For Gold Award Winning Chefs – the Biggest Black Box Ever….

In the gardenWhen Gold Award winning chefs arrive on campus for the annual celebration, few realize how deep and rich the culinary story is that they are about to experience.

From poking around the largest Canadian cookbook collection on earth and handling the In the library archivesfragile manuscripts to a lecture on growing plants on Mars.   They pet bees Townsend House which began teaching apiculture in 1894 and see the cutting edge research of the Barcode of Life for which its founder, Dr. Paul Herbert was invested into Order of Canada as an Officer of that distinguished group.

Char from AlmaTouring Clovermead, an award-winning, state-of-the-art dairy farm, the aquaculture research station and Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming was a precursor to the evening event in the School of Hospitality, Food & Tourism where chefs and students teamed up with faculty to cook with an array of ingredients that all had a U of G connection from UofG Alma Arctic char to Simcoe apples &  black peanuts to bags of Elora-grown potatoes that are still known only by their field numbers from the various Ontario Agricultural College research stations.

It took a mere two hours and dinner was loaded onto a table for a family style feast.



Charr with lemon grass and verbena



Fresh lemongrass and verbena cured arctic char, sorrel cream, salted radish, sumac oil, rare herbs

Warren Barr, The Pointe Restaurant, Tofino, B.C.



By Milton Rebello



Spiced Elora Research Station beans, peaches and crab apples in honey chili glazed pumpkin, caramelized crabapples with bacon, scotch bonnet and U of G honey

Milton Rebello, Wascana Country Club / Skye Bistro & Cafe, Regina, SK


Spiced beets by Francis Wolf




Beet salad, nasturtium, lovage root, seaweed and smoked sour cream.

Francis Wolf, Le Manoir Hovey, North Hatley, QC

(on right is Dr. Malcolm Campbell, VP Research & eager diner)



Dry aged beef by Derek Bendig



Roasted dry aged beef strip loin with hot chili’s, lemongrass scented butternut squash, warm potato and cipollini onion salad with burnt honey vinaigrette.

Derek Bendig, Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort, 70 Mile House, B.C.


Chris Aerni w duck breast and sausage ragout



Hot pepper-spiced Butternut squash and Valeriote’s sausage ragout, slow cooked duck breast, natural juices, nasturtium oil, caramelized Simcoe crab apples.

Chris Aerni, Rossmount Country Inn, St. Andrew’s, N.B.

Lamb by David Sider



Slow Roasted Lamb Saddle, Charred Leeks, Onions, Buttermilk. 

David Sider, Restaurant at Redstone, Beamsville, Ontario 



Tarte Tatin by John Bishop




Classic tarte tatin with Royal Gala apples from Simcoe and butter pastry.

John Bishop, Bishop’s, Vancouver, B.C.


Tarte tatin Prep

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