The Paisley Notebook Pop-Up, Kelowna

In spite of her apparent youth, Aman Dosanj is a veteran of the Kelowna food scene.  Her family had one of the most interesting restaurants that city’s ever seen. Poppadoms was pure Indian in style but pure Canadian in its ingredient choices. It was the go-to place for dinner for many of the region’s chefs…when they wanted a night away from their own restaurants. Aman’s brother, Harry, was their outstanding bartender and has always been a strident advocate for B.C.’s best wines.  

Aman explains that “Like last year, everything down to the salt comes from Canada. I also bought all the spices direct from the source earlier this year (I’m good at smuggling things into the country) – so I think that’s ok considering spices are a key part of Indian flavours.”

1st Course:

The Spotted Lake: Onion Tea

  • Medley of organic onions from Green Croft Gardens, Sunshine Farm and Crooked Sky Farm. Topped with green onion oil.
  • Representing the sacred nature of the Osoyoos lake and Bitterroot, which symbolizes food from under the the ground.
  • Bitterroot isn’t in season and had a hard time in the Okanagan, so instead I decided to make an Onion Tea using sweet white onions, yellow onions, green onions and spices. All steeped like a tea, then I make a green onion oil with the leftover tops to create the mineral pockets that the lake is known for and also zero waste. So, tapping into the sacred nature of food and not wasting it.
2nd Course:
Salmon Pollichathu

Okanagan Nations Alliance Salmon, wrapped and grilled inside of a grape leaf and served with Artisan Saker Maker Brown Rice and Gold Forest Grains Farro Cracker.

  • The marinade has a Keralan-style local Onion and Tomato based sauce with greenhouse grown Ginger from Sunshine Farm, Green Croft Gardens Garlic, and Bella Stella Yoghurt with a splash of Sugar Moon Maple Syrup instead of coconut milk. Nomad Cider’s Apple Cider Vinegar by-product is used instead of tamarind for a tangy-ness.
  • The grape leaf is instead of the banana leaf in the picture, but it gives you an idea.
  • The fish (Chinook Salmon) represents food that lives in the water.
3rd Course:

Two Rivers Meats Flat Iron Steak with Saskatchewan Lentil Mixed Daal, Roasted Okanagan Vegetables and Gold Forest Grains Roti (Indian flatbread).

  • I literally went to the farm in Edmonton last week and can tell you which field my flour has been milled with and the flour has been milled for my pop ups.
  • This dish is inspired by the ‘Black Bear’, which represents all animals above ground. So, I wanted to showcase my first From The Wild dish from bush camp, but with Two Rivers meat instead of wild game. The bear was a big part of my episodes so the stories will be very intimate with connection of our meat and the meaning behind the dish.
4th Course:

Foraged Saskatoon Berry Compote with Homemade Baked Yoghurt and Hazelnut Crumb.

  • The berry (Saskatoon Berries) represents all plants above the ground.
  • I got stuck in the mud with welly boots and eaten alive by mosquitoes for to get to these bushes, but it was 100% worth it and so much fun. Instead of using lemon, the cider vinegar isn’t very acidic, so that lifts the berry notes in the compote.

Harry Dosanj has a 100% Canadian cocktail – this time, I infused things like spruce tips, dandelions, fir, goji berries, labrador tea in neutral spirit to make our own gin profile. That’ll make the base of our Food Day cocktail. We have TH Wines 2017 Rose, 2018 Tanatalus Riesling, Creek & Gully Cider Pet Net (1 ingredient = apples and bone dry) and BNA Lil Pip (wild blonde) beer.

The Paisley Notebook Pop Up joins restaurants that celebrate Food Day across Canada. 

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