Elizabeth Low of British Columbia, Canada

August 2, 2008 will be the date of our 16th annual pig barbeque. We started small with about twenty friends and now have 60 to 70 guests every year. We barbeque a whole pig (locally grown, of course) offer homemade wine and beer and invite everyone to bring a pot luck contribution. Every year we see more and more local produce and homemade specialties.

After dinner, we all form a large circle and exchange white elephant gifts. These are wrapped gifts which are traded around the circle. Then they are opened one by one and exchanges are made. Several gifts (the flasher, the poetic toilet seat, the rubber chicken) show up every year with new clothes or poems. Several guests wear items of clothing which were originally white elephants which have been repaired and brought out for the barbeque each year. Everyone goes home with a gift (there are penalties for anyone who “forgets” their gift.)

This is an opportunity for friends who have moved away to return and renew friendships and for others who meet only once a year to catch up on their lives.

We are delighted to share our events with all the others held across the country. This year I will tell all our guests about the Flavours of Canada fun that we are sharing and suggest that everyone bring food or drink that features local products.

Anita Stewart  responds:

Fabulous Elizabeth. I hope you have a splendid party!

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Author: Anita

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