Connie Hansen, a beef rancher near Red Deer, is really celebrating

On August 04 it will be my daughters 25th birthday. My husband and I always like to make a big deal about the milestone birthdays, the thing is she lives near Fairview, Alberta and we live near Red Deer, Alberta; a seven hour drive! We plan on surprising her and come up and visit her, only we cannot be there for her actual birthday, we will be there August 05. When I saw this party idea for August 05 I thought- of course I will plan a BBQ party. So with the help of her husband I have planned a local CANADIAN BBQ surprise party for her. She does not even know that we are coming!!!

We are beef farmers so our main dish would be nothing other than proud Alberta Beef. I am bringing up some lovely prime rib and sirloin tip steaks to BBQ. Veggies- my garden did not do so well this year so I am getting my daughter’s husband to do some farmer’s market shopping for me!! I have enlisted him with picking up the veggies and strawberries from the local farmers market. As well he knows a Hutterite colony that sells homemade bread where they grind their own flour! He has also bought some farm fresh eggs and cream from them for the angel food cake and whipping cream! I am using canola oil instead of olive oil for my salad dressing because not only is it Canadian did you know that contains less saturated fat and more Omega-3’s than olive oil?!! I was given a bottle of specialty canola oil grown in Canada at a trade show recently and I absolutely LOVE it!

Menu: *BBQ steaks; mouth watering prime rib and sirlion tip *BBQ Vegetables- melody of potatoes, carrots, onion brushed with canola oil and seasoned with fresh dill *BBQ fresh peaches and cream Corn on the cob *Salad- garden fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucmbers, onions dressed with a Homemade Balsamic vinaigrette- substituting CANOLA OIL for olive oil *BBQ’ed Garlic bread- homemade bread brushed with canola oil and seasoned with fresh garlic *Dessert- whipped cream, fresh strawberries and angel food cake

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Author: Anita

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