The Paisley Notebook Pop-Up, Kelowna

In spite of her apparent youth, Aman Dosanj is a veteran of the Kelowna food scene.  Her family had one of the most interesting restaurants that city’s ever seen. Poppadoms was pure Indian in style but pure Canadian in its ingredient choices. It was the go-to place for dinner for many of the region’s chefs…when they wanted a night away from their own restaurants. Aman’s brother, Harry, was their outstanding bartender and has always been a strident advocate for B.C.’s best wines.  

Aman explains that “Like last year, everything down to the salt comes from Canada. I also bought all the spices direct from the source earlier this year (I’m good at smuggling things into the country) – so I think that’s ok considering spices are a key part of Indian flavours.”

Menu Paisley Notebook 2018

The Paisley Notebook Pop Up joins restaurants that celebrate Food Day across Canada. 

To book a place at Aman’s Table, here’s the link. 

Email Aman: [email protected]

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