Dwight Drobig in Ontario writes:

“Every year at the end of July, we head north to Killbear Provincial Park for a week of RandR. We reserve our campsite months ahead in anticipation of the week and the meal. My brother and his family join our family of 5 for a special steak dinner. We drive into town where they have an incredible collection of fresh cuts of meat. The kids build the fire and we cook on a grill placed over the glowing hardwood coals. The conversation builds, the laughter grows and the beverages flow. The anticipation is 1/2 of the meal. Last year we completed the task in a thunderstorm so the steaks tasted just that much better! We are looking forward to July 31st this year! The Menu will be 2” thick Canadian Beef Filet Mignon sprinkled with Montreal Steak Spice, PEI potatoes and Ontario vegetables. And to top it all off, S’mores, made by the kids, for dessert! Most of the ingredients will come frm the Parry Sound IGA.

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Author: Anita

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