Christine Chapman of Ontario, Canada

Tonight was the beginning of what we hope to be an annual tradition with our friends and family.

We started our search for local food this morning at the Guelph Farmer’s Market in Ontario. On the menu was wine dipped vigaroso sheep cheese accompanied with Rootham’s Mango Chutney. Our main dish was found at various producers’ tables which included onions, small white potatoes, 5 delicious steaks and one of the largest zucchinis I have ever seen. Isobel’s Home Baking helped up out with some whole wheat buns and a strawberry-rhubarb pie for dessert (which had to wait until our stomachs had fully digested the rest of the wonderful dinner).

One of our guests had contributed an awesome Greek salad made up of Ontario cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and feta cheese. Finally, to complement the meal refreshments were provided by Wellington Brewery and Niagara VIntners.

Our night started off with a bit of a surprise when the BBQ decided to stop working, however once our problem was fixed, the cooking was timed perfectly and we enjoyed the rest of our evening in the company of our friends. We will participate again next year for sure and look forward to topping this year’s dinner.

Anita Stewart responds:

Great menu! I’m looking forward to next year, too!!!!

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Author: Anita

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