Candice Kish – Covent Garden Farmers’ Market Manager of Ontario, Canada

We’ve been working hard preparing for our 2nd Annual Flavours of Canada BBQ tomorrow. We’re expecting to serve over 250 people from 11-1. The menu consists of a grilled bison burger or pork sausage (or vegetarian chili for the omnivores); a Greek pasta salad that includes fresh peppers, onions, and cukes; a green bean salad with wedges of tomato on a bed of organic greens and garnished with fresh basil; blueberry coffee cake for dessert; and ice, cold lemonade to drink (the only non-local item on the menu). Local chef Christine Scheer helped us come up with the recipes, and we’ve had a lot of hands helping us prepare for so many people. Should be a great day!

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Author: Anita

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