to be first to press flesh to the
grill. I attached a picture of said grill, built into my Japanese garden,
along with a shot showing my international marketing efforts for Alberta
livestock producers. The grill menu for this weekend is going with sirloin
carpetbaggers stuffed with crab/shrimp mixed with hollandaise and Swiss
cheese, and Great Plains Tsukune.
Great Plains Tsukune is a spicy variation on a Japanese Yakitori-type
favourite (tsukune) consisting of ground spiced pork moulded around a skewer
and grilled over charcoal. Great Plains changes the rules a bit. All
measurements are relative and left up to the chef.
Start with between 1/2 and 1 kilo of lean ground Canadian beef. Combine in:
1) an egg,
2) a bit of ginger,
3) a good helping of garlic,
4) Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix
5) 1 to 2 cups of finely chopped Kimchee (spicy pickled Korean cabbage,
available at most Asian markets)
6) salt and pepper to taste.
Cover and let that sit for about an hour. Separately prepare 2~3 30 cm
cheese skewers. It’s best to use thin metal skewers if possible, slicing
lengths of 1.5 X 1.5cm cheese rectangles to be impaled along the length of
the skewers, leaving a reasonable space from the handle. A softer cheese is
best, for me jalapeno jack or mozzarella work great.
You now need to evenly cover the cheese core with the beef mixture. I find
it best to lay down a sheet of saran wrap and flatten out a layer of ground
beef just a bit longer than the length of the cheese on the skewer. It’s
then easy to just lay the cheese on top and mould up the sides, making sure
there are no gaps.
These babies grill best over a medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes, until the
beef is cooked through thoroughly. After the skewer is taken out, they can
be cut into sections and served with a lime salsa dip, or, if you share my
borderline clinical love-ate relationship with cheese, a blue cheese dip
also goes really well. Enjoy!
Wake up well on Saturday morning, knowing that on the other side of the
globe there is a group of patriots suffering under the unreasonable yoke of
an oppressive regime, but doing their best to stay coated in the smoky,
beer-tinged smell of Canadian solidarity.
Best regards,
Mark Schikowsky

We BBQ beef every weekend and sometimes through the week.Anywhere from roasts to hamburgers never a problem. CANADIAN BEEF RULES
Bill Avery Keswick Ont.

hey anita,
The food scientists are on a little road trip for the long weekend, off to have a riverbank lunch and roast some beef kebab and koobideh over a campfire out at rapides-des-joachims, quebec. my boy and i, along with all the other persian pashmaloos have a great fondness for all things cooked on a stick, and often wax poetic about our globe trotting meat on a stick adventures. we will create some more meat on a stick memories this weekend. i believe our menu will focus on the riverside campfire grilled beef kebab and koobideh, served up on lavash or barbari, along with crisp thinly sliced red onion, and a dash of sumac. throw in some fire roasted corn that we plan to find in a road side stand along our route, some salad shirazi with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, and vast quantities of melon. to drink, my recommendation would be either persian chai, or perhaps some unibrou maudite, both served after dinner to complete the relaxed dinner. Peace, Amy Proulx

Hello Anita, we are having an eight family Barbecue on Saturday August 2nd
at Travers Dam, Alberta. There will be steaks and burgers on the grille for
the 25+ people attending. Michael Wood, Red Deer Alberta

Count me in on Saturday at 6. I am temporarily working in Iowa, have been for the last 2 years, but I have always been (and will always be) from Saskatchewan. And believe me, everyone here knows it. I can’t get a Canadian steak here so my Iowa one will have to be symbolic (Canadian Steak Spice will save the day again). But in 6 months when I get back home, you can bet I’ll make up for it. Good luck Canadian ranchers, we’re behind you all the way. Keep up the great work and hang in there. From Canada comes the best food in the world; the wheat my family used to grow and the cattle you raise now.

PS: At least I can get imported Molson Canadian and Labatt Blue here. To my “stash” of President’s Choice Extra Spicy Clamato Juice: LOOK OUT. Nothing goes better with a steak.

Bryan Madsen
Waterloo, Iowa
(Conquest, Saskatchewan)

Leo and Julie are joining in the bbq on Aug.2nd at or around 6.p.m. This will take place in the R.M. of Swan River near the village of Benito, Manitoba

I will be having a beef BBQ on my deck in Halifax Nova Scotia, Sat. the 2nd of
Canada has the best beef and time to show the world what we are all about.
Regards, Mary

We will for sure be BBQing Saturday at 6! There are 11 of us who will be frying up steaks on the grill while we are camping this weekend! It doesn’t get any better than good steak, good friends and the great outdoors!
Hope it helps!
Lisa Crosbie
Calgary, AB

We are having a family get together & BBQ. There will be 13 people
participating in the event.
Barb & George Deviat / Morell PEI

Hi there!
You can count the Speers family of Surrey B.C. to participate in “The World’s Longest Barbecue” on Aug 2 at 6pm. We will be in Tulameen, BC camping with a large group of friends, and we will be enjoying some delicious Canadian marinated steak! Canadian Beef… Mmmm Mmmm Good! Lorraine Speers
Our family and many friends will be gathering together on sat for one huge barbeque at our home Dawson Creek . We will all do what we can to support the beef industry in our lovely home of Canada . Hope lots of people get out and cook up a storm!!!! trish sheppard

Just wanted to let you know that I have invited all our staff at Martin House-aka Allendale (a Long term care facility) to bring Canadian beef to BBQ on Sat. Aug. 2/03 at 6pm. Our supper breaks start at that time.
We are Region of Halton employees-HCAs,RPNs and RNs. What a great idea! My daughter and her husband live in Edmonton. They are in the Armed Forces and based there.
From me to you – Di !!!

I will be joining my family at our cottage in Markdale Ontario on Saturday
where we plan on marinating and bbqing steaks at 6pm.
What a wonderful idea!! I’ve emailed all my friends telling them to join in!
Enjoy your bbq!
Hi Anita
Count us in!!! The 17th Annual Gulleyfest is being held this weekend in Collingwood…it is a combination family reunion/music festival and is attended by upwards of 2,000 people over the course of the weekend. There will be barbeques lighting up all over the fairgrounds all weekend, but in our particular corner, we will be bbq’ing a roast of beef to feed 40 people on Saturday night @ 6.
Marilyn Gonneau

We will join the worlds longest bbq from Sauble Beach with 6 of our friends.

