Duncan Harvie & Family

Saturday morning…off to St Lawrence Market in Toronto, often to meet with an old friend or two for a back bacon breakfast sandwhich, or perhaps croissants and good coffee from a couple of market stalwarts. See what the day brings to the table, beautiful fruit and veg now but often it’s fish:

The longest BBQ eh? Haven’t been to Newfoundland …yet…but the left coast was full of salmon when I worked there as a student, 16 hour days trolling off the shores of the Island. Sometimes we would bring in one that was undersize but was badly hooked and so not capable of survivng if we put him back. So salmon for dinner; slow poached with lemon and onion in foil on the hot engine block while we finished cleaning and icing the day’s catch! As the long afterglow of a northwest sunset faded behind the star curtains the skipper and I would sit down to a glass of rum and the gift of the most wonderful wild fish that had flashed his belly and stood on his tail not hours before.

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Author: Anita

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