Bonnie Winchester of Ontario, Canada

Dear Anita:

Since I had just returned from vacation and had a minor medical problem to deal with, I did not get organized enough to invite guests to a BBQ. Back at work on Friday, however, I was feeling that I was being left out of a special opportunity.

As a “foodie” and a champion for Pick Ontario Freshness, I decided to take some action.

With a general idea of a menu, I went to the Guelph Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning and then proceeded to Rowe Farms to buy some meat for the BBQ.

Here is my menu (you will notice that I cannot give up my olive oil and lemon juice in the interests of buying local):

Garden Carpaccio
(thinly sliced yellow and green zucchini, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice and topped with shaved Monforte Dairy Sheep Cheddar with Garlic Scapes)

Rowe Farms BBQ Chicken Breasts
(marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, fresh organic sage, Board’s Wildflower Honey -Restoule, Ontario, Tracey’s Hot Red Pepper Chardonnay Jelly -Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario and a dash of Ontario wine)

Boiled New Baby Potatoes
(dressed with homemade basil pesto)

Yellow and Red Swiss Chard
(sautéed with olive oil and garlic)

Fruit and Cheese Plate
(local peaches, sweet cherries and blueberries served with Monforte Dairy Vigaroso -a cheese aged in Pointe Pelee red wine- and a Chevrai from Woolwich Dairy)

Enjoyed with a wine from a small Ontario winery – Lailey Vineyard’s 2007 VQA Riesling.

Complemented by a vase of deep rose Ontario grown Asters.

Anita Stewart responds:

Thank you so much Bonnie!

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Author: Anita

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