Tiffany Johnson-Sheldon, a staff person with 4-H and husband Craig and their
2 kids hosting a BBQ and a evening campfire with friends at their home in
Tiffany Johnson-Sheldon
Manitoba Agriculture and Food

a group of about 20 in our rural area is getting together for a BBQ on Aug 2 at 6pm. We are cooking chile (with beef) on the BBQ. Rolls will be heated on the BBQ as well.
Jan Mowbray
north rural Milton, Ont.

From Saskatchewan:
I will be joining the barbecue, but will not be participating until Sunday Aug 3rd. My menu includes marinated blade steak. It is yummy as long as it is not over cooked!!!
Denys & Linda Tourigny

Hi … GREAT IDEA … we will join in by having out of town guests to Peachland B.C., enjoy marinated sirloin steaks on our deck with a view of Okanagan Lake to die for. Carry on mate!! Sue MacKenzie

My husband and I are hosting a family bar-b-q at our cottage on Saturday, August 2nd. There will be plenty of hamburgers, steak, etc. with all the trimmings. When we sit down to dinner we will toast the farmers and cattle ranchers for the great Canadian beef we will be eating.
Priscilla Hogue
Manitoba Agriculture and Food
Administrative & Accounting Services
Winnipeg MB

Anita: I read the notice on the FoodTV website about the longest barbecue
in support of the beef industry.
We are holding our annual get together on Saturday August 2nd for
approximately 85 family and friends, and beef is one of the featured
barbecue selections. We are staunch beef eaters, and as mentioned in the
article, we use a quantity of “minor” cuts, there are no lesser cuts of
beef. We find them more flavourful and adaptable to variations of
preparation, presentation, and sauces.
Also, August 24th, our church, Elgin United Church, hosts our 9th annual
community barbecue, serving both beef and pork. 300 plus guests enjoy some
150 lbs of beef and 125 lbs of pork, with all the trimmings. All for fun and
a good cause.
Sharon and Clinton Halladay / Elgin, Ontario

Hello, my name is Norm Boyes and I work for a company in northern Saskatchewan. The company is called Points North Air and we employ somewhere around 30 people. We also have guests that stay here (some are Americans) over night waiting for there flyout to go fishing somewhere in the north. Anyway, every Saturday we have a barbeque. Normally we will cook 30 to 40 steaks and once I remember cooking 100+. We also have baked potatoes, garlic toast, fried mushrooms, shrimp, onion rings, various salads and many desserts to choose from. We love our beef up here and we have been doing this every Saturday for 14 years and continue to do so. We are proud of our beef and if no one else wants it send it to me.
Take care and happy barbequing
Norm Boyes

My husband Neil Stevenson and I will be BBQing beef at the Stevenson family
cottage in Clearwater Bay, Ontario. Looking forward to a great weekend!
Ingrid Kristjanson, P.Ag, CCA
Agricultural Representative
Manitoba Agriculture and Food

i saw the notice on the site after exiting hotmail and wanted to
let you know that i and about six of my friends will be bbq’ing at the
cottage in Rondeau provincial park this weekend. the “world’s longest bbq”
is a great idea – a great excuse to get together with friends on the long
weekend. thanks for your time.
martin van haren

Hi Anita ! We’ll be joining in with our son Kirk and his family – firing up
the “Q” – dockside – grilling steaks, hamburgers and beef dogs – of
course dressed up with the families ‘secret’ sauce and seasonings – All
happening at the cottage this Regatta weekend – Macara Lake – Ingolf ,
Lasby Lowes , Manager – International Trade Section
Manitoba Agriculture and Food

I’ll have a barbeque in Vanier, Ont. Canada flags are still up from Canada day ‘n I’ll invite all the neighbours :). Probably T-bones, I have quite a fancy for them …. Jeff Wendt

We just wanted to let you know that we look forward to participating in the World’s Longest Barbecue tomorrow. Our plans are to BBQ some thick rib steaks over charcoal, steam some fresh veggies straight from our gardens, enjoy a lovely bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (Canadian brand, of course!), and if we have room, something chocolate for dessert!
All of this will take place at our cottage on the beautiful Bellisle Bay in southern New Brunswick. Cheers to all Canadians taking part and thanks to all the producers who work so hard to provide us with a SUPERIOR product! Have a great holiday weekend!
Mike and Michelle Brenton
Hampton, New Brunswick

Briefly, our plans are simple:
Location: Silver Beach, on Pigeon Lake, Alberta
Home made salsa and chips – salsa recipe from a restaurant in “San Jose del Cabo”, it’s fantastic
Margaritas, beer, and other cold beverages – it’s hot out here right now
Most important – Canadian Beef Hamburgers – all our guests can eat!
More beverages…we’re CANADIAN EH!
Good luck with this event, we hope your “World’s Longest Bar B Que” is a great success!
Connie and Dave Bunnin

Hi Anita,
We live on a dairy farm just outside of Elmira and we have our nieces
visiting us today. We are having a barbecue tonight because we love
Canadian beef.
Thanks for all you’re doing to show support for the beef industry.
Darcy and Lorna Weber
Hilary and Lauren Burns

Hello Anita!
Just to let you know, my husband Dion and I are going out to buy a propane tank today to christen our brand new bar-b-que. When I found out about your plan this morning, of uniting everyone at 6pm to BBQ together in support of Canadian beef, I thought it was a great idea and I had to write you to let you know that we would be participating.
We live in Leduc, Alberta so this beef ban hits us very close to home. We do not work in the beef industry but we have friends who do and I think it’s wonderful that people from across Canada are uniting to try to help. Keep up the good work!
Dion and Lorna Lowe

