The Canadian Chefs Congress

traditional canadian food, canada cuisine, canada foodBringing the chefs community together has never been an easy task but for three days, in the rain-soaked coastal dampness, chefs from all across Canada gathered to learn, to network, to party  and the taste the riches of one another’s regional riches.

Held at Providence Farm in the storied Cowichan Valley,  the CCC was focused on sustainable oceans.  Shellfish tastings were front and centre from the myriad of oyster appellations including the delicate, deeply frilled beach oysters to manila clams and goeduck.

Like PEI, B.C.”s shellfish industry is very creative.  Marketing collectives are springing up that represent over a dozen identifiable regions.

Years ago, I heard Archie McLean speak.  He was one of Canada’s most successful marketers having branded McCain’s SuperFries nationally and globally.  His advice were three words. “Differentiate, Differentiate, Differentiate”.  Seems that B.C.’s shellfish industry is doing just that!   Canadian food, canada cuisine, traditional canadian food

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Author: Anita

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