Audrey’s Birthday Dinner

food-bytes-leaf imageIt began innocently enough 6 years ago when I was living in Ottawa but made a summer visit to Toronto.It was Audrey’s birthday and I offered to make dinner for herself,her husband and another couple.I was still catering at this point in my life and was happy to create a yummy meal for a good friend.
The dinner was simple-tomatoes with basil,sliced bbq tenderloin sitting on a bed of crisped spicy potatoes and arugula,drizzled with balsamic syrup.
It was great fun,everyone loved the food and so a tradition was born.
I since moved back to Toronto and this weekend was Audrey’s birthday dinner.
It was indeed Food Day Canada but in my life every day is like that.I have always believed that we should eat fresh local foods as much as possible and am thrilled to see that eating local is becoming so accepted.

Audrey’s Birthday Dinner this year was :
Huge mixed green salad (red tipped leaf lettuce,arugula,mustard greens,beet greens) with a light lemon-herb vinaigrette
Honey lavender chickens slow roasted over coals by my husband,the master griller
Yellow beans bought at The Leslieville Market quickly sauteed with thyme butter
Mini new red potatoes bought at the Sorauren Market wrapped in foil with leeks,a few chili peppers and fresh rosemary slow cooked on coals
Organic carrot cake with orange cream cheese icing for her birthday cake.
It was a lovely evening aside from the apples that kept falling from the tree next door and plunking down on the walkway and the stubborn wasps that hovered over one of the guest’s meal the entire night.
We could have moved inside but it would have been too hot.
So,I simply kept pouring #VQA and by the time the evening was over everyone left with smiles on their faces and a promise to be back next year for Audrey’s Birthday Dinner.

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Author: Anita

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