Hi, sorry to be e-mailing you so late in the game. I was looking for some food ideas on and i came across your invitation to the longest BBq. I would love to join. Today on the grill will be some all Canadian flank steak folded in between two delicious Canadian buns as well as some hamburgers for the kiddletts. My name is Vicky and I live in Timmins, Ontario and I am proud to be supporting Grrrreat Canadian Beef…. Happy BBq’n —-Vicky, Timmins, Ont—-

Hi Anita,
Got your invitation through Dori Gingera-Beauchemin. We’ll be having marinated round steak for supper tonight along with garden fresh vegetables. I work for Manitoba Agriculture & Food on a casual basis and my brother is a cow calf operator.
We’ll also be purchasing a 1/2 of beef for the freezer this fall. Glad to support our Canadian beef farmers!
Judy Roeland / Manitoba

Great idea!
We will join the BBQ from the shores of Lake Erie near Port Dover with 5 or
6 people – John, Mitzie, Claire, Bill and Laurine. Having marinated flank
steak with whatever our imagination comes up with, martinis before and a
good red wine from our Opimiun stocked cellar.
John Robinson

Just wanted to sign in for todays BBQ. We will be doing
hamburgers at Six. Thanks
Lyle & Ann Gierulski
Coaldale, AB

Friends are coming up to our place in Elora and we have some strip loin for the Q done up in Ted Reader’s Bone Dust BBQ Spice, a couscous and dried cherry salad, fruit crisp and ice cream for dessert and with all of this some great Ontario wines.
To everyone – have a great Q!
Lynda Young
Elora, ON.

I just heard about this idea today. I love it! I am going to grill some steak fajitas. At this moment it is just myself involved, but I plan on inviting some friends over.
Stephen Maurizio

The Logans at Wheatcrest Farms are celebrating with a family gathering
at our farm on Lake McGregor. We will be serving hamburgers. M. Logan

From gorgeous Gore Bay on Manitoulin- we are firing up the BBQ and having strip loins.
Great idea and let’s hop for a super turnout!
Brian and Mary Bell

We’ll be doing our thing at Mont Ste-Marie, Lac Ste-Marie Quebec today. BBQ’d beef ribs…Georges Bourdeau

Dave Comber writes: Off to the local butchers in Chatsworth to get some fine beef for the bbq at 6. Good for you! Thanks for what you’re doing. Dc

On August 2 ….from The People’s Republic of China :
OK, we just completed the first of Canada’s Longest BBQ !!!!! Representatives from Canada Embassy, Australian Embassy served the best beef from Alberta. Rob Hand organised a fantastic function and is send Pics on separate Email.
David Wong, Managing Director – Alberta China Office
Canadian Embassy, 19 Dongzhimenwai Daijie Chaoyang District, Beijing 100600

Hi Anita:
My husband and I are just having a small cozy rib steak bbq with toasted marshmallows to follow. We definitely will continue to support everyone in the Canadian beef industry. I am looking forward to trying some of the recipes from the website.
Sandi Lusk /Tecumseh, Ontario
Good morning
I am getting ready for work but am sending you a quick note to say that the BBQ is a wonderful idea. My husband will have 2 small steaks marinating and ready for when I get home. At six we will cook the steaks on the BBQ as well as fresh potatoes and veggies from the garden. I hope you have a wonderful response to this. Have a good day!
Lori (Stuart)
Hello! I wanted to join in all the fun and let you know that my husband I and I will gladly support the BBQ. We’ll be outside grilling steak and all the trimmings rain or shine. What a great idea!
Kim & Phil Pettipas
Oromocto, New Brunswick

What a great idea! Count my family in! My son and his wife and toddler are coming in tomorrow from Calgary, and we are going to barbecue a great big, Alberta beef roast!!
I have been a confirmed ‘Canadian’ buyer for years, and I agree that more of us need to ‘think Canadian, buy Canadian and eat Canadian’.
My Tillie hat has many Canadian and Alberta flag pins on it – – to say “I’m proud to be a Canadian”!
Many thanks for getting this ‘beef bash’ started!
Bonnie Becker in Medicine Hat, Alberta

Anita: What a great idea to promote Canadian Beef.
We are beef producers here in Southern Alberta and long before the BSE crisis hit I had slated this weekend for a barbecue and river float. Unfortunately, because I take our beef to the local farmers’ market on Sat. , I am usually not good for much more that day. Thus, our barbecue will be Sun. Aug. 3. There will be about 20 guests to enjoy burgers and shortribs and beer. With the hot weather, some of the guests plan to float down the Highwood River starting at my mother-in-law’s place and getting out here at our place. This takes about and hour and it is a great way to enjoy our lovely little river. It will be a fun filled day what with river floating , beef and beer.
Thanks, for you’re good works!
Jacqueline Nelson
Highwood Valley Ranch.
P.S. Sat. will probably be a family barbecue.

hi anita,
we are just having our children and grand
children for bbq as they are just coming home from their holidays,
for our bbq we are having strip steaks,potato salad and corn on the cob
and a yummy dessert,
take care and happy bbqing
jack&loyce rheaume of winnipeg

From Leon Cole in Hubbards, Nova Scotia
We are cooking blue cheese burgers (Canadian beef, of course) on Sat Aug 2 at 6. Our vegetarian nephew prompted us to join up for the bbq

Just letting you know we of St George St, Toronto will be having some
super Canadian beef tomorrow night!
Eileen (Arandiga)
Just wanted to let you know that I WILL be participating in the World’s Longest Barbecue. As hubby will be working, I will be alone; however, I shall make a point of grilling a nice steak, CANADIAN steak, on the BBQ!
Happy BBQ-ing! N. Ahrens, Kitchener, Ontario
I had to tell you our recipe for Beef Barbecue on 2nd of August, tomorrow!?
We will cook Beef shish kebab with Japanese sauce
* Japanese sauce is like a teriyaki, but we will make from scratch.
Soy sauce, Sake, Brown sugar, Katuobushi, Sesame Oil, Grained sesame seed, Garlic and Ginger. Ummm, I don’t know how much each. We will see tomorrow.
Kaori and Mark Stewart, Quadra Island, B.C.

