Andy and Tracey Rankine

Old friends

Local ingredients

International flavours

We will be grilling up and dishing out a wide range of Ontario’s finest fresh foods this Saturday.


-VQA Ontario Muscat – well chilled and savoured slowly

with a selection of the many Guelph microbrewery beers- from pilseners and lagers to ales, stouts, porters and malt liquours

-a selection of fresh, savoury foccaccias from the local bakery


our version of greek salad with freshly baked naan-style flatbreads:

-thin slivers of Ontario feta cheese dropped over a basket’s worth of fresh local tomatoes, roughly chopped Ontario greenhouse cucumbers and canola oil and a few olives.


-Grilled Georgian Bay whitefish and rainbow trout fillets – with small dollops of fresh picked dill,mayonnaise and capers.

-grilled and caramelized Ontario greenhouse sweet red peppers,steamed fresh spinach and new Ontario potatoes with sour cream, flash boiled Ontario green beans and grilled in the husk local sweet corn- all of these delicious fresh delights from the local grocery store.

-washed down with VQA Ontario pinot grigio, unoaked chardonnay and Gamay Noir

To finish –

-a melange of fresh Ontario fruits – Niagara cherries, Essex County musk melon and sugar baby melons and sliced Niagara peaches – all from the local grocery store.

and if there is room – butter tartsfrom the local bakery.


happy bbq folks

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Author: Anita

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