Garden Experiment Gone Wild!

I spent this morning in my garden amazed and amused by how a little vegetable garden experiment has gotten completely out of control! In a good way, I might add. Here’s my story…
After spending hours at the Canada Blooms Show in spring and purchasing far too many seeds, I was determined to try and grow vegetables this year, a first for me. So away I went planting a few trays of organic seeds in April. Sadly, they failed when I decided to put the trays outside with the lids on. Lesson one learned, so I tried again. Finally a few seedlings came up again, but oh, so small. I really wanted these interesting varieties of heritage tomatoes and others to grow! Then, at the end of May, my 80-year old neighbour laughed out loud when I showed him my trays of seedlings to get his approval to plant them, and said “Those will never amount to anything, they’re too small.” He was an avid vegetable grower for years and had been giving me books and advice in the early spring, but clearly I did something else wrong! I didn’t let him discourage me though.
For the next month, I watched and waited but the seedlings were still only a couple of inches tall. I was convinced they were looking a bit stronger though, so I decided to plant them anyway. I covered every area of available garden space, both front and backyard, hoping for something to come of all this work and waiting! A garden prayer or two while I planted would surely help.
Now one month later, I have a jungle of tomato and pepper plants, others things taking over sidewalks, zucchini the size of a strong man’s forearm, beans, beets, chard, lettuce, herbs and so much more.
So as I wandered around the yard this morning, not even able to get through one path because it’s full of tangled tomato branches covered in fruit and yellow blossoms, I found myself giggling in awe that there will be hundreds of edible organic things coming out of this little space! I’m already sharing this abundance with friends and will share much more in the weeks to come. And I WILL learn to can tomatoes and overcome my fear of jars exploding (I witnessed that as a kid)!
And it started out as a simple little experiment to see what might grow here. Easy-peasy, now who’s laughing! My neighbour, who has now enjoyed some of these vegetables on his table, is now helping me take care of watering too.
Food – it’s about nourishing not only your body, but friendships too. So on this Food Day, I’m thankful for this abundance of food in my garden, my family and friends who share this food with me, and for the farmers who dedicate their lives to feeding us.

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Author: Anita

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