Becci writes: Hey we are having a family Bar-Be-Que out here in Prince Rupert!!!!! Go Canadian Beef!!! Hey, have you any free steaks!!!!

We will be barbecuing (beef) Aug 2 at 6PM at Pine Lake Alberta where we are seasonal campers. Most of our neighbours will be bbq’ing as well. We get
together every weekend throughout the summer and the standard fare is beef – in fact we have never slowed down on the use of beef. Philippa Brysiuk

Hi Anita
Myself and 14 friends will be gathering tomorrow Aug 2 as our participation in the Largest Beef BBQ.
Great Idea!!
Paul Nairn
Dublin ON

From The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, PR Director Joanne Papineau writes:
Hi Anita,
I am also having company at the cottage tomorrow, so count me in, I will serve Canadian beef with pleasure to family & friends.
Cheers, Joanne

Yes I will have a barbecue and invite friends over. I was thinking of making
beef fajita’s. I will use flank steak, marinated. It is good to cook fast to
almost char outside and then slice crosswise with the grain. My personal
opinion is that consumers need to have information about “quick” and easy
recipes to meet the needs of the ever increasing fast pace that most get
themselves into.
Anyway, my family are definitely beef eaters although I think I will try and
promote beef with the fahita idea as opposed to either steak or hamburgers.
Good deal, take care.
Brent Erlendson
Land Representative – Dist# 44
Manitoba Agriculture and Food
Crown Lands Branch
Swan River, MB

From the Elora General Store: Loved your interview on CBC today. Great pitch…. Rhoda and I started the week by barbequing Canadian beef and hopefully will end it likewise…got a new BBQ on Monday. Ciao, and keep up the good work Benny

Brian and Kristen Vanderstelt invited their friends to their home in Barrie: Hey everyone, I know it’s last minute but for all you people not having plans this weekend why don’t you join us for a bar-b-que on Saturday @ 6pm. Apparently we will be joining in on The World’s Longest Barbecue. It’s an excuse for everyone to get together and relax and have a beverage or two and enjoy the holiday. We’ll have burgers and hotdogs and chili. If you have a craving for steak, bring it and we’ll throw it on the bbq. I hope you can all make it, if not I know you’re enjoying the weekend at the cottage. Remember, its B.Y.O.B.N.S.

From South Huron, Sandi Strang wrote:
What a great idea! Lets do this every weekend. At our house every Saturday night is “Steak Night” and I have already stocked up on beef – there is enough to invite the kids for dinner. I really think we need to have some kind of an ongoing BBQ to show support for our Canadian farmers, of which we are one of the herd. I believe Canadians really do want to stand behind their industry! Congratulations for taking this project on and for sending out all those BBQ ideas. Keep in touch.

Audrey and Jean Sarrazin joined in: In Vankleek Hill we will be hosting a beef bbq on Saturday at the Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market as our link in the World’s Longest Beef BBQ and, in partnership with the Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society and the Prescott Cattlemans’Association, are selling vouchers for Canadian Ground Beef and giving away a Free Hamburger with every purchase
From WESTJET!!!!
I just wanted to add us to the list! At our Head Office in Calgary, I’ve got about 10 of us in for a beef bbq for August 2nd, in support of our Canadian Beef! We are all members of the Customer Care Department.
We’re planning on doing a bit of a potluck, and bbq’ing up some burgers and steaks on our lunchroom rooftop patio.
As well, a member of our department, Nancy McCallum will be attending a bbq in Red Deer, AB. They will be barbequing beef too! There will be 12 people attending.
Great work at promoting this event! I’d be interested in finding out how many participated!
Thanks! Best Regards,
Jen G / Customer Care Department / WestJet
More Manitobans – Gordon and Donna Pearon wrote: We are very pleased to be part of this BIG BarBQ. We will have having some great home grown beef from our daughter and son-in-laws farm. We KNOW that Canadian beef is the best!!! Cheers to everyone!! D & G

You can count my wife, Linda, and me in as participants in the world’s
longest barbecue. We live in Sault Ste. Marie, ON and look forward to
smelling the aroma that should waft across this great land tomorrow
I wonder if satellites will be able to pick up on the heat trail!
Thanks for the inspiration! Eric Astley

We will be joining in … however we will have to start an hour earlier since I have to leave for work just before six … the steaks are in the fridge & the tanks are full … best of luck to all …
Dave Farnell
London, Ontario

Hello Anita
Read the bit in the Mercury by Owen Roberts, and thought you would like to
know that our family is attending a MacLennan Reunion in Dorset, Ontario ( a
biennial affair). There is a good sized crowd of about 150 people, and an
outdoor potluck dinner is served. Our contribution will be an 8 1/2 pound
rump roast, in keeping with The World’s Longest Barbeque. Other reunion
favourites using beef are meatballs, shepherds pie, meat pies, and cold
sliced deli beef, and lasagne. Thanks for the excuse for a Party. Bon
Melanie & Andy McLennan and family
London House Bed & Breakfast
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

My husband and I will be participating on the 2nd at 6:00 p.m. at our home
in Sooke (Vancouver Island) B.C.
Looking forward to it!
Stella Black

…..thanx for the info..We’ll have Canadian beef on the barbecue Sat. nite.

Dr. & Elizabeth Carver
Stittsville, ON

HI Anita. My daughter ‘n I will be firing up our barbeque on the balmy west
coast on Saturday in support of Canada’s beef industry.
Nancy South, Victoria, British Columbia

Thanks for the help for all of us who need a little encouragement to get involved.
Our local IGA had a Canadian Beef Sale and I bought $250. worth of prime western beef and we will have a great BBQ on Saturday.
Could I add to your idea?
Lets see ,if 1,000,000 Canadians invited 1,000,000 Americans, who each ate 1 lb. ……., thats more Canadian beef than they would have eaten if the border had been open.
I love Alberta beef!
See you on the web, Art Atkinson, Medicine Hat, Alberta

hi Anita!

