David Franklin, C.C.C. of Ontario, Canada

Sticklings Breads and Stirling Creamery Butter
Saturday Market Greens with cold pressed Canola and Maple Vinaigrette
McIntosh Farms Grilled Ribeye with Caramelized onions and Windmill Farms Sauteed Mushrooms
Double Stuffed Potatoes and Market Veg Medley
Apple Tartlets with Central Smith Ice Cream and Fresh Berries

This dinner was prepared as the grand prize to a fundraising raffle to support the purchase of new field equipment for St. Peter’s School in Norwood Ontario. Georgina Bennet won with the winning ticket that she bought from her grandson and has invited a dozen friends and family members to join her at her table.

This is the kind of thing I look to do to raise funds for organizations and my community. A coworker turned me on to this fundraiser and it so happens to turn out that my nieces and nephews attend the same school. I believe in this kind of stewardship that if there is a need for help – we should. I can’t always offer much, but I do have the gift of my time and what skills that have been taught to me as a chef to share with others.

We are truly blessed in our community to have the bounty of our local producers to enrich our bodies and our lives. I’m looking forward to get grilling tonight!

Anita Stewart  responds:

This sounds absolutely amazing.

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Author: Anita

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