Amy Proulx of Ontario, Canada

Hi Anita,

Plans with us are constantly in the air. The rain has been a foil to most of our housework plans. My mom has asked me to help paint the house. Haven’t confirmed as of yet, weather permitting of course!

So, if we are painting, something simple:

-Tempeh – homemade by a colleague of mine, with Ignatius Farm’s soybeans.

-With Ignatius Farm CSA surprise stirfry. Who knows what will appear in the bag, something good for sure.

-And some homemade peanut sauce, with Picard’s peanuts. A short stop in Morriston at the peanut store before heading down the 401. Hope the peanuts survive the drive! They have been known to disappear mysteriously. 😉

-And my mom, she will undoubtedly pick up a delightful pie from the Scotian Isle Bakery in London ON. They do beautiful seasonal baking. I hope they have peach. I love peach pie.

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Author: Anita

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