My family of 4 will be joining in the event, grilling what we call “Korean Beef”. We marinate inexpensive blade roast, cut into strips on the bias, in a combination of far too much garlic (about 12 cloves) soy sauce, water, olive oil, chili oil, green onion – and sesame oil and toasted seeds, added just before grilling quickly over high heat. Served with sushi style rice salad with wasabi dressing..and assorted grilled veggies.
We think this BBQ is a great idea! 🙂
Pamela Mason
The Ells Family of Edmonton

Hi Anita.
…turns out we are having a big BBQ in Brantford for about 15 family members
tomorrow. Menu will be decided by what looks good at the market tomorrow
morning…. but you can bet it will be Canadian Beef
Tracy Inkster
(on behalf of the Suerich family)

Just wanted to let you know that my family is getting
together on Aug.2 in Northern Ontario for our reunion
bar-b-q. There’s over 100 of us, so that’s a lot of
steak & homemade beef burgers. And as usual only
Canadian beef makes it to our grill, and on to our
table. Have a great day.

Ladi Mackinnon

From the Reilkoffs:
…. we’re going to get some Canadian beef, some (non) Canadian beer and hang out on the balcony watching the Edmontonian downtown (not) come to life. Okay, so we aren’t exciting people, but Canada is a great place to live.

We have just purchased the most fabulous looking straight-from-Alberta and Canadian-grown prime rib roast you have ever seen.

On August 2 we are inviting 6 of our closest friends to visit us at our cottage at Christina Lake, BC where they will enjoy the warmest fresh water lake in western Canada. During the afternoon we will have many swims in the lake, good conversation and a few micro brewed beers.

The roast will be stuffed with the famous Grand Forks Garlic and will be covered by home made Garlic/basil infused olive oil and then lightly covered with a garlic/pepper, dried onion and home grown herb mixture. Before cooking the roast will be allowed an afternoon to “soak” up the flavours.

After roasting on the BBQ for approximately 1 1/4 hours and resting for another 1/2 hour our guests will expierence the wonders of Canadian Beef. VQA wine and local vegetables will complete our home grown meal.
Laurie & Lauran Pettijohn
Trail, BC

(ED NOTE: Congrats on a really great Canadian menu!)

Kate, Mike, Kathleen and Andrew from Kitchener and Joanne from Vancouver
will happily be slapping some Canadian beef on the Q Saturday night….
All the best,
Kate Holt, Communications, Theatre & Company

Hi Anita,
Just to let you know that myself and five other
firends were planning on BBQ’ing this Sat at 6 pm in
Calgary (T2R 0X8). With the exception of the lone
vegetarian we will all be havving Canadian (alberta)
beef from a local butcher shop.
I hope this is the information that you were looking
Brent Murphy

Hi there friend,
So happy to see your initiative – and I just wanted to let you know
that I’ll be doing my part in my backyard. Understand that
you will be in beautiful New Brunswick, so I will crack open my bottle
of wine at 5 Guelph time and toast the wonderful Anita.
Hope the day is all you hope for and more,

I just heard you on CBC noon show about the World’s Longest Barbecue. What do I plan to do… it will be a small party with my fiancée and future in-laws who are in town visiting. So add 4 or maybe 6 (cat not included) to your numbers participating. We will check out some of the beef recipes on the web page and select our beef Saturday and will light up the grill at 6:00.

I hope it goes well and expect to smell the air in Maple of sizzling beef tomorrow evening.

Bob Heaslip, Maple, Ontario

Dear Anita
I checked my email just this morning and think this bbq is a great idea. I have already got some friends rounded up for tomorrow and the potatoes salad is already made. Next stop is my local Garden Market to pick up my Canadian Beef to grill up tomorrow. Not to mention a couple of cubs of ground beef to make some meat sauces to keep handy in the freezer.

Proud to Support Canadian Beef Producers
Anna-Maria Colman / Winnipeg, Manitoba

From a gal who grew up with my sons:
Good morning Anita,
Mom told me about your effort to fire up BBQs across Canada/the World last
night when I spoke to her on the phone – what a great idea!!! And what a
surprise to hear you on the radio (Country 105 in Calgary) this morning!
Craig and I would definitely fire up our BBQ if we weren’t on the plane – I
promise, we will do it when we get back .
Kirsten (Knudstrup) Norris
Business Development Officer, Government Accounts
Bow Valley College, Rocky Mountain Plaza Campus, Calgary, Alberta

From others who were in cyber-space with no locations but lots of enthusiasm…,

Yes, we will gladly join in the beef BBQ on Aug 2 at 6pm.
We will serve a roast of marinated sirloin tip, large enough for about 10 people. Plus, of course, all the trimmings.
Hope this is a great success across Canada. We eat lots of beef, and our 5 adult children and their families do also.
Good Luck, Marlene and Bill Chase

We’ll be participating! Buying a side of beef directly from the farm and looking forward to filling the freezer!
the Youlton family

On August 2 we plan on barbecuing beef as usual. We have not cut down on the amount of beef we use in fact in honour of the farmers we are even eating more. I hope this barbecue goes great. Mary-Anne George, Justin and Jenny Smith. Thanks for the invitation to participate

Subject: wedding of 200 — need I say more! Artspace Coordinator

Hello Anita,
I think it’s wonderful what your doing. I would love to participate in the BBQ. I have plans for our menu to consist of Maui marinated beef short ribs to start followed by some mouth-watering Alberta grade AAA burgers with all the trimmings.
In our house we never slowed down with our beef intake. I feel confident in its safety and would serve it to my family and any other with confidence.
Thanks….. Sharlow Leonardo.

