Eleanor Ritchi

We are having a neighborhood block party BBQ in Dashwood Ontario this Saturday. Dashwood is a very small village north of London Ontario. The recent tragic murders of a local couple has cast a black cloud over the area, but now that the suspect has been caught it’s time to celebrate our community. First of all the golfers in the group will go and play a round at a local course. Then we’ll all meet in the backyard of the family that is hositng the event. We’ll play some outdoor games and enjoy the sunshine. The host family is supplying the Canadian Beef Burgers and Dogs for the BBQ. Everyone else is bringing homemade salads. We’ll use Canadian grown vegetables and fruits, and Canadian eggs for deviled eggs!! There are some new families who have just moved to our neighborhood so this is a great way to get to know everyone and to celebrate the community we share. Maybe this will be the first annual of many more to come!

EDITORS NOTE: I live in a small community, too, so I understand. Bless you all! A.S.

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Author: Anita

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