Chef Suman of Ontario, Canada

What a day !!!! The clouds departed right in time for the BBQs to be lit. The early evening air filled up with the aroma of culinary delicacies ….
I have started this thing that every Saturday I do not eat meat so, when preparing the menu, I had to keep in mind of a vegetarian menu – as I promised my friend and his family, that a vegetarian BBQ meal can be interesting..and I had to prove it to them.
Here is the menu:
1. Balsamic-marinated grilled Portobello caps with bruschetta and feta.
2. Tandoori-grilled sweet peppers.
3. Grilled summer fresh vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers) and bocconcini towers.
4. Indian-spiced corn on the cob
5.Grilled eggplant in a Thai basil vinaigrette
6. Bacardi, Smirnoff marinated fresh figs and pears over maple walnut ice cream.

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Author: Anita

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