I’ll be serving up some beef from the grill on Saturday night for sure. Striploin steaks and hamburgers. We have not reduced our intake of beef since the mad cow scare and will not be eating less. Thank you. Rick Lapointe

Saw the announcement re: above BBQ on August 2nd…had to let you know this is my eldest granddaughter’s 14th birthday and she has requested a birthday meal of steak and shrimp…today I purchased 9 strip loins from Costco…AA Canadian beef…is there anything better !!! and, of course, the shrimp to go with it…she has excellent taste…hope many other Canadians will join in and support our beef industry…good luck! Jackie Cuthbert

From Gail:
We will DEFINITELY be BBQing Canadian beef on the 2nd. Our plans are
T-Bone Steaks
Corn on the Cob
Potatoes & Mushrooms in foil
and for dessert
Baked apples (BBQ style)

Just to let you know we will be joining in the World’s Longest Barbecue!
On Saturday we will be having a Barbecue pool side at my Mother’s house,
Carol Gardner. We will be sure to get the grill fired up for 6:00 PM and
enjoy all a Great Canadian Barbecue has to offer!
Lisa Gardner,
Manager CHE Division,
Event & Field Coordinator,
The Global Chapter

We’ll definitely pick up some Canadian beef this weekend! Count us in.
Kirsten Carroll
User Interface Design Group
Databeacon, Inc

What a great idea! I will not only participate but inform to my friends so they can also join the party. Keep up the good work eh!
Norma Perez

We are going camping this weekend and on Saturday we will be BBQing. There are several couples camping with us all of whom either ranch or who have family who ranch. Beef is very important in all of our lives, it is a way of life.
Have a great weekend.
Michelle Koenig

Great Idea!
I have spent much time in the deep south of the United States and have picked up many tricks for the B.B.Q. (Grill) and smoker. We vary rarely use the kitchen in the summertime for our main meal as the taste of a savory dinner made with of course grilled beef can not be beat! Further I have lived in all regions of Canada and I must say by far the greatest beef comes from Alberta. My Family and a few of our friends will be honored to join you and other Canadians in your quest to hold the Worlds Longest B.B.Q.
We would love to help in any way we can, if you require anything, please ask.
Yours with grilling rub in hand and an empty plate by our side!
The Mann Clan

We will be out camping this weekend, but as usual, Alberta Beef will be part of our menu!
I think we will do beer & lime marinade flank steak and wrap up some fajitas! The five of us will be sure to make a toast to the rest of the Canadians and World supporters who agree and will be enjoying the best Alberta/Canadian Beef! Corri-Lynn

This bbq idea is great. It happens to be on my 54th birthday, a super day to grill a select Canadian prime porterhouse steak for family and friends. We’ll be grilling with you to support this cause! Ernest Hesketh

I am happy to hear someone finally getting Canadians to get together to have a big beef BBQ. We need to show our support to our beef farmers and what better way to do it!!!We plan on going camping and BBQ’ing everything! Beef burgers, steak…you name it we’re going to BBQ it. We’re even going to try some of the recipes from the
website.We are in support of our beef farmers and this beef BBQ should be a monthly if not a weekly occurrence! Awesome work!!
Denise Dodds

Good morning Anita, Thank you for organizing “The World’s Longest
Barbecue”; it’s a FANTASTIC idea. I am writing to you from Ottawa and
would like you to know that this Saturday my friends (about 12 of them)
and I will be firing up our BBQ and enjoying Canada’s beef. By doing so,
we are stating that we stand behind our beef farmers and their families!
Salutations, Jonathan Gulas
PS I also think pointing out the backlog of less expensive cuts is very
important. Last weekend I made a great Flank Steak dish which uses
ground beef; maybe you can pass around the recipe from King of
the Q

What a great idea, We are having friends visit from Edmonton so count us in for the CANADA wide BBQ. Steaks for everyone!! Isabel Lehmann
Not quit sure if it will be Steaks or a Roast, but I will be on vacation at that time and will BBQ.
David Downing
We will be participating in the longest BBQ. Our plans are to have a bunch of neighbours getting together for a “Potluck Beef Fest”.
So far I know we are going to try the Peppercorn Strip loin and Beer Marinated Flank Steak, homemade hamburgers for the Kids.
I am not sure what the other neighbours are bringing. Of course….there will be lots of Frosty Bevi’s – Deb Fegan

My husband and son and I have invited my parents over for a barbeque this Saturday at 6p.m. and we will be cooking the recommended cuts – probably using a recipe from your website! Thanks for this great idea! What a great way to support our Canadian beef industry.
Have a great week end!
Angela Swimmer 🙂

Just wanted you to know that the beef barbeque idea is fantastic and I’ll tell everyone I know to participate on August 2nd at 6:00 pm
I can hardly wait to taste that wonderful beef myself – what a great way to get family and friends together and make it really mean something !!
Another participating employee has already printed the article from and posted it on the bulletin board here at work (Sure Flow Equipment) for everyone to see.
Kudos to you for such a super idea !!!!
Sandra Litster

Dear Anita Stewart,
I would be more than pleased to participate in the world longest barbecue. We should be around 10 people to participate. We will be eating great Canadian sirloin steaks. I am situated in Quebec City.
thank you,
Scott Mcbain

Our family will be having medium rare Alberta beef rib eyes for our 6pm bbq.
Thanks, Kevin Turton / Transonic Freight Systems

Lana & Steve Thomas and friends will be starting up the barbie at 6pm!!!!!

I’m writing to let you know that my husband and I are having a BBQ party this Saturday night at 6pm to celebrate the worlds longest BBQ!! We will be having about 20-25 people over eating everything from steaks to burgers to ribs.
Hope you have a great weekend,
Sheri & Brandon Roberts

— I’m in. My friends and I are going camping this weekend, and we
just happen to have a travel barbeque someone gave us. We’ll christen
it with some good old fashioned Canadian Cuisine.
Canada is awesome.
Jillian Gies
Hi Anita, On August 2nd, my friends and I (almost 20 people) will have BBQ to support Canadian Beef, but maybe we will start a bit little earlier.
Best, Li,He
August 2nd, a bunch of friends and I are having a huge BBQ at the beach. There’s a local lake about 20 minutes from here…there’s set to be about 30 people there. its going to be huge, lots of good quality Canadian beef, thanks for the great recipes, we’ll try a couple of them out. You guys should come along, it would be a good time. Thanks for the idea of the longest bbq, and thanks for sponsoring such a great cause.
Sincerely, a Canadian beef lover…
-Kevin Luck-

We will be having our BBQ in Vancouver on Saturday to show our support.
Stephanie Pospodinis

I’m doing Steak tails in a honey mustard marinade …. and plenty of frosties …. on SAT Dan Kent

What a wonderful idea. My father is a beef farmer and I have 5 uncles in
the business as well. I will certainly have a Barbecue on Saturday, August
2 to support the Canadian beef industry. Even though I have a freezer full
of beef I will go out to the super market and buy some stakes to help with
the backlog. I wish you the best of luck.
Julie Rice

HI. my name is Mike Raftis and we will be have a bbq on august 2 with about
6 people. I will be serving steak.

