The University of Guelph Good Food Innovation Award 2011

Good Food Innovation Award

Sinclair & Frederique Philip with Chef Robin Jackson

There are chefs and restaurants that are the virtual homesteaders of Canadian cuisine.  In their evolution, they’ve traveled down different culinary pathways on extraordinary journeys that have led the way for others.  They have created milestones.  They have created history.

The University of Guelph created the Good Food Innovation Award to honour food professionals from across the country who strive to provide innovative menu solutions based on Canadian ingredients.

In addition to Canadian content, clarity and creativity, our Judges looked for innovation in the use of ingredients that enhance colour, aroma, taste and texture; nutritional aspects of food with a focus on health and lifestyle; new recipe formulation and the creative use of ‘natural’ Canada;  the use of new ingredients with improved nutritional importance; sustainability of source and a reflection of care for ecology in the choice of menu items or ingredients; management practices to reduce waste and improve environmental performance.

We are assembling and judging the 2012 menus.  These are the 2011 winners and it’s our great pleasure to congratulate them as serious trendsetters of Canadian cuisine.

Taking the 2011 Gold is Sooke Harbour House on Vancouver Island.   For years this restaurant and its creative owners, Frederique and Sinclair Philips have dug deep into the culinary soul of the Pacific Northwest to effectively set the bar as high as any restaurant in North America.

Silver for 2011 was claimed by Chef/Sommelier Mark Filatow of Kelowna’s Waterfront Restaurant and Wine Bar.  His is a very personal restaurant where he handpicks the wines to pair with some of the most extraordinary food in British Columbia.

Chef Mark FilatowBritish Columbia.

A mere .2 points away taking Bronze is the 2010 Good Food Innovation Gold Award winner, DNA Restaurant of Montreal. Chef Derek Dammann once again served forth a menu that speaks of the boreal forests of Quebec and of Canada.  He is currently poised to open Maison Publique and we can’t wait.

These three winners have been asked to select from the Menu of Awards.

VERY Honorable Mention goes to On the Twenty, Ontario’s first winery restaurant that sets its table with Cave Spring Cellars.  The Pennachetti and Young team that dreamed this great dining room into existence are still at the helm. On Food Day Canada, former Chef Kevin Maniaci reinforced the agricultural micro economy that was begun in the restaurant’s early days by Chef Michael Olson.

This category was populated by purist chefs who go that extra distance to make regional food happen throughout their menus.   Special recognition goes to Charles Part and Jennifer Warren-Part of Les Fougeres in Chelsea, Quebec, Chef Che Chartrand of Chez Eric in Wakefield, Quebec and Chef Bob Arniel of Chef To Go in St. John’s Newfoundland



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All the Award recipients are invited to the University of Guelph to meet with students and faculty for a formal public presentation on their business, their menu creation and their approach to creativity and sustainability.


The Judges for this award were  Professor Tanya MacLaurin; Associate Dean, Ontario Agricultural College, Rene Van Acker; Chef Michael Allemeier of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology; Chef Jud Simpson, Chair of the Board of the CCFCC and culinary broadcaster and teacher, Don Genova from British Columbia.

U of GuelphThe University of Guelph, a proud Charter Member of Food Day Canada®, is ranked as one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities because of their commitment to student learning and innovative research and is dedicated to cultivating the essentials for our quality of life – water, food, environment, animal and human health, community, commerce, culture and learning. The University community also shares a profound sense of social responsibility, an obligation to address global issues and a concern for international development.



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