Chanterelle Country Inn and Cottages

Menu and “food miles”

Cream of Wild Chanterelle Soup – 0 miles (off the property)

Organic Greens with Vermouth Vinaigrette Dressing or beet salad – 2 miles from Meadow Mountain Farm, with Feta Cheese (Ran-cher Acres-250 miles)

BBQed lamb riblets and free-range chicken (GlenRyan Farms-40 miles)

BBQed Pork (Nature’s Script Farm- 180 miles) with house-made Tomato Marmalade (Eyking Farms-35 miles)

Green Beans- Dennis Laffan farm – 1/2 mile

Crusty Artisan Bread made with Red Fife flour – Speerville Flour Mill – 300 miles

House-made Cheesecake with Chanterelle Topping -off the property

House-made Rhubarb-strawberry Sherbet – Mountain Meadow Farms – 2 miles)

Fir Trade coffee or tea

We’ll be together in spirit. If we can change the way folks eat, we can change the world!!


Earlene Busch

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Author: Anita

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