Dorothy Henderson of Quebec, Canada

When the town of Newmarket redid our curbs last summer and gave us new sod, the drought that followed killed the grass. It has been interesting to see how various neighbours coped with this situation–next door is newly seeded lawn, the next neighbour is fighting with the town and let weeds so crazy. My husband, John, and I rototilled ours and planted a (beautiful!) square foot garden with oodles of veggies and flowers. (It’s the talk…scandel?? of the neighbourhood.) The basis of our BBQ will be produce from 10 steps away–peas, green beans, onions, new potatoes coated in basil butter. Today we went to three local markets and supplemented our meal with local produce–cowboy steaks which will be grilled with blue cheese butter and served with a local foccacia. We’ll end the meal with the quintessential Canadian warm butter tart made by Rebecca’s Sweet Shop here in town, topped with a dollop of ice cream, drizzled with black currant and yellow plum compote from nearby St. Albert. Gotta’ go. I’m hungry.

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Author: Anita

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