Barbara Lamble of Ontario, Canada

I am lucky enough to live in Elmira, so there’s lots of local stuff to choose!! It’s really easy to eat local around here.

The lamb and the maple syrup both came from the same farmer. We picked up veggies at the St Jacob’s farmers market. The Ojibwa wild rice is from northern Ontario (near L. Superior, where we honeymooned), truly a Canadian dish. The spinach and tomatoes were bought through the Elmira Produce Auction, where farmers can sell local produce to the local grocery stores.

Here’s our menu:

Spinach & tomato salad w/ white farmer’s cheese
Roast leg of lamb on the rotisserie with maple.
Grilled Eggplant, wild mushrooms & Garlic.
Ojibwa wild rice pilaf with shredded carrots, parsnips and apricots.

Something to drink?
Steamwhistle Lager
Creemore Springs Pilsner
East Dell Black Cab

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Author: Anita

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