don ganney of Manitoba, Canada

Just a few people, but here is one recipe that I like:
corn on the cob, husk it back but don’t take it off,
sprinkle some soy sauce on it, pepper,,,wrap it back up, oh, make sure you wet it first under the sink, then wrap it back up with tinfoil,,,bbq some rib-eyes, nice and juicy, and put both on same time, rib-eyes will take approx. 12 minutes, so will the corn,,,while you do that, melt some butter and add a tablespoon of sugar to the butter and have that to either dip, or pour over the corn, and the rest you can swish the steak in,,,make it for 2 or 20,,,it’s great.
oh yes, salt to taste.

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Author: Anita

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