Celebration of local food at the Bennett-OBrian cottage Thunder Beach, Georgian Bay

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Celebration of local food at the Bennett-OBrian cottage Thunder Beach, Georgian Bay
Smoked salmon appetizers with dill
Smoked Georgian Bay trout/Mary’s Artisanal Bakery Crackers/Gianetto’s spiced cottage cheese
Southbrook Cabernet Rose 2009 or
Gin & Tonic (tried for Iceberg Gin but it’s been delisted from the LCBO since 2008.. no Victoria Gin up here !)
Alberta NY Strip Steaks with chive butter
New potatoes with mint
Corn on the cob
Monique Begin’s beet salad
Sliced tomatoes on leaf lettuce with fresh basil/olive oil & balsamic vinegar
Portobello mushrooms dressed with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes
Wayne Gretzky Cabernet Merlot 2007
Mike Weir Chardonnay 2008
(we couldn’t resist the temptation to celebrate great Canadians with great wine too!)
Canadian cheeses… Gray Monk, Cheddar
Pavlova with raspberries and wild blueberries
Domaine Pinnacle Ice Cider 2006
Maple and Chocolate fudge- La Crème Confectioner Wasaga Beach

M.Marchildon’s farm on Simcoe Road # 6 near Thunder Beach

  • Corn, lettuce, tomatoes, beets, onions

Wendy B’s Delicatessen in LaFontaine, Ontario

  • Steaks, cheese, dressed Portobello mushrooms, baguette, fudge

Gianetto’s Grocery, Midland, Ontario

  • Spiced cottage cheese

Henry Lepage Fish, Lafontaine

  • Smoked trout

Hewitt’s Sweet Corn stand, Canadian Tire, Midland

  • Last of the raspberries,
  • Wild blueberries

Herb garden outside the kitchen door of the cottage

  • Basil, parsley, chives, mint

Fellow celebrants
Rae, Debra & Andrew Lake,Mary Pat Tillmann & Gerry Danzyger,Wendy Hunt and Thelma

The rain held off so we were able to set the table outside and stoke up the charcoal Bar B Que (formerly the well !)
Mary Pat arrived with the wonderful smoked salmon hors d’ouevres decorated with red silk maple leaves from Red Maples.
Peter opened the bar with the choice of the Southbrook rose or Gin and tonic or both !
Next was the platter of smoked trout and crackers and Gianetto’s spiced cottage cheese (a favourite of mine for over 40 years !)
Rae prepared the steaks with salt and pepper and olive oil… and supervised the perfect coals, and then grilled the perfect steaks and then topped them with a pat of the chive butter.
We cooked the corn in the husks in the microwave, 4 at a time for 11’ ..my dad’s favourite way of cooking corn .. I think because everyone husks their own… We set up a separate corn station… with the butter for rolling and salt and pepper.
The mushrooms were heated in the oven… unfortunately I’d forgotten that the Pavlova was drying in there.Grrrr. So the pavlova was a little more ‘toasted’ than usual.Pavlova is my favourite dessert ever since Ilived in Australia… moving through the seasons, from Passion fruit for Easter,then strawberies, raspberries, raspberries and blueberries, blueberries and peaches… to strawberries and kiwi at Christmas time
Monique Begin’s beet salad was a big hit… I’d had to email her because I knew I’d forgotten something in the recipe…. It was the Dijon mustard.. cooked beets, thinly slice onions, cider vinegar, olive oil, cloves, peppercorns, bay leaves.
The tomato/lettuce/basil was the first of the summer… true pleasure….. reminds me that Ric Young once told me that when he had asked his father to define pleasure… he said it was biting into the first tomato of the season.
We steamed the new potatoes with fresh mint as my aunt used to always do using the wild mint at her cottage.
After the main course, Dr. Lake provided the amazing cheese course… with Wendy’s baguette.
Then on to the brunette pavlova with whipped cream, raspberries and wild blueberries .. and the lovely ice cider that the Lake’s had brought.
As we were cleaning up after our guests had left.. we found the fudge we’d bought at Wendy’s as the finishing treat….. o dear….
Our celebration of Food Day Canada .. may not have been executed perfectly…but was a wonderful new tradition for us… thank you Anita … bien fait… Meegwich

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