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We are from a small rural community,. my husband and I work outside the home plus run a small farm. On our farm we grown hay, oats and a fairly large vegetable garden , (As close to organically grown as possible) that we raised our children on. On our farm we also raise beef cattle, turkey, chicken and geese, our geese, turkey and chicken are all free range. The nieghbours love to see the poultry running around and our geese soon make friends in neighbours ponds along with wild Canadian Geese. Which we end up feeding also.

We will be hosting a small BBQ for local friends, friends from Toronto and neighbours on Aug 4 to help celebrate Farmers Feed Cities. We will be serving corn on the cob, baked potatoes, steak, hamburger, and fresh garden salad. All food that we grow on our own property.

So whatever and wherever you eat on August 4, THANK A FARMER and ENJOY

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Author: Anita

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