From Debra Tyson: Just wanted to let everyone know that we (my husband and I) are having a BBQ on Sat Aug 2 with my daughter and her boyfriend and my sister-in law and her husband and my aunt from Mississippi and my mum and my husband and I would like the whole world to know that we have having good old “Canadian Beef”. We are having steak with all the trimmings.
“The Canadian Beef Lovers”

We will be having our Beef BBQ on Sat Aug 2
Honey-Garlic Steaks and Beef Burgers
Sounds GOOD EH !
In Support
Dennis Gulka
We intend to participate in the Beef BBQ on Aug. 2, 2003.
We wish the best of luck to all those who work in Canada’s Beef Industry.
T. Jory
Hi Anita,
I just wanted to let you know that some friends and I will be having a
fantastic steak BBQ on Saturday in support of Canadian Beef. We are all
students in the Bachelor of Health Science Program at McMaster
University, and in our humble, and somewhat educated opinion – we feel
that Canadian beef is totally safe, and completely delicious! In fact,
I’m driving 5 hours to meet up with my friends so we can have this BBQ
Thanks for setting up a national BBQ – I think this is a great idea 🙂
Pamela Aird

Hi – count us in for the Longest BarBQ – there will be 9 of us at the lake on the weekend so we’ll fire up those grills to support the Canadian Beef Industry.
Linda Schneider
Loans Officer
Shell Employees’ Credit Union

Hello Anita, just thought I would let you know that we are having a barbeque for approximately 20 people on Saturday Aug 2/03 . We are serving a large roast of beef.
Floyd Gibbons / Floyd Gibbons Trucking

Hello Anita.
Would like to join in on The Worlds Longest BBQ. I will be going to a
friends cottage this weekend. There will be 7 adults and 3 children. We
have purchased rib steaks (cap off) and will make sure they will be on the
grill at 6pm and a Molson Canadian in hand.
Thanks — Tim Durling / BBQ Extraordinaire

We will be having a family barbecue at the Greer (my wife’s family) cottage this weekend. We will have Steak or shish kabobs. Bill & Mary Malcolmson

Hi Anita,
I was already planning on having a huge bar-b-q on Saturday August 2nd as my
going away party. I am moving to Montreal to attend Concordia.
I will probably have about 70+ people coming through my place and have
already stocked up on meat.
I have 2 cases of Angus Sirloin burgers and 2 cases of Sanai 48 hotdogs and
I am going to have salads and chips as well and possibly a keg.
Good luck with your huge barbq
Aaron Bernstein

Anita, I am attending an annual “Bent Tent” weekend with friends and will get everyone on board BBQ at 2pm!
They’re all beef lovers – no vegetarians at this event!!!
Glad to participate in this great event.
Patricia Lynch

in support of the CDN beef industry i’ll be planning a BBQ for me and some
buddies. I think its a great idea to show unity for the country we are proud
to be a part of.
Dom (Toa)

We have planned a BBQ Saturday night to support
Canadian beef. We have invited 20 friends over and we
are going to BBQ some steak. At the end of the night
we are going to be having a firework show. Hope the
day is a success!
Steve Songer

On Sat Aug 2nd My family friends and I are hosting A backyard BBQ. The guest list is about 50 people long ranging from 1 month old baby to a 89 year old man, The menu for the evening will include Canadian beef burgers steak and a beef tossed salad which has been in the family for a number of years. We hope that everyone will enjoy our BBQ and that more people will take part in bringing beef back in full force
Thank You
T Gillis

In honour of this great country and as a special tribute to all the
dedicated farmers, farm workers and everyone who puts that amazing Canadian
Beef on our tables my friends and I plan a big BBQ of our own.
36 of us are getting together in Ottawa to grill up a storm and enjoy the
flavours of Canada; on the menu: Canadian steaks, ribs & burgers, Ontario
Wines, local cheeses and fruits from Fruitland Ontario.
Thanks for doing this, you inspired us to “do it up big”.
Clara C Robin Sheffe

Well i just bought a yummy T- bone to throw on the Barby, it should be awesome. Its Alberta beef the best in the world. I just hope I can wait ‘til Aug 2.
Daniel Clemenson

I plan on BBQing hamburgers for 4 at 6 p.m. B.C. time. Bob Calder

Of course I will support Canadian Beef, I have been doing it since “B” day.
On Saturday morning I will be running 36 kilometres as part of a run program I teach, so I will have a great appetite for sinking my teeth into some Canadian Beef with Friends.
Francis Chang
Managing Director / The Bodyworks

We’re having family visit from overseas. We’re having a huge welcome party
on Saturday night. We’re serving New York strip loin steak, lean ground beef burgers and Corn on the Cob. Can’t wait till then! Fingers *crossed* for no rain! Cynthia Clinton. :0)

Great idea. Its my 62nd birthday and we were planning to go to the lobster suppers but we will be staying home instead and will have a family barbecue with my two brothers, three sisters and families. We should have thirty or so beef eaters on hand.
Norman Hall
p.s. It’s what I wanted to do in the first place

I am a proud Canadian . I will do my part and have my brother and his wife over and my sister and her husband over for a totally beef bbq on Saturday
Thanks Craig Vlemirovich

I’m going to cook the biggest steak I can buy!!! Ummm
Jason Peachey
We are having a big pool party with some friends, and Beef is on the menu. People just do not know their meat…..they all go for the cuts that are pushed the most and they pay the price, where a nice Bottom Round at $4.00 a lb. marinated with some Olive oil, garlic, balsamic vinegar, Dijon, Basil, and spices kicks Bovine butt any day. We have to take care of our selves…..
Best Regards / Constantin Marangos

