Elizabeth Harris of Ontario, Canada

Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Market participated for the first time in the World’s Longest B-B-Q.
Although we had set up a computer for folks to enter their stories and recipes, people seemed more bent on filling their stomachs with real not virtual fare. volunteers John and al set up the big b-b-q between Eramosa Elk and Scotch Mountain Meats https://www.scotchmountainmeats.com and began grilling hamburgers and elk cutlets. other vendors soon made donations to the grill basket dousing vegetables in organic olive oil from farmer Angelos Kapelaris of Queensville who in addition to growing heritage tomatoes and raising laying hens, goes to his native Greece each November and harvests and presses olives from his ancestral land. Al and John grilled green onions from Everdale Organic Farm https://www.everdale.org/, Zucchini from Quinte Organic Coop https://www.quinteorganic.ca/, mushrooms from Fun Guy Farms www.mycosource.com, carrots from Ted Thorpe, beets from Greenfields Organic Farm https://www.greenfieldsfarm.ca/and tomatoes from Ben and Jessie Sosnicki https://www.sosnickiorganics.com/flashindex.html . They sampled all their handiwork on grilled Red Fife whole wheat bread from St John’s Bakery accompanied by pickles from Toorshi Armenian style pickles and dabbed with three kinds of mustard from Koslick’s Mustard https://www.mustardmaker.com/ and locally made harissa from chef Bashir Munye. There was great interest from shoppers who had no idea you could grill so many vegetables. The big surprise to John and Al was how delicious grilled beet greens are. Grilled carrots were another first for them as well as the sugars in the carrots caramelized. We would lve to take part in next year’s B-B-Q.

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Author: Anita

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