Bea Broda Connolly of Metro Toronto, Ontario

This is a birthday party Barbeque!

They will be serving: We have some vegetarians in our midst and that’s great, because so many wonderful vegetarian items can be BBQ’d, tasting better than they would have cooked any other way. Our eggplant, zucchini and peppers will be painted with extra virgin olive oil and be sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and Montreal steak spice. Sometimes I just spray the vegetables with a healthy oil spray. The veggie chicken patties and regular chicken cutlets will be treated in a similar way, but will be later adorned with Original Bulls Eye steak sauce. Naturally, the menu will be filled with local cheeses, sliced tomatoes and exotic olives from Italy. For dessert, a strawberry mousse cake (for the birthday boy!) surrounded by BBQ’s Ontario strawberries. I always favour local markets that have happily sprung up from the countryside to the parking lots of nearby malls. Give me a few weeks and much of it would come from my own garden!

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Author: Anita

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