The Paisley Notebook Pop-Up, Kelowna

In spite of her apparent youth, Aman Dosanj is a veteran of the Kelowna food scene.  Her family had one of the most interesting restaurants that city’s ever seen. Poppadoms was pure Indian in style but pure Canadian in its ingredient choices. It was the go-to place for dinner for many of the region’s chefs…when they wanted a night away from their own restaurants. Aman’s brother, Harry, was their outstanding bartender and has always been a strident advocate for B.C.’s best wines.  Now, for Food Day Canada 2017, they’re back!

The idea is a ‘naturally constructed feast’, featuring ingredients sent to Aman from around the country or that she’s collected herself. She writes, “In my opinion, one of the magical things about our food scene is that people are so excited to share produce from their province. So, this is very much a collaborative menu to celebrate Canada’s 150th.

Chef Milton Rebello sent her chickpeas, lentils and mustard seeds from Saskatchewan. Two other friends are sending the wild meat from Alberta. Sugar Moon smoked maple syrup is coming from Nova Scotia. Birch syrup and cranberries are coming from the Yukon. Canada’s first and only rice field was set up by Artisan Sake Maker and  his delicious sustainably-grown rice will also grace the menu. She is ecstatic that  Sunshine Farm in Kelowna grows mustard, coriander and fennel seeds along with sugar cane.

Harry’s bar features a cocktail without citrus and it’ll be his first all local cocktail. The beer is a collaboration between BNA and Okanagan Lifestyle Apparel called ‘OKGN’ – the wheat beer uses all Okanagan ingredients; the wine choices are Tantalus Riesling and Quails’ Gate spectacular Pinot Noir.

Harry’s feature cocktail is called ‘Sourced’ – Okanagan Spirits Gin, Forbes Farm Apricots Juice, Caldwell Heritage Farm Thyme, Verjus, Okanagan Beet and Arlo’s Honey Syrup, Maya Farm Green Chilli Tincture.

THEN the Menu!

Aman Dosanj FDC2017Menu

The Paisley Notebook Pop Up joins about 250 restaurants that celebrate Food Day across Canada. 

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