Shepherd’s Choice BBQ

We wanted to have a big backyard BBQ for Food Day, but we’ve been so busy with the farm work, that we only had time to celebrate with a quiet family lunch. So in between loads of hay, I prepared our lunch of grilled lamb chops with blueberry sauce, fresh corn on the cob, sliced fresh tomatoes and cucumbers and peach cobbler for dessert. The blueberry sauce and the peach cobbler were sweetened with local Maple Syrup and even the eggs in the cobbler were from my backyard flock. The Niagara peaches blew the 100 mile diet thing but my tongue has been hanging out for those sweet peaches since…….well since last year! Everything else was sourced in less than 10 miles from home. Including our own tender, tasty Shepherd’s Choice lamb chops. We’ve been ramping up the production of our pastured flock in preparation to launch our own brand of Shepherd’s Choice Lamb products – soon to be available from 100 Mile Markets. As you can see, farmers really enjoy eating good food, and we know that Ontario consumers will enjoy it too. Thank you Canada for supporting your local family farms. Happy Food Day!

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Food Day Ontario Sponsors

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture
Ontario Cattlemen’s Association Ontario Farm Fresh Egg Farmers of Ontario
Ontario Chicken Farmers Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Ontario Asparagus
Ontario Pork Grand River Agricultural Society Ontario Apple Growers
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Author: Anita

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