Taste of Nova Scotia

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Taste of Nova Scotia is a unique, province-wide, marketing program, whose members are committed to offering the very best culinary experience Nova Scotia has to offer. There are more than 200 reasons to love the “Taste” of Nova Scotia and they can be experienced through any one of our valued members.

Each member listing in our annual Taste of Nova Scotia Culinary Experience Guide has met and is committed to maintaining the program’s quality standards for food, service and hospitality.

Nova Scotia is quickly becoming a recognized destination for food and beverage experiences. Taste of Nova Scotia is proud of our membership and the position of leadership and expertise that they provide in this area. Whether you are looking for a restaurant, agriculture, fishery or specialty product, beer, wine or whiskey scotch, Taste of Nova Scotia is your destination for quality local food experiences.

Taste of Nova Scotia is committed to providing you, the consumer with the knowledge and understanding to “taste” your way through this wonderful province. Your Nova Scotia table awaits…Bon Appetit!


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Author: Anita

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