Also from Saskatchewan, Sharon Staseson is preserving a family tradition. She recounts this story.

Our party will be a continuation of our “bay parties” since 1958 when my parents, Walter and Edna Erb, built their little waterfront cabin at Cowen’s beach – now a fully incorporated village known as Kannata Valley – 37 miles northwest of Regina, Saskatchewan. Our neighbours (5 cottages on the bay) then, are our neighbours now – only we have all grown up and there are grand and great-grandchildren, sons and daughters in law, and boyfriends and girlfriends. These have been cherished friendships and “opening up” for the short Sask. season is a big event. July 1st sees fireworks and the August long weekend when one of our farming family must pack up for the summer to begin a harvest. So this is a farewell weekend of sorts as well. My husband and I are hoping our middle daughter, Ali, from Vancouver will join us and maybe even a surprise visit from Heidi in Toronto. Victoria. An assortment of dogs and cats help with the leftovers

Angus beef is from Lakeshore IGA – the best in the province – and butter-flied lamb from a farming neighbour on the barbee. Grilled corn on the cob from the Lumsden Valley local gardeners and all coloured peppers will compliment the grill portion. I add coloured Swiss chard for variety and an extra bit of nutrition. A wild rice and dried cranberry salad will add to the carbo requirements and as per true Sask. fashion a many layered jellied salad – daughter from Toronto says “oh Mom that is so Saskatchewan and no one under 50 does those anymore!” Quite right – a fabulous layered jelly is becoming a lost art and so I continue to try to create what my mother did so beautifully for every big family event. Dessert – what else – fresh Saskatoon Berry Pie served with frozen yogurt or ice-cream. Our favourite beach wines are all of the Little Penguins – tasty and inexpensive. This menu does not come with appetizers – just a couple cool libations prior to – usually G&Ts and Ruby Reds – Vodka and Ruby Red juice with a touch of tonic and lime.

The meat – Lakeshore IGA – the lamb – from Mike the farmer at Silton. The veggies all from the summer local gardens in the Lumsden Valley including the Saskatoon berries picked fresh. The wines from Cameron Drugs in Lumsden.

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Author: Anita

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