Food Day 2010 Website Launch

Fishing Boats in Harbour We are pleased to announce the unveiling of version 1.0 of the new Food Day website. Yes, it will look flashier. Yes, it will look funkier. Yes, it will have more functionality. For now though, it is an ever-growing source of information about the local regional seasonal food movement in Canada. Over 120 restaurants across Canada are hosting Food Day celebrations on July 31st 2010. The site also contains comments and recipes from past Food Days! Please stay tuned as we grow (no pun intended). More restaurants will be added on a daily basis; there will be sign up to brag about your own events; and the corporate and academic world will be invited to claim their stake and have their say. Thank you sincerely from all of us at Food Day.


Founder, President
Food Day

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Author: Anita

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