The Wilds, Holyrood, Newfoundland

Chef Roary MacPherson is BACK! 

After a foray into foodservice sales, he decided that the commerical kitchen was his home.  And we couldn’t agree more.  He’s known by many as “Mr. Newfoundland Food” and has worked tirelessly promoting and perfecting the cuisine.

His menus speak to both the heritage and the almost homespun reality of the food life of this province right from the Iceberg Vodka cured-salmon to hearty chowders right through to one of the most traditional Jiggs dinner fashioned into a pie with corned beef and Mt Scio-harvested savoury gravy.  Roary loves a great burger, too…like the Arugula Double he created recently (below left). There’s a real sense of place in the desserts as well from the bottled lemonade pudding with Newfoundland sea salt caramel sauce to the mini-touton bites with cinnamon and cardamom sugar.  Toutons, by the way, are the traditional fried bread of this province where nearly everyone’s mom made their own bread.

The Wilds is first and foremost a golf resort but aside from golfing and Roary’s honest food, there’s Atlantic salmon fishing on the beautiful Salmonier River. Known province-wide, it is an attraction for everyone interested in experiencing the best that nature has to offer.  Although it’s catch and release, fly fishing for salmon fishing in a cold island river is an experience of a lifetime.

At the Rocky River in Colinet you can see Atlantic salmon scale a salmon ladder or watch for eagles and osprey overhead. The name Salmon comes from salmo salar (the leaper) and that’s just what they do. And if you don’t choose to fish or if the fish aren’t running when you’re there, the estuary has an amazing ecosystem and kilometres of hiking trails that, in the winter turn into a network for cross country skiing.

Food Day Canada 2018


~ Stews and Brews ~

Stew was large in The MacPherson household growing up , both my mother and father were awesome cooks and did great stews , this menu is in celebration of them!

Organic Blue Mussel Stew
Carrots , onions, tomato, mussel broth, Newfoundland Sea Salt, buttered croutons
Pairing- Griffentown Blonde Ale
Brasseur de Montreal, QC

Mount Scio Savory Chicken Blanquette
Country Ribbon chicken, mushrooms, pearl onions , green peas, fresh herns , chicken veloute
Pairing : Creemore Lager
Creemore Springs Brewery
Creemore, ON

Root Vegetable Ragout
Parsnip, onions, rutabaga, beets, split yellow peas , fresh herbs
Pairing: Infamous IPA
Granville Island Brewery
Vancouver, BC

Haricot Farms Surf and Turf Stew
Steak spiced beef, stewed lobster, potato, onions, Scrunchions, peppers, dumpling & Newmans Port Gravy
Pairing: India Lager

Stewed Newfoundland Fruit, Shortbread crumbs, Fussells cream
Pairing: Granville Island Lions Summer Ale
Granville Island Brewery
Vancouver, BC

Contact The Wilds at the number below to reserve a Food Day Canada table.

Contactez The Wilds directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre Journée des terroirs réservation.

The Wilds
299 Salmonier Line,
Route 90,
Holyrood, NL A0A 2R0

T: 709-229-5444

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