Eric Stackhouse, a Canada Day 2 / 2003 veteran, writes from Nova Scotia

“After having a successful Canada Day party, its great to do it again. Planning on having a few relations over as well as some others in the community. Basically its sitting on the deck, cooking some great food and having a few cold refreshments, celebrating our country and it’s few fleeting months of warm weather!” The menu: “Cedar Planked Salmon and fresh peaches and cream corn – Atlantic salmon, with lemon, dill, ground pepper and maple syrup – Kettle BBQ with charcoal, heat soaked cedar plank up, then add salmon on plank, cook covered until crust forms – Corn, probably using NS Valley corn (our corn is not ready yet), boiled but with a few pieces of the husk for flavour. Lots of salt, pepper and butter” He sources his “fresh salmon from Sobeys and corn from the Green Thumb Farmer’s Market (Greenhill), but if it was a bit later it would be from Cristiansen’s Farm (Alma) (the best in the world)”

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Author: Anita

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