Caryn Colman of Smoothwater Outfitters and Ecolodge in Temagami, Northern, Ontario

(That is the region of Temiskaming, where Ontario and Quebec borders disappear.) “We’re an ecolodge in Temagami and it’s a busy weekend. Most guests are here for our weekend Temagami Tree Hugger’s Weekend. This features a paddle hike into the famous ancient pine forests. Upon their return, guests will be feted with our cuisine, which always features regionally grown, mostly organic, and seasonally wild product. Our belief is that food from the area enhances one’s tourism experience. For example, one better understands the forest if one eats wild blueberries grown because there was a fire in that location. Or perhaps one appreciates black bears and our need to co-exist with them if we’re sharing their food source. It all comes down to that old adage –you are what you eat. I maintain not only physically, but spiritually as well. The menu? Blueberries of course! Temagami Wild Blueberry kuchen – (Eat your dessert first.) Belanger Bison Bobs – Smoothwater Field and flower salad – Seasonal grilled veggies marinated with wild sweet fern – Artisan Chevre stuffed lilies – Artisan raw milk cheddar (2 years old) encroute – Smoothwater rhubarb punch – That’s a start. I’ll see what inspires me the day of. Bring your own wine and beer!

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Author: Anita

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