Bette Jean Crews of Ontario, Canada

This year the Crews family “Canada Barbecue” will be held at our son’s house where I can just sit back and enjoy the grandchildren while he operates the grill.
– for the adults – white chardonnay and red merlot from a number of Ontario wineries in Niagara, Essex and Prince Edward County; for the children – some fresh whole milk, maybe with chocolate syrup to keep them hyper.
– potato salade with fresh baby Ontario potatoes
– grilled Ontario mushrooms, peppers and greenhouse tomatoes seasoned with Ontario garlic and fresh Stirling Dairy butter
– salade of fresh greens from Crews Country Market (leaf lettuce like you’ve never seen before!) and sprinkled with raspberries from the Crews raspberry patch
– mixed grill of Ontario lamb, chicken, pork ribs and steak. The 15+ Crews family members demand BBQ variety. If the in-laws from Ottawa come we’re sure to have the very special Rapaci homemade Italian sausage to spice up the meal.
– I, as mom and grandma, will contribute both a shortcake with fresh raspberries and whip cream, and a blackcap pie with berries picked fresh from the farm. Hopefully there will be some Kawartha Dairy ice cream to top off the desserts.
– In an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle along with all this healthy Ontario food, wading pools, water guns, beach balls and encouragement will be offered to all attendees. Dad and I will get healthy from the exertion of laughing at the children’s stories of growing up on the farm.

Anita Stewart  responds:

As always a brilliant menu!!!! You’ve set the bar Bette Jean!

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Author: Anita

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