Caryn Colman / Smoothwater of Temagami of Ontario, Canada

Smoothwater of Temagami is a wilderness lodge that straddles Canadian Shield country and the Little Clay belt in northeastern Ontario.

Guests come here to canoe, cross country ski and snowshoe, but also to eat authentic cuisine. Smoothwater’s culinary style celebrates wild foods of Temagami and the agricultural bounty of Temiskaming.

Over the Canada Day weekend we’re hosting guests from Toronto, Belgium, and Italy. What better way for everyone to take the region home than by consuming its terroir?

Smoothwater House Drink:
• Wild mint slushie
• Ontario strawberry homebrew

Amuse Bouche:
• Smoothwater house pate made with organic chicken gizzard confit served on beer marm points

• Fireweed cheese pinwheel bread (Terza farms flours) stuffed with Thornloe cheese curds (the orange variety)

• Field and flower salad with arugula, daisies, French sorrel, baby dandelion, nasturtiums, pansies and raspberries, dressed with raspberry vinaigrette

• Temiskaming wild Sturgeon BBQ-braised with balsam fir, apple cider and birch syrup, topped with wild boletes (found under my backyard white pines) and orange day lily garnish

• Corn (Craig Haven Farm) grilled and smoked on the husk
• Grilled cherry tomatoes, green tomatillos and onion spears (Wildflower Farm) dressed with red basil-goat feta crumble (Dion Fromagerie)
• Grilled purple potato fingerlings (Smoothwater garden) and red onion wedges with chive-mayonnaise dip
• BBQ garlic heads (Garlic King of Temiskaming) drizzled with Smoothwater honey (our first crop)

• Wild sugar plum (aka service or Sakakatoon berries) kuchen with homemade wild rose ice cream
• Organic coffee & sweet fern tea

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Author: Anita

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