Anthony Walsh of Ontario, Canada

Thanks again Anita for the opportunity , this truly the cooking that makes me tick…. and gives me inspiration for my professional cooking.
We’ll spend our time at the Family farm in Northumberland County , the better looking sister of Prince Edward County!!!
Part of the family hails from Argentina… the land of BBQ. That said, the building of the fire is one of the best things about a special occasion food celebration. Fruit woods (Apple,Cherry and Walnut)are the woods of choice for long glowing embers, the critical uneven heat best suited for long cooking, and of course the mellow smoke.
We’ll cook Lavers Potatoes in the Embers, Charred Green Tomatoes will end up with Mothers wild Rocket, Garlic cooked in the Embers will be paired with killer Grilled Eggplant… in the form of Caviar.
We’ll Hang a dozen or so Local Quail(My Brothers own stock) and cook them on a string… or “a la Ficelle”. They cook from the gentle smoke and billowing heat while the Main event slowly does its business in the corner away from the other activity.
The Main event is a piglet finished on the whey of Ruth’s cheeses from the Monforte Dairy. All of the dishes will get a mess of different condiments …Fruit Mustards, Salsa Verde , Salsa Rossa, Pico and a bunch more. Dessert will be a throwback to the previous Strawberry season… Crepes with Mulled Strawberries and Peppered Ice Cream.
Good Day EH.

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Author: Anita

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