We are Jim & Rosa. We read about the World’s longest bbq, & have already set plans in motion for sat. @ 6pm. We are having friends over to our place for some tasty steaks with all the trimmings, & fine wine. We will, at exactly 6pm, raise our glasses in a toast to Canada’s beef industry. This is a great idea to inspire confidence once again in Canada’s beef industry, which my wife and I have always had. We are honoured to participate, and after all…

WE ARE CANADIAN! Cheers…Jim & Rosa Sherrell

We’ll be grilling Aug 2 :)~Cassidy Wald

Hi there, I would love to support Canada’s beef industry. I will be having a barbecue with approximately 10 friends on August 2 and will raise a glass at 6pm.
Cheers, Brad Hanrahan

Just planning a get together with a bunch of friends !!!!!!!! A big ol’ steak and fresh veggies to boot cant beat it !! Chris C.
GO CANADA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we are having a T-bone steak on the bbq at our camp on Saturday….should be great….kim sutton
Martin Schoots-McAlpine wrote — My family intends to BBQ at the designated date and time.

I plan to grill Beef Tenderloin marinated with garlic, savoury and tarragon & olive oil, accompanied by new potatoes, zucchini, asparagus and carrots, all lightly grilled and brushed with olive oil, fresh thyme and salt. Dan Dawson

Subject: What a Wonderful Concept! Canada Beef BBQ Day!
Hi Anita!
You bet that on Saturday, we are going to BBQ’ing Cdn Beef!
And rather than going the usual Strip Loin/Sirloin Route, its about time to give it a try like some of these semi-pro’s at the Jack Daniels Cook-Off’s, and do something a bit more challenging…
I’m looking at trying some kind of beef roast…(will have to look long and hard at Highland Packers on what they have)…perhaps a Blade, Cross Rib (I hesitate to try that brisket thing, until, I’m more sure of myself!)…but will be buying mesquite chips to get it “smokey”; will try both a rub and a liquid marinade/basting solution featuring balsamic vinegar and Worcestershire Sauce……gassed up both tanks, so I can do it low and slow, as BBQ is supposedly defined…
Will make foil bags for the mini/baby potato’s, peeled sliced carrots/parsnips, doused with Hy’s Seasoning and a few scoops of margarine, and lay them in for 45-60 min’s…
A couple inverted, de-stemmed, washed Portobello’s, topped with chopped garlic, soya sauce and olive oil…
Three or four Roma Tomato’s…topped, excavated, and stuffed with minced hot pepper, minced onion, Hy’s Seasoning, and Feta Cheese…cooked ’til their skins start to split on a skewer…
Who needs dessert?
;->) John Gow

This is a great idea and I think it should extend to all aspects of Canadian Economy. We should be looking out for ourselves and not putting all our hopes in the hands of other countries. I have recently relocated from Calgary. Long live Canadian culture and the Great White North BBQ. I will be cooking home made marinated grade A Alberta Beef. —- Calgary Transplant

Not sure what kind of a party we’re going to have but we’ll be BBQing on the 2nd. J.Baker

Since this whole situation of the beef came about I would like to proudly say that my family never even considered to stop eating beef. At 6:00 pm this Saturday August 2, 2003 I will have the BBQ fired up. We choose to buy any cut of beef from round steak to ground beef to T bone to what ever. THEY ALL TASTE GREAT ON THE BARBECUE!!!!
Take care Anita and enjoy your barbecue as I know we will enjoy ours.
Harold Miller and Family

We will be enjoying a tasty Canadian Angus beef barbeque in support of
Canada’s beef industry. Dean Dietrich
Hope this goes well. We will be joining in at home and the cottage.
Bye – Brian and Gail

12 nice porter house steaks on the grill this Saturday…
count me in.
Ryan Harkins

Hello: We will be joining in on this BBQ for sure. Just a small family BBQ, as there will be just the 6 of us.
Menu BEEF naturally!!! Rib eyes, grilled to perfection and then served with a great combination of peppers over the top of the steaks. Red, green, yellow, orange etc., that have been grilled also. Assorted salads, baked potatoes, and grilled corn on the cob.
Add some chilled Niagara wine and you have a great summer BBQ with Canadian Beef! Oh mustn’t forget the trifle for dessert!
J & M Morden

Brandy Pantel dropped this line – My family; consisting of my husband, brother,
sister-in-law, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, and dog; will be dining on bbq hamburgers, this evening in support of the beef industry.
Throughout this entire ordeal, we have not stopped eating beef and plan to continue to do so until there is not another cow left in Canada!!!

Tyler Saito writes– 7 of us are getting together and BBQing a outside round. Should be good times.

Anita, Great idea I don’t know about huge party but we will be doing just that with the bbq. And the flag will be on the mail box as well.
Please forward this e-mail to every federal MP you can think of, for they don’t seem to share your enthusiasm for Canadian Agriculture.
Thanks for yoursGreg (Caroline, Alex and Nicola) Dowling

Just to let you know, as beef lovers, we’ve substituted our usual grilling steaks for some fun marinated sirloin tip steak which we’ll be BBQ’ing for friends on Saturday night at 6pm. Taken from the ‘Mouthwatering Marinades’ brochure which we got from the Beef council, we’ll be enjoying a little Lemon Glaze marinade tomorrow night as we raise a few cold ones in a toast to Canadian beef!
Cheers, Karen & Mike Spiske

I am planning a barbecue for 6 pm Saturday for 4 or 5
Kathy Sloggett.

Hey Anita, I thought I’d share my intentions with you and the rest of Canada. Prior to this email, I had already decided to fire up the grill and brown some beef. Now that you are attempting to show the world that our cattle is great and a minor mishap is nothing to be concern about. It’s absolutely wonderful to have someone like your self who want the world to know that we as Canadians will not take this lying down. So, this weekend I’m going to join you in this Canadian BBQ and do my part. S Seales

I plan to participate in the world’s longest bar-b-q….
Saturday August 2nd at 6:00 PM Count me in — Nina Saulnier
My wife and I will be having a BBQ for the entire family. Constantine Gournakis

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