The Stop’s Green Barn Farmers Market

My Food Day party will be a market day at the Artscape Wychwood Barns. We’ll start around 6am just before the sun comes up with Wendy, our beef farmer, Steve our bread guy, and Milan, our fruit farmer, all sitting together waiting for me. I live just up the street, but I never manage to beat these guys to the market. I’ll open up the park gates and the ‘barns kitchen and everyone will start to get out their tables and set up their tents, and by the time the sun comes up we’ll have the bones of a market in place. Hratch the pickle guy and Sweet Potato Bob will be chatting with the doughnut folks as they set up, Ali will arrive in a cab with his entire kitchen folded into the front seat and trunk – apologizing because he thinks he might be later this week than last. Our coffee vendors will be starting to make the place smell good, and Woolerdale Farm’s Anne will appear stretching and pulling bins of leeks and beets out of her van. The cheese people and the cracker people are of course to be found alongside each other, and more greens will appear on each of our 3 main walkways every time I turn a corner. The party is in full swing by 10am, people are pouring in and out of the greenhouse in ‘barn 4, the musicians get kids with berry faces to pause in astonishment, Chocosol is serving up incredible little cups of chocolate, Andrew Akiwenzie is quietly selling the most delicious smoked fish in the province, people are bumping into each other everywhere, everyone has a handful of breakfast and a bagful of food and a smile on their face.
At one pm, it’s all packed up and the birds are feasting on the remains of the greens left behind by Farmer Ted.

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Author: Anita

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